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Mattindor: the perfect breakfast recipe by Gino Fabbri – Italian Cuisine

Mattindor: the perfect breakfast recipe by Gino Fabbri

A breakfast cake, indeed dedicated to the morning of the first day of vacation. take note

The dessert of the first day of vacation, a wish for the days of summer for the students of many schools has already arrived. He created it Gino Fabbri, a nationally known pastry chef, there is no breakfast guru.
In his long career he won the prize for the "Cake of the Jubilee of 2000", thanks to which he was able to meet Pope John Paul II, while in 2015 he led the Italian team to the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie in Lyon. In 2009 he was elected by his colleagues Pastry Chef of the year, but his heart remains with classic recipes. "I always distinguish between affectionate pastry and effect pastry: both belong to me, but my heart goes to the first." Here is his recipe for Mattindor, on sale in his Pasticceria La Caramella in Bologna.


400 g soft butter
400 g icing sugar
420 g pasteurized eggs
15 g lemon peel
1 vanilla bean
270 g flour
10 g chemical yeast


Whip the butter with the icing sugar, then the egg very slowly. Add the lemon zest and vanilla and, finally, the sifted flour with the baking powder. Fill the greased and sugared cake tin with a pastry bag up to 3/4.

Transfer to the molds and bake for 40-50 minutes at 175 ° C (the internal temperature of the product should be 96 ° C).

How to prepare a perfect batter: two recipes – Italian Cuisine

How to prepare a perfect batter: two recipes

One with eggs (suitable for fish and vegetable tempura), the other without. And then the advice to make it perfect

With very few ingredients and a few minutes you can prepare an extraordinarily crunchy batter to wrap vegetables, fruit or fish.

In order not to be too heavy or worse, too greasy, you must, however, follow some small precautions.

Here, then, are our suggestions for preparing the perfect batter.

You can follow two recipes: one with eggs and one without

The first is faster and goes well with delicate preparations such as fish and vegetable tempura.
Instead, the batter with eggs is perfect with cheese or fruit.

For the batter without eggs you simply have to mix 100 gr of flour with 240 ml of very cold gaseous liquid by hand. You can use water or beer. Add the liquid paste flush until the consistency is as thick as you wish. Add salt or sugar depending on the type of preparation.
For a very light batter, replace the 00 flour with rice flour.
Then you can simply pass the vegetables cut into strips or the fish into the batter and fry in hot oil.

For the batter with eggsinstead, you will need 1 medium egg, 80 g of 00 flour, 100 ml of milk.
Divide the yolk from the albumen.
Beat the egg yolk with an electric whisk and add the very cold milk and the sifted flour and continue stirring.
Whisk the egg white until stiff with the mixer and add it to the rest, stirring from top to bottom.
Add salt or sugar depending on the type of preparation.
Dip the ingredients to be fried in the batter and then cook a few pieces at a time in boiling seed oil. Drain on absorbent paper before serving.
Someone also adds a pinch of baking powder, but if well mounted the egg white will not be necessary.

Here are our best batter-based recipes

Beaten egg: the perfect recipe – Italian Cuisine

An ancient, sweet, easy-to-prepare protein breakfast that kids love. But also comfort food for adults and a natural remedy for exhaustion

It is as if we had put the sun in a glass. It is the intense yellow of thebeaten egg: A soft, fragrant, very sweet cream. You say beaten egg and the grandmother or mother who prepared it for breakfast or mid-afternoon snack resurface. But the beaten egg was also a sweet medicine that was given to children (and not only) when they were influenced or appeared a little wasted. In short, a sort of tonic or, as we would say today, a food supplement.
An always rigorously fresh egg, bought at the market directly from the peasant desks that came to the city with the freshly picked products. Today, instead, it is more common to buy eggs from the supermarket. The advice, since they will be consumed raw, is therefore to choose them very fresh and, possibly, organic.

Egg Liqueur (close-up shot) on wooden background

But one thing needs to be clarified: the beaten egg is not just for children. It's a comfort food that turns into dessert in the evening, to be enjoyed on the sofa while watching TV. All that sweetness refreshes and consoles us, perhaps after a tiring workday. But a beaten egg, well placed on a plate and decorated with a few biscuits, could also be an unexpected and moving dessert to offer to guests. Maybe correcting it with a little bit of coffee. Or sprinkle some cocoa.

The recipe for a beaten egg to remember

Difficulty: very easy
Preparation time: 3/4 minutes

Ingredients for a portion

1 fresh egg
1 tablespoon of sugar. The quantity can vary a little depending on how much you want it creamy. The more sugar you add the more creamy it will be.


Break the egg and separate the yolk from the albumen. Put the yolk in a glass, add the sugar and beat it vigorously with a fork or a teaspoon until it reaches the desired creaminess.

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