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The statue of a “sailor” in the center of Milan: why? – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Captain Findus has become a statue, just arrived in the central city Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan to remain there until March 10th. It is a six-metre blow-up of the PlayMobil character that reproduces it (which can be won in a competition) which at the time of the inauguration – a cold and windy morning at the end of winter – attracted the attention of passers-by of all ages. After all, this advertising character has been part of the lives of many of us, it is intergenerational. Here because:

How Captain Findus was born

Captain Findus was born in 1967, from an idea of ​​the Australian advertiser Dave Broad: for the advertisement of fish fingers had a comic superhero sailor in mind, with a strong Cornish accent. And so the first one appeared in England Captain Birds Eye. This is still the name of Captain Findus in the UK, while in Germany it is Käpt’n Iglo and in France Capitain Iglo.

Who is the first Captain Findus

The first Captain Findus was John Hewer, English actor who passed away in 2008. He was, so to speak, the captain of us millennials: a reassuring-looking elderly man, with white hair and beard that made him look a little like Santa Claus. He was the protagonist of an advert with a crew of children dressed like him, with the iconic hat and sailor jacket. It was 1983 when he appeared on screens in Italy for the first time, but cod sticks were already a cult: Unilever began marketing them in 1967and in the Europe of the economic boom in which mothers were finally starting to also be workers, that tasty second course ready in a few minutes (as well as a clever way to get children to eat fish) was immediately appreciated.

What did Captain Findus mean?

Hewer remained in office until 1998but with a break in 1971. A real mourning, so much so that the British newspaper The Times published an obituary, underlining his «selfless devotion to the nutritional needs of the nation’s children. Again in England, in 1983 a poll nominated him “ the most famous captain in the world after Captain Cook”.

Who is Captain Findus today?

Riccardo Acerbi, Captain Findus
Not just the “statue”. Findus also launched “The Captain’s Adventures”, with Playmobil. A promotion until May 31, 2024 thanks to which it is possible to immediately win one of over 2000 Playmobil characters depicting the Captain. www.leavventuraedelcapitano.it is the site that accompanies the initiative.

Cocoa cake with a soft center recipe, the recipe – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Cocoa cake with a soft center recipe, the recipe

How can you get a delicious pie al cocoa with a soft heart like what is offered in many restaurants as dessert? The question remains a mystery until you try to prepare it and you actually discover a very simple recipe.

The secret lies in cooking, a step that must be paid close attention to to obtain the desired result. Enough indeed a few minutes more or less in the oven for failing to prepare. Take up the challenge and then dig in: only in this way will you find out if you have overcome it!

The cocoa cake with a soft centre it’s a perfect idea for a “chocolaty” dessert for Saint Valentine. Also discover: Chocolate cake, papaya compote, Cocoa tarts with soft pear centre.

opens the new Iper center in Monza – Italian Cuisine

The inauguration is scheduled for Thursday 5 December, in the area offormer Majestic cinema, which after 10 years of closure and abandonment, returns to live as a great superstore from double soul: Il Mercato and La Corte.

The central void – Photo Luca Rotondo

Il Mercato del Maestoso

On the ground floor the beating heart of the new pole, the market, inspired by the iconic nineteenth-century structures of covered markets built during the Industrial Revolution. Today as well as then the lively atmosphere of the square stimulates new social and gastronomic encounters. A super market with the soul of a market, the protagonists of the scene are the fresh. A space where you can taste, discover and watch live how Iper products are born and get to know the professionals who prepare them every day in the ateliers at sight: butcher and poultry, bakery, fishmonger, deli, fruit and vegetables, meats and cheeses and wine bar.


The Court of the Majestic

Majestic is also catering, on the first floor is located The court, A refreshment area, where in the open kitchens tasty dishes are prepared at the moment. 6 different corners, each with a specialty to offer, to satisfy all tastes. All productions are made daily and some are also available on the market. An outdoor terrace with trees completes the floor.

Virtuous project

The second level is divided into a exhibition ring dedicated to exhibitions and conferences on the world of food. Attention, care, tradition, control and passion, behind the quality of Iper La Grande hides a huge job, indeed Majestic. A virtuous project which revives a place now abandoned to itself, the former Majestic cinema, built in 1912 and abandoned for more than 10 years, which will soon host new stories and projections, this time not cinematographic but gastronomic.

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