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“Stories of Intrecci”, two families together for the education of young people – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

“Storie di Intrecci”, this is the name of the project written jointly by two families who are different on paper but close in vision. Both preside over two foundations which, together, are now intertwined to achieve a common goal: the training of young people who live in a difficult social fabric. “Storie di Intrecci” will in fact start from Caivano and the “Francesco Morano” Higher Institute of the town on the outskirts of Naples.

A project written and yet to be written in the coming months by the Scudieri Family and the Cotarella Family, with their respective Foundations, involved in different sectors, from automotive to quality agri-food, from fashion to hospitality and training. A concrete response to the appeal of the Principal Eugenia Carfora of the Morano institute who, some time ago, had expressed the desire for the “adoption” of the most difficult scholastic areas by foundations and institutions, capable of allowing the presence of teachers excellent, capable of making children fall in love with study and educating them on feelings.

The intertwining of two families to rediscover their roots

The “intertwining” between the two families was born among the vineyards of Pantelleriabut the similarities between the activities of Scudieri family and Cotarella family there are many and expanding the active collaboration to other projects to be carried out together is inevitable. Wine, food and wine, hospitality, on the one hand, technical know-how and innovation on the other, therefore, inspired the idea of ​​networking the skills of the Cotarella Foundation and the Scudieri Foundation for the children of Caivano, responding to the appeal of the Principal Eugenia Carfora to make the school a “dam” against petty crime, combating school dropout. Starting, precisely, with the rediscovery of the land and the roots, which means, among other things, the valorisation and promotion of quality agri-food as a factor in the development of the territory.

A moment of the presentation of Stories of plots at the court theater of the Royal Palace of Naples

The project in concrete terms

The two foundations, together with Obicà e Intrecci, Sala’s Higher Education Academy, to the Adler Group and the Cotarella family they will support specialized high-level training courses in the field of technological innovation and hospitality. In particular, they will create work orientation and training internship courses for the students of the Morano Institute in the fourth and fifth classes, then they will make professionals in the field of electronics, PLC programming and mechanics available to the school, on the one hand, of catering and hospitality, on the other, for insights and comparisons; finally, they will award scholarships to the most deserving students, leaving the institute in 2024, both in the technical and hospitality sectors.

The commitment of the institutions

Various institutions, both local and national, participated in the recent presentation meeting, inside the suggestive court theater of the Royal Palace of Naples. Among these, the Councilor for Youth Policies and Labor of the Municipality of Naples, Chiara Marciani, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies Claudio Durigon. Also the Minister for Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and ForestryFrancesco Lollobrigida who sent a video contribution of greeting, followed by Regional President Coldiretti Campania, Ettore Bellelli. Last but not least, the creators of the project, Paolo Scudieri, President of Adler Group and honorary President of the Scudieri Foundation and his son Achille Scudieri, CEO of Obicà and President of the Scudieri Foundation. AND Riccardo Cotarella, founder, together with his brother Renzo, of the family wine business, as well as President of Assoenologi and Union International des Oenologues. Near him, Dominga CotarellaCEO of the Cotarella family and President of the Cotarella Foundation, who together with the sisters Enrica And Martha guides family activities. The Principal Eugenia Carfora also spoke at the meeting, wanting to underline how important the intervention of the institutions is but also that they do not soon forget the promised commitment.

To make your dreams come true

«Whoever enters the Morano Institute can dream and the two Foundations give our children the opportunity to dream and make their dreams come true. In addition to instructing the kids, we need to bring out their talents, their passions, with the awareness that without the rules you won’t get anywhere”, added the principal. The last interventions were entrusted to the magistrate Catello Maresca, Ambassador of anti-mafia culture. And to Marco Mezzaroma President of Sport and Healthwhich reiterated the presence of the State on the territory of Caivano, confirming the end of the works for the Delphinia Center by May 2024 as already announced.

