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The secret of happiness? Eight glasses of water

A new study finds that those who think they drink enough water regularly are three times more likely to feel "very happy"

The secret of happiness: drink water. A new study reiterated the importance of proper hydration, not only for the health of the body, but also for the well-being of the mind. For the research, conducted by One Poll, 2000 people were interviewed, who had the task of reporting how much water they drank each day and how happy they felt, in general.

Despite most doctors recommend drinking almost two liters of water, or eight glasses, per day, on average, study participants said they only drink about five glasses a day (wrongly claiming it to be the recommended daily amount).

The water of happiness?

Regardless of the liters of water that each participant had the habit of drinking every day, 67% of those who declared to consume a quantity "More than enough" he assured him he felt "very happy". Instead, only 21% of those who admitted not to drink enough said they were equally fulfilled by their lives.

It would therefore seem that the key to happiness is believe to drink enough water, even when, technically, it consumes a little less than doctors recommend. Of the participants who reported drinking 10 or more glasses of water a day, as much as 80% said they felt "very happy", and only 18% "a little happy".

The real benefits

But let's not forget the benefits of hydration for the body: most of those who drank more than 10 glasses per day reported feeling "Very energetic" (82%). Two thirds of the people in this group also called themselves "successful".

At this point it should not be surprising that the group of those who said they practically did not drink water was the one most inclined to call themselves "not very happy": they are 24 out of 100 people. "With the demands of everyday life, sometimes succeeding to maintain a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge, Explained Anat Levi, CEO of O. Vine, the beverage company that commissioned the study. "Staying hydrated is part of this."

We often drink little

Why don't you drink enough water? Many of the study participants (75%) said they were simply too busy to do it. Others said they were not so thirsty (44%), they preferred other drinks (42%), they forgot to drink (33%), they didn't want to spend on bottled water (25%) and they didn't trust tap water (22%) or, again, not appreciating the taste of water (19%).

But over half (54%) also said they felt less productive at work when they were dehydrated. According to the large majority (75%) of study participants, drinking enough water every day is also a sign of maturity.

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