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Perfect mayonnaise: the secret is water – Italian Cuisine

Yes, we also do it in Europe on chips – that are also good, supports someone … And we are proud of it. Mayonnaise is a delight and if it is home-made – by moderating the doses – it is also healthy. Of course, i ingredients they must be of high quality, fromthe oil – here the information useful for that biological).

The amazing news is that doing it at home is not difficult at all. On the contrary: it is simple and fast. There is a secret, and we decided to reveal it to you – hoping that you appreciate the generosity of this choice! Recommend once again on the choice of raw materials, which is the other secret: hens' eggs that live in good condition and fruits of plants not poisoned, to nourish us of goodness and health.

For a mayonnaise cup of mayonnaise

1696471 egg – strictly organic

Organic EVO (1/3) and organic sunflower oil (2/3)


Salt and pepper


Blender (with or without whisk)

The secret ingredient, you know from the title, is just water. Blend the egg with a few seconds half shell poor water and, keeping the blender a low speed, add the oils (alternating) flush to the right consistency. The indication of a third of extra virgin olive oil and two thirds of seed oil is indicative: measure them by tasting and adjusting to your taste, depending also on how strong olive oil is. Add salt and pepper. Depending on the blender, the process can take one and more minutes. Eye at the speed of the blender !!!

If it does not get toned up right away, do not be demoralized: add more oil, slowly, calmly.

At this point add the lemon juice (to taste, from half a lemon up) and then if you want one more robust consistency, add a little more oil, turn gently with the spatula to make it absorb and add more if necessary, until you reach the solid consistency that mayonnaise had before adding the lemon.

169650With the special blender spatula, you can eventually add the various ingredients to make them sauces based on mayonnaise: for a mayonnaise a little 'senapata, for example, add a little' mustard paste, or curry powder for a taste a little 'oriental or even estragon to accompany the fish. If you want to do it instead pink sauce, instead of lemon add a teaspoon of mustard powder, gin and a teaspoon of tomato extract.

Seen? With little effort you can amaze your dishes and your guests with a timeless condiment: your homemade mayonnaise will have no rivals!

Carola Traverso Saibante
January 2019


The secret of the lemon chicken piccata is the flour! – Italian Cuisine

A slice of meat cooked in a pan that remains soft and succulent, all thanks to the breading!

A slice of chicken cooked in a pan can make you think of a second uninspiring … Nothing more wrong if the slice of meat turns into a piccata of chicken with lemon, tender and fragrant, with the addition of a delicious sauce!

Chicken seconds: 10 delicious recipes

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With flour everything is more tender

The heat that develops in the pan where the chicken slices cook will dry the meat, until it becomes hard and dry, in a few words, inedible. However, there is a way to reduce the dehydration of meat, despite cooking in a pan at high temperatures: pass the slice of meat in a veil of flour before cooking it. This will partially protect the meat from the heat of the pan, keeping it moist.

Chicken broth in a few moves

The broth it is a preparation that is often associated with foods that are poor in flavor. Nothing more wrong because if done well, with the right ingredients, the broth serves instead enrich with flavor many preparations. As long as you do it properly. For this dish get yourself half chicken or half a hen (tastier), two carrots, a celery stalk, an onion and parsley stalks. Put the chicken in a pot covered with water and cook for two hours, skimming from time to time. After this time, add the vegetables cut into small pieces and cook for another hour. At forty minutes from the end add the parsley stalks. He spent three hours turn off and filter the broth. Then let it cool before putting it in the fridge. Taste it and salt it if necessary. You can also freeze it but if you do not do it, consume it within two days.

The recipe of the polo piccata with lemon

Ingredients for 4 people

8 slices of chicken breast, 4 lemons, capers in salt, 2 onions (or shallots), 2 glasses of chicken stock, parsley, butter, flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper.


First cut the lemons into two, make a whole lemon into thin slices and squeeze the rest. Chop the onions, dry the meat with a sheet of absorbent paper and then pass each slice into a veil of flour on both sides and leave them in a dish where you put a little 'flour. In a pan heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and then put the slices of meat, one at a time. Let it brown well on all sides and then remove from the pan and keep warm. Add two knobs of butter to the pan and then add the sliced ​​onion. Fry slowly and when it is golden, add the broth, which will degrade the bottom. Help yourself with a spatula and then add the lemon juice and the slices. Let it cook until the liquid has been reduced enough to wet the chicken slices without letting them drown. Add the capers, parsley and meat and leave it on the fire for a few minutes. Serve then with a mixed salad or sautéed vegetables at your convenience.

chicken piccata

In the tutorial some tips for a perfect dish!

Joe Bastianich is the secret of the perfect hamburger – Italian Cuisine

Smoky, BBQ and Chicken: from Joe McDonald's in January the sandwiches signed by Joe Bastianich arrive, based on Made in Italy products. Why are they special? Because McDonald's hamburger has always been the yardstick for everyone else

Bread, meat, seasoning: the balance of these three elements is the basis of the perfect sandwich. A difficult balance that Joe Bastianich always looks for when he eats and judges a sandwich. The Italian-American entrepreneur lent to television presented in Rome the new edition of My Selection sandwiches by McDonald's: three recipes in which he combined the experience of the American chain, with products all made in Italy, from South Tyrolean speck to Val d'Aosta fontina, through the red onion of Tropea and the balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Joe Bastianich

"I grew up in Queens – Joe Bastianich said – and next to my house there was the McDonald's railway and parking lot. My earliest memories are the noise of the passing train and the smell of hamburgers. But I lived in a family with strong Italian roots and at home we only ate Italian cuisine. For me the sandwiches at McDonald's were a dream ".

The American dream, one could say. Since then Joe Bastianich and his street family have made a lot of them and certainly hundreds have been the burgers that have been eaten, but for "Giuseppino", as they called him as a child, that of McDonald's is still the yardstick for all the other burgers. "That's the perfect balance of which I speak: the bread that must be soft, the meat, strictly beef, beef, which must have the crust, the rest are condiments that however should not overpower the other elements".

But which Joe Bastianich's favorite sandwich? "The classic cheeseburger, with mustard, for me it is the maximum. This is the foundation ". Perhaps Bastianich meant "foundation" on which the culture of the American sandwich rests, that the Italians, this is the advice of the judge of Masterchef should not make the mistake of wanting to misrepresent, with the risk of breaking this delicate balance. Speaking of Bastianich and his little stumbles with the Italian that appeals to the public, we'll see him soon on TV, with the next edition of Masterchef to be aired in January.

Chicken by Joe Bastianich

And they will be available from 1 JanuaryIn all Italian stores, these new My Selection 2019 sandwiches by McDonald's, which in previous editions assure the managing director of the group in Italy, Mario Federico, "have met with great success, bringing great repercussions on the Italian food and agriculture sector. , in which we invest 200 million euros each year ". Three proposals: Smoky (sauce based on Red Onion of Tropea, Calabria IGP and Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Igp) al Chicken (chicken with crispy bacon, smoked scamorza cheese, tomato, crispy onion and delicate mustard), passing through the reconfirmation of the BBQ, best seller 2018, based on BBQ sauce with Tropea Calabria IGP Red Onion, seasoned gouda and coleslaw.

BBQ by Joe Bastianich