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The best ice creams in Italy: here are the 8 tastes arrived in the final! – Italian Cuisine

The best ice creams in Italy: here are the 8 tastes arrived in the final!

These are the winners decreed by the jury of the first semifinal Italian of Gelato Festival World Masters after 2 days of competition on the campus of Carpigiani Gelato University in Anzola Emilia (BO) which was attended by 86 ice cream makers selected in 14 months of competitions along the boot, 36 events and a total of 751 participants.
Here are the 8 ice cream flavors to taste next spring-summer.

"Green joy"

By Elisabeth Stolz of the Osteria Hubenbauer of Varna (BZ).
Few people know that pumpkin seeds are also called "Pistachio" from Styria (Austria). This unusual ingredient creates a creamy ice cream in pumpkin seed oil with crunchy pumpkin seeds and variegated pumpkin seed oil.

"To the seventh frost"

Di Lavinia Mannucci of the Caminia ice cream shop in Florence.
Taste that originates from a recipe for a rice cake from 1470 called "Torta de gli addobbi" which was then taken up by Artusi in 1891. In its transformation into ice cream it has been revisited maintaining a rich taste of rice, milk, almonds and candied citron.


By Renato Marchese of the La Mandorla di San Lucido ice cream parlor (CS).
Very high quality ice cream with a soft and delicate taste that wisely recreates and enhances the pleasant scent of almond blossoms.

"Calabria mia"

Di Rosario Nicodemo from the Il Cannolo Siciliano 2 ice cream parlor in Rome
Cheesecake flavored ice cream with milk and goat ricotta, flavored with citron and salted caramel liquorice sauce and prickly pear sauce.


By Gabriele Scarponi of the Ara Macao ice cream shop in Albisola Superiore (SV)
Mango sorbet variety Alfonso infused with jasmine green tea with dehydrated coconut, ginger, vanilla and a touch of basil.


Of the L’Arte del Dolce gelato shop in Vittuone (MI). The classic Bronte pistachio is enriched by the fresh and slightly acid note of finger lime. Complete the garnish with a delicious pistachio amaretto made by the gelato maker himself


By Francesco Sottilaro of the Gelato Boccaccio of Villa San Giovanni (RC). An intense almond ice cream with a delicate infusion of bergamot and extra virgin olive oil from the Piana di Gioia Tauro.


By Riccardo Caruso from the PanDolce di S.Stefano Briga (ME) pastry and ice cream bakery. A hazelnut ice cream with the fresh addition of mint and inclusion of praline hazelnuts.

The gin that tastes of English country has arrived – Italian Cuisine

The gin that tastes of English country has arrived

All the notes of the new limited edition Bombay Sapphire English Estate project and the right cocktail recipe to toast the coming season

That of gin and tonic is a ritual that we made our own and customized to the point that it is not uncommon to ask this or that gin at a local bar. Investigate with the bartender about which bottle he is willing to offer us, implying that when we talk about this distillate, a world of aromas, scents and dreams opens up. And in a world so rich in proposals, nothing prevents us from referring to a different gin at different times of the day or season after season. And if in the coming summer we still have few traces, from Bombay Sapphire comes the first clue on what will be the hottest season 2019. Close your eyes and imagine holding in your hands Pennyroyal mint, dog rose and toasted hazelnuts. Now open them and take a sip of the Limited Edition English Summer. The sun is high and we are walking in the English countryside.
Making their way through the hills of Laverstoke Mill surrounding the distillery, Anne Brock the Bombay Sapphire Master Distiller who told us the secrets of his latest creation.

"Laverstoke Mill is only an hour from London, but it seems to be miles and miles away from there. It is a beautiful place surrounded by nature and perfectly represents the atmosphere that reigns in the English countryside which was my source of inspiration for the creation of the Limited Edition English Summer. A gin that speaks of the place where it was born and that was created by me and Ivano Tonutti (Master of Botanicals by BOmbay Sapphire) to elevate the classic Bombay Sapphire and give it a summer connotation "told us Anne Brock. «Ivano and I have added three botanicals with different characteristics to the classic recipe (Pennyroyal mint, dog rose and toasted hazelnuts) and we have worked to create a harmony that does not hide the more authentic character of our traditional gin. It was a complex creative process that we carried out as a team to create a perfumed, balanced and round limited edition, perfect for the preparation of many different cocktails .

When we asked her what was the best way to taste it, she had no doubts. The ideal cocktail to fall in love with is The Secret English Garden that plays with the suggestions of apple and ginger to give an intense twist to every sip.

The cocktail recipe

Ingredients: 50ml Bombay Sapphire English Summer, 25ml juice of apple 75 ml ginger ale

Decoration: 1 thin disk of apple, better self Granny Smith, 1 thin slice of lemon, 1 twig of thyme

Method: Place there apple is the lemon on the bottom of a high tumbler or in a copa glass. To add the gin Bombay Sapphire English Estate is the juice of apple. Mix. Fill the glass with ice to cubes is to add the ginger ale. Mix gently. Garnish with a twig of thyme on the glass and … enjoy!

The Spreadable Rossana Cream has arrived, that of the legendary candies – Italian Cuisine


Where to buy the new object of desire for gluttons and why this cream spreads reminds us of the grandmother

When we heard that it was coming Rossana cream, it was impossible not to think about grandma. To her purse filled with creamy-heart sweets, to her care of always putting one in her pocket and that pleasant feeling of sticky hands that we felt after discarding it.

Facebook @Le Bonelle Gelées.

And this taste so familiar that seems to come from the past is ready to return in a very contemporary form. Now that has taken the spread mania (after the super launch of the Cream Pan of Stars) this too filled with hazelnut milk does not seem to want to avoid a greedy consumption that does not even disdain the tea spoon. Yes, the little tempter who made us repent several times that he had brought all the ice cream on the couch or opened a jar of Nutella on a rainy afternoon.

If you are ready to test your willpower, but also to identify the best way to taste Crema Rossana, all you have to do is run and buy it. From the official page of Le Bonelle Gelées the news that the cream is finally on sale by ODStore.

The first taste

To tell a cream without having tasted it would have been really complicated (at least as much as resisting the call of a new delicacy). So if you're wondering if we've tasted it, the answer is yes. And we found inside it all theenveloping sweetness of sweets, the same we had been waiting for as children as we eagerly desired the outer layer to be consumed. Compared to other spreads is complicated, it would be like trying to figure out if it is better than classic chocolate ice cream or white chocolate. It is better to understand instead where it gives the best of itself.

The advices

The Rossana Cream, like all spreads, is very good if tasted alone, with the famous spoon. But we also liked a lot on them cookies and, to return to the comparison of before, on ice cream. In particular on the chocolate one, but it is also to try on the pistachio. It is instead less suitable to be spread on traditional bread: let's give it a chance on bread with milk. If you do not like excessively sweet flavors, instead, always focus on combining with dark chocolate and coffee.

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