Jerome Ianmark Calayag is the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2021 – Italian Cuisine

Crowned by S.Pellegrino and S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy during the Milan Grand Finale. For his dish, the technical skills but above all for the vision and the ability to change things

The wait is over: the boy who won the Grand Final of the international competition S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy 2021, it is Swedish Jerome Ianmark Calayag, regional finalist for the UK and Northern Europe. In the race he brought a very elegant dish, Simple Vegetables, which enhances vegetables often left in the background such as turnips and leeks. Also got on the podium two Italians: Alessandro Bergamo sous chef of Cracco in Milan and Andrea Ravasio, an Italian who moved to Spain.

To the applause of the audience gathered in Milan, he won the 2021 trophy of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, after being judged by a prestigious jury of chefs made up of Enrico Bartolini, Manu Buffara, Andreas Caminada, Mauro Colagreco, Gavin Kaysen, Clare Smyth. Before that he had passed the regional selections, won in his own category and finally worked on his dish together with his mentor. Then finally, on October 29, he cooked for the jury, who tasted his dish and they chose it based on technical skill, creativity and personal conviction, sure, but also the potential to create positive change in society through food. The best young chef of 2021 is therefore not just a boy "who cooks well" and who has the talent to become someone, but a person who is given the opportunity to play on stages and travel the world and to be like that thanks to this award bearer of a message, a global vision of cooking and in general of thought for the future that we would like. Today the impact of gastronomy is felt far beyond cooking and the goodness of a recipe is no longer. Those who are at the forefront are no longer avant-garde only in the most futuristic techniques, in the search for the best ingredients or in the search for the most delicious taste, but they want to pave the way for tangible social change. S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy and the prize awarded today is just that, an important megaphone for the catering sector but not only and an educational platform to attract, connect and cultivate talent.

High level and great personality, among the very young

"The level was really high, there were beautiful dishes, beautiful creations but above all beautiful concepts" explained just before the proclamation, the participant for Italy and for the whole region of South-East Europe, Alessandro Bergamo of Milan. Satisfied with the success of his dish in the kitchen, “I'm happy with the work done in the kitchen: the dish I wanted to release came out. The dish was there, the taste was there, the presentation was there, the temperature was there. In the kitchen we were organized, clean, beautiful ". Also satisfied with the work done in the kitchen with the mentor chef Antonia Klugman. “You see guys who are close-knit, united, all kind, polite, all with personalities and ideas. It's nice to see that we all have our own path in mind and it's not easy to be when you're so young ”. Among the participants, above all, there are many brigade boys, sous chefs and only a few chefs who already manage a kitchen, a sign that their cooking philosophy is built right from the beginning, from the very first steps of their career and that therefore it is fundamental to direct it in an ethical direction from the beginning. The message is part of the dish and the finished product. Also in Alessandro's plate, Is it better an egg today or a chicken tomorrow ?. “Made with chicken, corn and potatoes. With the idea that products that are simple and accessible to everyone can make haute cuisine. And bring a message of inclusiveness even in this. Part of the proclamation, also the Fine Dining Lovers Food for Thinking Award, dedicated specifically to the meaning of the dish and the idea behind the culinary creation – to win Andrea Ravasio, an Italian who has worked in Spain for years and is sous chef of Zumaque in Puerto de La Cruz, Tenerife.

If not now, when?

Through the Academy, the goal is to identify, connect and nurture the next generation of chefs, regardless of where they come from, their gender or their ethnicity. The S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition, which has come to an end today for this year, is therefore only the beginning, because the selection of the most talented young chefs in the world is only one step on a journey that aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience. professional and human, networking, spreading values ​​such as inclusiveness and sustainability. Because the power of gastronomy exists and together you can really change the world, one dish at a time.

