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Recipe Crunchy carrot bundles with thyme – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Crunchy carrot bundles with thyme

  • 450 g frozen carrots
  • 125 g whole yogurt
  • 90 g butter
  • 30 g pumpkin seeds
  • 4 sheets of filo pastry
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • thyme
  • honey
  • paprika
  • salt
  • pepper

To prepare the crunchy carrots with thyme, melt a knob of butter in a pan, then add the frozen carrots and sauté them on medium-low heat for 8-10 minutes: they will have to become tender. Then add 1 generous teaspoon of chopped thyme and 1 teaspoon of honey, salt, pepper and pumpkin seeds; cook again for a couple of minutes and let the carrots cool and cut into sticks or, to simplify the filling, chop them coarsely.
Roll out one sheet of phyllo dough at a time (keep the others covered with a towel, otherwise they dry) and cut out 4 strips 8 cm wide.
melt the remaining butter and brush it on the strips; at the base of each strip put 1 tablespoon of carrots and wrap it in a triangle: it will take 5-6 turns. So prepare another 15 bundles: they will look like Indian samosas.
Brush them on the surface with the remaining butter, melted.
bake at 180 ° C for 18-20 minutes: they will have to become golden and crispy.
serve hot dumplings with yogurt seasoned with a drizzle of oil, salt, pepper and paprika.

Red and crunchy. Here is the Kanzi apple, a delight from Val Venosta – Italian Cuisine


Crunchy and juicy, it is "new" apple, which gives a special sweetness to salads, desserts and sandwiches


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Young and seductive like … an apple. The Kanzi® variety, with the red peel and the crunchy pulp and fresh, more than with sweetness it captures with energy. In short, a young apple, of temperament and in fact. His birth is recent, about twenty years ago, from the lucky one crossroad between the traditional Gala and Braeburn varieties: from one it inherited the slight sugary notes, from the other the acidic and aromatic taste that characterizes it; the name (precisely Nicoter-Kanzi®), derives from the African Swahili language and means "hidden treasure".

An apple all year round
It is on the market all year round because it is very long-lasting but spring is one of the best seasons to enjoy it, with its juiciness and lively taste, also perfect for an invigorating snack. The Kanzi® apple grows in Val Venosta, in the western part of South Tyrol (BZ), which from Passo Resia descends to the gates of Merano. With its dry and breezy climate, it is the land of choice for apple growing: 300 sunny days a year, the fresh and pure air of the mountains that goes down to the valley floor and the strong temperature range make the fruit crunchy and tasty .

Red and compact
The farmers are gathered in the VI.P and VOG Consortia, of which the first includes about 1,700 families: altogether they produce 16 varieties of apples, including organic ones, which fade in different shades of red from the yellow of the Golden Delicious. Kanzi® has a smooth and shiny skin, bright red with yellow shades, the shape is round and regular, the pulp compact. Among its advantages, also the high content of C vitamin: according to Apfelfit research by the Laimburg Experimentation Center in Bolzano, it is one of the 3 varieties that is richer in it.

Delicious sweet and sour taste
Thanks to the balance between sweetness and acidity, the Kanzi® apple has many followers in the kitchen. In the book Apples in the kitchen of the Dolomites (Athesia), the cooks Philip Hafner is Herbert Hintner they offer it in a mountain cheese risotto with fruit puree or in a cold apple soup with Pinot Blanc and mint tea with almond mousse while chef Simone Rugiati suggests fried provola skewers and apple cubes with Lambrusco. Other recipes? For spring the Kanzi® is perfect to add to salads, for example with lettuce, walnuts and cheese or with mixed salad and asparagus; with bresaola and spreadable cheese rolls; with herb risotto; with salmon carpaccio with diced apples or salmon trout tartare. Finally all delicious desserts: from tatin with caramelized apples to cinnamon to strudel, from compote with chocolate mousse to pancakes, up to sandwich toasted brioche bread with apples, raspberry jam and mascarpone cream.

by Marina Cella
on Sale & Pepe of May 2020


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Recipe Fresh sweet or savory crunchy pasta – Italian Cuisine

Recipe Fresh sweet or savory crunchy pasta

  • 350 g fresh scialatielli
  • 350 g fresh icing lasagna
  • icing sugar
  • peanut oil
  • salt

Cut the lasagne in strips and fry them in plenty of hot oil for about 1 minute, until they swell slightly, becoming golden and crispy. Fry the scialatielli in the same way for a couple of minutes, until they become crispy. Drain the fried pasta on kitchen paper.
add salt, sprinkle it with pepper or paprika to taste and serve it as an aperitif with ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces. Alternatively, sprinkle it as soon as it is drained with icing sugar and accompany it with chocolate sauce and jams.

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