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Fried artichokes: the tricks to make them perfect

Find out with what little precautions to make fried artichokes even more special: from the right batter to the consistency to be obtained, passing through the pan and the oil to be used

THE artichokes they are delicious in all sauces, simply sautéed or in a risotto. The non plus ultra, however, is to make them fried and it does not matter if the judge, in batter or simply floured. Once you have established the recipe you prefer, follow ours tricks for howling fried artichokes.

The right batter

The recipes of the batter can be varied: with or without eggs, with wheat or rice flour, with beer or water or sparkling water. The best is that formed by proteins and starches (therefore eggs and flour, for example): this combination is the one that returns the most golden and inviting crust when fried. In any case, the foresight when you prepare it is to make sure that the compound is beautiful and dense that sticks good for artichoke slices.
Even the unpleasant passage of Sift the flour, in the end, will be rewarded, preventing lumps from forming in the batter.
Regardless of the ingredients, however, one of the tricks to obtain excellent fried artichokes is that of shake off the excess batter (or flour, if they are only floured), which could detach from the vegetables and burn in oil, giving an unpleasant aftertaste to all the other artichokes.

Fried artichokes: professional tricks

Still on the subject of batter, if you prepare it with eggs, there is a way to make it soft and very light. The trick is to beat the yolks with a pinch of salt and beat the egg whites until stiff. Incorporate the flour into the yolks and then, stirring gently from the bottom upwards, also add the egg whites.

The importance of tools

To get perfect fried artichokes one of the secrets is to use the right utensils. There most suitable pan to frying is that in iron, also loved by chefs, because it conducts heat evenly.

Oil for frying: there is plenty of choice

The oil lane in the supermarket is usually extremely rich and well-stocked, which then to choose for optimal results? We advise you to opt for the dear old man extra virgin olive oil or peanut oil, the oils most resistant to high temperatures.
Among the tricks for unrivaled fried artichokes, there would be to fry with a thermometer. The ideal temperature for frying is, in fact, between 160 and 180 degrees.
You don't need to remember that artichokes should be dipped inoil only when it is hot to prevent them getting soaked, isn't it?

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