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In recent years, many have gotten into the habit of drink lemon water in the morning, as soon as you wake up and just before having breakfast. Why? There are those who do it with the belief that they can help eliminate toxins and waste substances, purify oneself and for this reason lose weightwho instead thinks that this drink can anyway benefit the Health, so much so that it becomes a real daily ritual of well-being. Certainly taking care of your hydration starting in the morning is essential. Water plays a key role in the functioning of the organism, being involved in many processes and promoting its efficiency. But is drinking water and lemon in the morning really good for you? To find out more, we asked an expert for advice.

Is drinking lemon water in the morning good for you? The doctor’s word

Sometimes losing weight and getting back into shape seems to be the most difficult thing and often we are willing to try anything to do it, even relying on practices that promise miraculous results, but which in reality have very little scientific value and which often distance even of time are actually harmful. Drinking lemon water in the morning is beneficial really as you often think or not?

Does water and lemon make you lose weight?

«To date we have no certain data on whether this practice can really bring benefits nor scientific data to recommend it as a daily habit, says the doctor Michela Carola Speciani, medical surgeon expert in applied nutrition. «At the moment we know that the consumption of low pH foods and drinks, such as lemon juice, is a risk factor for example fordental erosion and that lemon and some of its extracts are rich in vitamins and antioxidants including flavanones, which have reported some positive data from a metabolic point of view in animal studies, the results of which however cannot be generalized to humans lightly”, says the expert.

Does lemon lower blood sugar?

«In some studies on humans, and therefore more reliable, it has been seen that the intake of acidic substances such as the combined water and lemon before the meal reduces the glycemic response to the intake of starches, carbohydrates present for example in pasta, rice and bread, but not in sugar. The mechanisms are not yet fully known, nor, however, are the long-term effects of this practice. This is why we currently do not have enough data to suggest it for improving your figure or health, while there are habits that we know for certain to be supportive in this sense”, says the expert. In essence, there are studies that support this thesis but at the moment we have little evidence available in the scientific literature and therefore insufficient to say that lemon actually lowers blood sugar, as nutritionist Valentina Schirò also says in this article of ours: ” THEDoes lemon lower blood sugar? The word to the nutritionist”.

“So, much better to include some protein in your breakfast such as eggs, oil seeds, soy-based protein preparations, fish, meat or high-protein dairy products such as cheese or Greek yogurt, a habit that is often rarely practiced; or it would be good reduce the consumption of simple sugars – biscuits, snacks, croissants, croissants – and sweeteners, which unfortunately tend to be present from the morning onwards.”

For those who are not recommended to drink water and lemon

There are some contraindications real facts about the consumption of the mix based on water and lemon? Who should avoid it? «Certainly those who are particularly predisposed todental erosion. The suggestion is to ask your dentist for confirmation and to rinse your mouth with a little water (without lemon) after any consumption to limit the negative effect that the acidity of lemon can have on the health of your teeth.”

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