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Lactose-free doves and gluten-free doves

Easter cakes made especially for those who are celiac or lactose intolerant, so that intolerances do not spoil the holidays

Nobody would ever want to give up dessert, especially on holidays. So a Easter the dove must not be missing, even for who it is celiac or suffer from Lactose intolerance. Here, therefore, that several producers, large and small, have equipped themselves and offer doves without gluten and doves without lactose, or even without both elements. Preparations that do not penalize the palate but offer safety guarantees. We offer a selection, but obviously there are many more products on the market, often from small local businesses. When in doubt about the safety of a product, it is advisable to rely on guide associations, AILI – Italian Lacto-Intolerant Association e AIC – Italian Celiac Association.

A small showcase of lactose-free doves and gluten-free doves

The line Easter Nutrifree It is entirely gluten-free and lactose-free. It is made in compliance with the specific specification for leavened products. It ranges from the classic dove to the one with chocolate chips, while the new Nutrifree doves are enriched with ingredients rich in nutritional properties and highly evocative: black rice and red fruits or red rice and apple.

La Colomba with chocolate chips, gluten and lactose free Motta It is designed for intolerants, but with its soft and fluffy dough it is perfect for celebrating all together.

The sweet 100% extra virgin olive oil Filippi pastry shop it is made by replacing butter and milk derivatives in the dough with extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and without the use of artificial flavors. Two variants are proposed: with candied orange or with single-origin Vidama chocolate chips from the Ivory Coast.

With extra virgin olive oil it is also the pastry focaccia Tabiano, sweet of great softness and lightness, which in the Easter period is made in the shape of a dove.

La Colomba Better gluten free than Giampaoli it is proposed in the versions with berries, with raisins or with chocolate drops, but also in the variant with gluten-free and lactose-free chocolate drops.

La Colomba without lactose from Maina it is rich in fragrant candied fruit and wrapped in a crunchy hazelnut glaze handcrafted and decorated with whole almonds and sugar grains.

Vergani offers a gluten-free dove designed to offer celiacs and intolerants a dessert that retains all the flavor of tradition.

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