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Soup for breakfast: white coffee with stale bread – Italian Cuisine

Soup for breakfast: white coffee with stale bread

Breakfast is one of the basic meals of the day: it gives us the energy needed to face the morning. For this it must be nutritious and, of course, also very tasty!

Very popular in the fifties and sixties, but probably even earlier, this breakfast was still a widespread habit in many Italian families in the 1980s. We are talking about the soup of white coffee with stale bread.

Nothing is wasted in the kitchen, not even memories

It was the breakfast that grandma prepared, but often her parents too: simple, good and nutritious, this sweet soup belongs to the tradition of the ancient kitchen of reuse. A time more for reasons of poverty or, if you will, a shrewd domestic economy. Today, on the contrary, his return is more in the global perspective of saving "energy" and resources of our great common home: the Earth.
A breakfast, therefore, of memory, because it awakens the memory of large cups filled with steaming latte, or milk and barley for the little ones, and many pieces of bread that float there. But also a breakfast that looks to the future, because waste is increasingly intolerable and recycling is increasingly a necessity.
But above all, today as then, caffelate with stale bread is a perfect breakfast for the whole family: grandparents, parents and children.

The recipe of caffelatte with stale bread

As for breakfast with bread, butter and sugar, also in this case we recommend the use of slack bread, or that without salt, more suitable to be immersed in milk.

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 10/15 minutes approx

Ingredients for two large cups

500 g of stale bread
1 liter of milk
About 150 g of sugar
50 cl of coffee (or barley)


Put the milk on the fire. Meanwhile, cut the bread into small cubes or even more coarsely, but in pieces that are not too large. When the milk boils, turn off the heat and add the unsweetened coffee or barley prepared earlier. Pour the coffee into the cups and then add the sugar, in the desired quantity, and mix well. Finally dip the pieces of bread and wait a few moments until they are well blended with caffelatte, then enjoy this simple and wonderful breakfast.

Photo courtesy Maja Tresoldi

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