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The young Italian video makers are called to collect to participate in the video contest "Advertising for a day". High school and university students will have until February 15th to present original and creative works to promote the charcuterie of the beautiful country.


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It has reached the final stage Advertising for a day the video contest on cured meats and pork meat for high school and university students, which will award the most original and creative mini-videos. The competition is promoted byInstitute of Italian Salami Valorization (IVSI), in collaboration withNational Consumers Union (UNC) and is part of the campaign Salami and pork meat: energy that is a pleasure.

The key themes of the campaign
By February 15th, the participating students will have to send a short advertising video of a maximum duration of 2 minutes. Quality and safety of the pig industry, tradition and taste on the table, the importance ofbalance between nutrition and physical activity, pork and cured meat in the Mediterranean diet, these are the key themes that the campaign will have to face. The initiative involves about 3,000 high schools and 80 universities.

Why a video contest
"Video is the favorite tool of the web world and young people, are among the most active, both when it comes to producing videos, and when it comes to watching them. The data provided by YouTube, the main video sharing platform, indicates that every month access to the platform over 1.9 billion users and every day visitors watch over a billion hours of video, generating billions of views. These are numbers that register more than one trend, are a new way of understanding the relationship with the media, making the users themselves, active communicators" he has declared Monica Malavasi, Director of IVSI.
Video is certainly the most effective contemporary instrument against the hoaxes that circulate on the net and to speak the same language as younger consumers. Participants will have no stylistic constraints, they will be able to give free rein to creativity, but they will have the task to find the right key to get the campaign's messages to a broader audience possible in an innovative way.
"Consumer education starts with young people, especially when it comes to eating habits. This is why we care about this initiative aimed at schools, which involves students speaking their language, that of video. Today, unfortunately, especially in the food sector there is no shortage of fake news that risk sedimenting in collective opinion creating major damage to consumers and industry: today's kids are young consumers and it is our duty to inform them adequately so that they make informed choices today and in the future", he has declared Massimiliano Dona, President of the National Consumers Union.

Deadlines and prizes to be won
Works must be submitted no later than February 15, 2019 (term extended with respect to the initial date of January 31st). They will be evaluated by a technical jury who will choose the best work of high school and that of the university world.
From 18 February to 28 February 2019 the documents deemed suitable will be uploaded to the social media channels of IVSI (SalumiAmo on Facebook and SalumiAmoTv on Youtube) to be voted on by the social media. The paper that will receive more likes, shares and interactions will receive the "public vote" award. Details of the initiative can also be found on the dedicated page on the UNC website. The project of information and promotion of the products of the pig industry is made with the contribution of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Tourism and of ISMEA – Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market. The best three videos will be awarded during an event in Rome. Up for grabs three gift cards: two from € 500 and one from € 300.

Mariacristina Coppeto
February 2019

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