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Recipe Smoked tofu sauce and hazelnuts

Do you want a vegan dinner? Here are our tips for very easy and very quick recipes, without losing the taste. Don't limit yourself to the usual four leaves of salad or grilled vegetables! Be daring and inventive, this is the key

Let's dispel the myth that cooking vegan be difficult and take too long. Vegan cuisine, in fact, offers interesting possibilities, delicious recipes and intriguing textures that allow us to always try new things and never get bored. What if we don't have much time available? Here are our recipes in the gallery above!

Use simple products

To shorten the preparation time, a very simple idea for a delicious vegan dinner is a menu that is inspired by traditional Mediterranean products. Let's start with the salads with which you can indulge in: lettuce (or salad of different varieties), tomatoes, capers, olives, artichokes, carrots, celery, cucumbers, and so on and so forth. You can continue with a simple pasta topped with a variety of sautéed vegetables or a pasta dish topped with a homemade pesto prepared with basil, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, pine nuts and salt. And for dessert? try a simple one fruit salad served with a scoop of soy ice cream.

What to avoid ..

First of all, avoid the idea of ​​buying ready-to-eat foods. To be sure of preparing vegan foods, it is good to follow all the preparation phases of the recipes in order not to risk running into hidden animal derivatives. Many ready-made soups, for example, contain cream, thickeners or milk derivatives.
And if you want to indulge yourself do not start with the non-vegan recipes that you are used to preparing. The result would be to bring to the table some "cut-off dishes" from which you have removed too many ingredients to transform them into something unappetizing.

Use a lot of creativity and instinct

Don't be repetitive! Salads or grilled vegetables alone could get boring in the long run! The idea of ​​a vegan dinner is the right opportunity to experiment with recipes you've never prepared.
In the gallery above you can find a selection of dishes to prepare, combine, serve and mix freely to prepare quick but tasty dishes!

You just have to try them!

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