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Lactose-free peach smoothie – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Lactose-free peach smoothie

The Peach Smoothie without lactose is refreshing, sweet and perfect for summer. Easy to prepare, it will conquer everyone with its fresh and light taste. Enjoy your meal!

a lactose-free first course, but exclusive and irresistible – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

a lactose-free first course, but exclusive and irresistible

Certainly! This recipe is naturally vegetarian and can easily be adapted to meet the needs of a vegan diet by replacing the animal broth with vegetable broth and making sure the other ingredients are vegan-friendly.

Hot chocolate: light and lactose-free – Italian Cuisine

Hot chocolate: light and lactose-free

A greedy cuddle, but without too many feelings of guilt. As good and creamy as a real hot chocolate, but much lighter

Did you know that to prepare a state-of-the-art hot chocolate, the secret is to use a large amount of excellent chocolate simply dissolved in a little hot milk?
But we want to offer you an equally delicious, but much lighter alternative based on cocoa, also suitable as vegan recipe.

Light hot chocolate recipe


200 g of oat milk or other vegetable milk
8 g of unsweetened cocoa
10 g of potato starch


Mix the milk with the well sieved cocoa and then add the starch, obviously sifted.
No sugar and no sweeteners because the Avena's milk it is naturally sweet. Otherwise, use a sweetened almond milk, or a teaspoon of erythritol (natural sugar without calories).
Put everything on low heat and, stirring slowly and continuously with a wooden spoon, wait for the drink to take on consistency.
In about two minutes the hot chocolate will be ready, thick and creamy like the one made with chocolate.

Maizena or flour?

You can replace the starch with cornstarch and you will get the same result.
We do not recommend flour instead because both the taste and the texture would be affected.

No to sugar, yes to spices

For a light hot chocolate we suggest you not to use sugar, also because, as we said, the vegetable milk it is already very often sweetened.
If you want to add aroma and taste, use spices, like a stick of cinnamon to mix everything as if it were a teaspoon, or a few drops of vanilla, or some berries of cardamom if you like the aroma of this spice.

Coconut whipped cream

If you really can't help but enrich your hot chocolate with whipped cream, try this alternative.
Leave for one night can of coconut milk in the refrigerator.
The following day, take the part that has solidified and whisk it as if to make whipped cream.
You will get a soft cloud of coconut, which will not be light because it is still rich in vegetable fats, but it will be lactose-free and a delicious vegan recipe!
Coconut and cocoa then go very well together so you absolutely have to taste this variant because you will fall in love with it.
You can garnish it with coconut flakes or with a sprinkling of cinnamon or bitter cocoa.

Scroll through the gallery above to see how light hot chocolate is prepared

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