A pizza for every season: 4 flavors created by 4 young chefs – Italian Cuisine

Four signature pizzas to celebrate the young talents of haute cuisine. The unpublished creations of the talents of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy will be available at Giolina in Milan, one for each season of the year

From today every season will have its pizza: Paolo Griffa, Chang Liu, Luca Natalini and Davide Marzullo they have put together the best raw materials to season Giolina's soft doughs, one of the pizzerias ahead of Milan.

The project that aims to support young people with a passion for catering was launched by Ilaria Puddu, creator with Stefano Saturnino of some of the most successful formats of recent years (Gelsomina, Crocca, Giolina, to name a few), in collaboration with S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy.
«This is a project that I care a lot about, because I believe that we entrepreneurs must first start investing in young talents. They are the real future of catering and it is therefore important to give them the opportunity to grow, to have visibility, to be able to create synergies between them, to contaminate themselves so that new ideas and projects are born. Over the course of the year, these pizzas will alternate on Giolina's menu and the proceeds will go to support scholarships of ALMA, so as to give one more chance to new deserving young people comments Ilaria Puddu.

Photo by Riccardo Liporace

Together withExecutive Pizzaiolo Danilo Brunetti, the chefs talked about the excellences of our territory (without letting us miss some surprising forays), while at the same time drawing inspiration from their respective gastronomic philosophies. An experience that is completed with the combinations of cocktails from bartender Mattia Pastori, prepared with Sanpellegrino soft drinks. The trend of combining pizza and cocktails is increasingly proving to be a suitable choice to enhance the flavors present in the dish. Let's find out together.

Autumn by Chang Liu

Chang Liu, chef of Mu Dimsum in Milan and winner of S.Pellegrino Young Chef China in 2016, puts his deep knowledge of traditional Chinese cuisine together with some extraordinary products of our country on pizza.

Smoked provola d'Agerola, Bra sausage, porcini mushrooms, chanterelles, cardoncelli and shitake, five Chinese spices and fresh thyme. The pairing cocktail includes Aqva of Citrus Gin, Tonica Citrus Sanpellegrino, mushrooms powder, thyme and salt crust.

Winter by Paolo Griffa

Paolo Griffa, after winning the S. Pellegrino Young Chef Italy Award in 2015, arrives at the Grand Hotel Royal & Golf in Courmayeur in 2017 and wins the first Michelin Star in 2019.

His experience is felt all in the chosen ingredients: porcini and chanterelle mushroom cream, venison messata, Brussels sprouts, vinaigrette and black truffle. The cocktail is based on red fruit shrub and red wine vinegar, Ginger Beer Sanpellegrino, smoked whiskey, blackberry and raspberry.

Luca Natalini's Spring

Luca Natalini wins S.Pellegrino Young Chef in Russia in 2016 and in 2020 he becomes Executive Chef at the Pont de Ferr in Milan. While waiting to eat at his new Autem restaurant, soon in Milan, you can taste his pizza at Giolina's.

Tuscan pecorino, Cetara anchovies, courgette flowers, pesto alla genovese and chard pesto, raw asparagus, violets, borage, pansies and chervil they are paired with a cocktail based on Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, BIO Sanpellegrino lemonade, tequila and violet liqueur.

The Summer of Davide Marzullo

After winning Antonino Cannavacciuolo Academy and having an internship experience at Noma, Davide Marzullo joined the brigade of the starry Villa Crespi. He has just won the S. Pellegrino Award for Social Responsibility for the Region of Italy and South East Europe and will fight for the world title in the Grand Finale at the end of October.

The ingredients of his pizza are: broad bean cream, pea cream, pecorino romano cream, charcoal, broad beans, crispy bacon, taralli and pea shoots. The cocktail: Floral Gin Aqva, Sanpellegrino Oak Tonica and pea shoots.

Space for young people!

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef international scouting project, born in 2015, has given many young people the opportunity to become part of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy, a permanent training laboratory. The target? To ensure that young people can cultivate their talent and become spokespersons for the change that is also taking place in the panorama of global gastronomy.

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