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Treviso, the license arrives to be able to judge the tiramisu – Italian Cuisine

Treviso, the license arrives to be able to judge the tiramisu

The initiative was launched by the Academy of Tiramisu: it is necessary to take a quiz test and correctly answer 90% of the questions on the history and recipe of the dessert

Enough with improvisation: to judge the goodness of a tiramisu you need to obtain a real "license". The initiative was launched by the Academy of Tiramisu, in collaboration with Alcide Candiotto, president Assocuochi of the province of Treviso and Loris Bartolomei of the cultural association Ideas and tastes.

To achieve the title of "Magister Tiramisu”It is necessary to take a quiz test and correctly answer the 90% some questions regarding the history of Treviso dessert, its original recipe and, of course, the preparation methods.

The first forty licensed judges have become "Magister Tiramisu" to evaluate the Tiramisu of Treviso in the race of Tiramisuday Treviso. "The initiative is experimental and it is not certain that it does not extend to the national level", explains Tiziano Taffarello of the Academy of Tiramisu. «The need to grant a fitness certificate was born because in most cases the juries are not composed of people able to evaluate the sweet because no information necessary to judge .

Indeed, there would be so much to learn about tiramisu. The world day dedicated to Tiramisu is celebrated on the first day of spring, March 21st. Who knows, maybe also because the sweet historian is nutritious like a tonic: a normal portion, as the Academy writes, contains about 500 calories (25% of the recommended daily amount), and is composed at 58% from fat, 35% carbohydrate and 7% protein.

And, for example, who knows that an ancient recipe found by the historians of the Academy of Tiramisu, instead of biscuits savoiardi, provides the use of breadcrumbs, which must be soaked in the coffee and used to form the layers on which to place the mascarpone cream, egg yolks and sugar? In the nineteenth century and during the Risorgimento, when Tiramisu was consumed above all by the wealthy families of the Treviso nobility, the sponge cake, of Austrian taste and tradition. But these things, surely, the "Magister Tiramisu" know it well.

Joe Bastianich new judge at X Factor 2019? – Italian Cuisine

Joe Bastianich new judge at X Factor 2019?

The eighth season of Master Chef Italy, but Joe Bastianich could be back on TV much sooner than we could imagine.

According to the weekly Who, Joe could be one of the judges of the new edition of X Factor, scheduled for September 2019. After the goodbyes of Fedez, Manuel Agnelli and Mara Maionchi, the rapper should enter Achille Lauro is exactly Joe Bastianich.

If that were really the case, it would not be surprising. In addition to being an entrepreneur in the restaurant business, Bastianich also has a great passion for music and is the frontman of the The Ramps, a band with which it performs around Italy, but not only.

Guitarist and passionate about music country, folk is American rock, Joe has already had a little experience in the field: he was in fact a member of the Sanremo 2019 jury, performing also with the song Purple Rain during the After Festival.

As we have seen since 2011, the role of judge fits him perfectly: that the time has come to change air for Joe and leave the world of cooking?

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