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Baked asparagus au gratin: the tastiest side dish – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Baked asparagus au gratin should be cooked well laid out next to each other for a uniform result.

Nataliia Yankovets

Asparagus: better raw or cooked?

As you have read in the recipe, I use raw asparagus and do not let them cook first in boiling water, as I prefer them tasty, crunchy and of a nice bright green color.

If you prefer a softer consistency, cook them for a few minutes in boiling water, then drain them, dry them and sprinkle them with breadcrumbs before putting them in the oven.
Up to now we have only talked about classic green asparagus, the ones that are sold in bunches in vegetable stalls, but you can use those whites and those wild.

In these cases, however, blanch them because the former are larger and do not cook easily in the oven and the latter have a bitter taste which must be toned down.

Asparagus cooked in the oven from raw is crispier and has a brighter color.

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Not just breadcrumbs

You can also use other types of bread for the breading.
If you want something lighter and have some bread to recycle, chop the breadcrumbs which will be super crunchy once cooked in the oven.
Or opt for the pankowhich is a Japanese breadcrumbs available in many Asian shops, or try making it at home by chopping very soft white bread like the one in a loaf.
You can add some aromatic herbs to the breading as I did. In addition to parsley, mint, basil, marjoram and thyme go well with asparagus.
And for a touch of freshness, grate some Lemon peel.
I love this citrus note!

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of February 5th – Italian Cuisine

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of February 5th

What to cook on the weekend of February 5th? Here are the first, second and best desserts to prepare this weekend

If the weekend is your excuse to cook more delicious recipes than usual, you are in the right place. Moreover, on Saturday 5 February there is the final of Sanremo 2022: what better occasion to prepare delicious dishes to share with your fellow Festival mates?
For example, in a convivial evening you cannot miss recipes such as the rustic meatballs of beef and Bra sausage or the fried pizzas that we accompanied with raw ham and squacquerone, but which you can combine with any other condiment.

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of February 5th: first courses

As for the former, the tradition he always comes to our aid when we need to bring to the table a dish capable of conquering all the guests. This is certainly the case with the Spaghettoni alla Gricia of Roman cuisine.

And for your Sunday lunch we have certainly not forgotten the lasagna. This time, however, we will surprise you with a less conventional recipe: vegetarian lasagna with lentils, which will also appeal to non-vegetarians.

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of February 5th: main courses

The next recipe for the weekend comes from Lombardy. Have you ever heard of little birds escaped? It is about gluttons skewers of meat which date back to an ancient tradition. To find out the reason for their name, you just have to try the easy recipe for escaped birds.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for an original idea for second courses based on fish, try the seared tuna with olives and pistachios. Ready in 30 minutes!

The tastiest recipes for the weekend of February 5th: desserts

How to make the long-awaited dessert moment special? It takes a little wine, just like we did for the recipe for our rustic pear pie. Seeing is believing: the aroma given off by pears and from spices used will be intoxicating!

The surprises don't end there: browse the gallery above to discover all the recipes for the weekend of February 5th.

The tastiest recipes for the week of January 24th – Italian Cuisine

The tastiest recipes for the week of January 24th

What to cook during the week of January 24? Here are the first, second and easiest desserts for everyday cooking

Who said that during the week you have to settle for uninspiring meals? The beauty of Italian cuisine lies precisely in the possibility of creating new flavors every time, even with few ingredients available.

In the gallery above we collected 10 recipes to be prepared without having to make exaggerated expenses, to show you that even the "easier and faster recipes"Can give great satisfaction.

What to cook in the week of January 24: first courses

It is possible to cook a tasty pasta dish when the pantry is practically empty? If not everyone likes a classic spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli, we are sure everyone will love this dish called "Onion Adagio", a delicious recipe to bring to the table in half an hour.

Do not be convinced by anyone that the lasagna you can eat them only on weekends. With this recipe based on radicchio, gorgonzola and walnuts to prepare easily with the microwave, lasagna enters directly into our weekly menus.

What to cook in the week of January 24: main courses

The chicken it is almost never missing in the fridge or freezer, but you are probably tired of the usual grilled breast and scallops. To whet your palate with unexpected combinations, consult the recipe for chicken curry with apples and carrots and let yourself be conquered by its aromas.

Bet on during the week fish that require quick cooking, such as mackerel and mullet, both cheap and rich in beneficial properties for the body. In just 25 minutes, for example, you can prepare intriguing ginger mullet.

For those who always save dinner with omelettes, write down this spectacular recipe: the white omelette with crispy coriander crumbs will transform an ordinary dinner into a special moment to share with those you love.

And as a side dish? Let's recycle the potatoes in a tortilla that will drive young and old alike crazy.

What to cook in the week of January 24: sweets

For the snacks of the week we relied on two recipes from Italian tradition.

Carfogn, typical sweets of Belluno, have a filling based on poppy seeds, dark chocolate, biscuits, sugar, milk and brandy.

Finally, the milk tortels from Trentino, an apple and milk pie that is too easy to prepare.

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