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At Ferran Adrià for an exclusive night: here’s how to do it – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Not only that: guests will be able to take a tour of his museum, accessing spaces not normally open to the public. Over 4 thousand square meters with large outdoor spaces overlooking the sea, full of works, documents and installations that also tell of the work done by Adrià with elBullifoundation: elBulli1846 is a wunderkammer of the history of cooking that houses the creative notebooks of the chef and his team, drawings by Adrià sold as NFT, mise en place of the restaurant who have made the history of design, mannequins representing the “bullinianos” i.e. leading figures in the restaurant industry (including Massimo Bottura). There are even reproductions of some of his 1846 dishes (hence the number of the museum’s name, which is also the date of birth of the French chef Auguste Escoffier), in the rooms that were once the elBulli kitchen.

The experiences dedicated to Adrià guests

The lucky guests’ bed will be right here, where the restaurant once was, and will be inspired by one of Adrià’s iconic dishes: the spherical olive, considered a perfect example of his “deconstructed” cuisine. A bed that seems to float under the eyes of that bull that continues to be a symbol of the elBulli restaurant. And, given that there are no cafes or refreshment points in the museum due to a specific desire of Adrià who wanted to differentiate the space, guests will be able to enjoy two special gastronomic experiences outside elBulli1846: will be able to dine at one of Ferran’s favorite restaurants in Roses on the evening of the overnight stay and – after checkout – have dinner at Enigma in Barcelona, ​​by head chef Albert Adrià, Ferran’s brother and second best chef in the world according to The Best Chef Awards.

How to win the experience

This exclusive stay at elBulli1846 is available for one night, from 16 to 17 October
2024. You can submit a reservation request starting April 17 at 6:00 pm CEST at airbnb.com/elbulli1846.

Airbnb also specifies: «Guests are responsible for their own return travel from Roses, just 20 minutes from Cala Montjoi, on the Costa Brava, Spain. Once they arrive here, they will be accompanied to elBulli1846. The stay is reserved for a maximum of two adults and includes dinners in other locations.”

And if you really can’t book your stay, if you’re in the area, stop by the museum: elBulli1846 is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 to 19:30, from 1 May to 12 October 2024 (opening hours
for the 2024 summer season).

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