The tastiest recipes for the week of November 22nd – Italian Cuisine

The tastiest recipes for the week of November 22nd

What to cook during the week of November 22nd? Do not miss first, second and easy desserts for everyday cooking

With the best seasonal ingredients even the daily kitchen can give enormous satisfaction. It doesn't take much for give a twist to the simplest recipes and transform what seemed a monotonous dish into a novelty. This week we have chosen many recipes suitable to achieve this goal, from the first course to the dessert.

What to cook during the week of November 22: first courses and unique dishes

If for you the challenge of preparing one perfect cheese and pepper is now out of date, you absolutely must try it in this version enriched with crispy artichokes and lemon peel.

Finally the first ones begin to arrive turnip greens November: we couldn't wait to put them in the risotto together with stracciatella di burrata and anchovies.

For lovers of creams and velvets, a super recipe healthy that will warm you up on colder days: broccoli cream with mixed cabbage, potatoes and mushrooms.

It is also the time to indulge yourself with cabbage rolls, a dish to be declined in infinite variations. We offer it with sausage, toasted hazelnuts and rice, ideal for dinner as a single meal.

What to cook during the week of November 22: main courses

The scallops they are a great classic for lunches and dinners of the week, that's why we offer them both meat and fish: veal escalopes with Marsala and orange or salmon escalopes with lime with almonds.

In addition, for those who have no time to waste, a delicious sandwich with mortadella, ricotta and pistachios ready in a quarter of an hour.

What to cook during the week of November 22: sweets

There is advanced of the bread? In 20 minutes you can turn stale bread into a fabulous cocoa cake, you will need a few basic ingredients and a microwave.
If, on the other hand, you have more time to devote to the preparation of a dessert, the cheesecake with nuts and salted caramel it is truly unmissable.

Look at all the recipes for this week in the gallery above

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