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Easter doves, our wish list

Classic, stuffed, glazed, super soft. All the Easter 2020 doves between news and great confirmations

May 12 is approaching and for true gourmands like us, it is the perfect opportunity to bite the sweetness of Easter doves. Soft, tasty, rich and soft. We would never stop tasting them. And now that the time of purchase is approaching, we are undecided as always. And all the delicious news that has arrived on the shelves of supermarkets does not help us decide!

How can you give up the perfection of the classic colomba with icing, sugars and almonds? Or resist the more contemporary versions refreshed by citrus fruits? Not to mention the chocolate. We have seen it on doves, in doughs and in fillings. And then the creams. Among the innovations of this year we have been eyeing pistachio, lemon curd, caramel and even passion fruit. Yes, you read that correctly. And we haven't told you about dark creams, vanilla milk, cream

Which one to choose? Be guided by instinct, but also by the temptation to choose two very different Easter doves. A classic to be enjoyed according to tradition at Sunday lunch and a delicious with the stuffing that attracts you the most, to be enjoyed as an evening dessert or as a tasty snack.

Look for your favorite dove in the gallery above!

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