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How to cook the perfect risotto – Italian Cuisine

Choice of product, correct use of cooking utensils and attention in the various stages of cooking: all the tips for a first course without flaws

With the rice you can give vent to your culinary imagination, including all the ingredients in risotto, from fish to vegetables. To obtain a result that meets expectations, however, it is necessary to observe some precautions in all phases of preparation, from the choice of the product to the cooking. Here then how to cook the perfect risotto, in a few simple steps.

Which rice to use for risotto?

The creaminess of the risotto is based onstarchTherefore, a rice is needed that contains and releases the right quantity. There are some more suitable varieties of rice Arborio, Baldo, Carnaroli, Maratelli, Rosa Marchetti is Vialone nano.

The right pot

The right pot for a good risotto should be of copper, but they are fine also of steel or aluminum, as long as they spread the heat evenly. The pan must be large enough, with medium-high walls, so that rice and broth can form a three-to-four-finger layer.

Soffritto and toasting

Among the rules that explain how to cook risotto, what concerns the fried it is among the most debated. In fact, anyone who raises dry rice can add it only later. On the other hand, those who start from the sauté must finely chop onion, shallot or leek to obtain a firing and a uniform consistency. If you want to use the sauté from the beginning, do it wilt gently, adding broth little by little to cook the onion: it is important to make sure that the base is dry when toasting the rice. Toastinginstead, it is the passage that makes the difference between risotto and boiled rice, as it allows you to "seal" the grain and make it release the right amount of starch. You can toast the rice without fat, or other condiments or use oil or butter: the important thing is carefully heat the beans before fading and cooking.

How to cook risotto: the importance of broth

To obtain a perfect risotto, you must cook the rice gradually adding some liquid, as it evaporates or is absorbed. This is because it is essential that in cooking i beans are always covered with broth, in order to free the starches and not to break. There are two mistakes to avoid: use a poor stock or worse still water (the taste of rice will be affected) or add cold broth, continuously blocking the cooking. You must have a lot of patience and often mix the risotto, being careful to bring back all the grains that stick to the walls of the pot. Flame regulation is also important: the risotto must boil vigorously, but not burn.


For the creamy risotto you should use the very cold butter, to glue the fat part and not the liquid part. Keep away from the fire, along with a generous dose of Parmesan cheese. Then you have to cover the pan and let the dish rest for a couple of minutes, the right time to sprinkle all the typical creaminess of the risotto.

How to eat risotto

After learning how to cook the risotto you just have to find out how to eat it. Risotto is one of those dishes that must be tasted strictly hot, just made. The risk is in fact to make it overcooked and dry: a real pity after all this effort.

10 tips to prepare a perfect soup – Italian Cuisine

Minestrone is the detox dish preferred by Italians. We explain it in 10 points.

After a period of extravagance to get back into shape, you usually eat the minestrone.
Which are the ingredients? Simply vegetables, water and salt. There is nothing more light in the Mediterranean diet.
The minestrone can be enriched if desired with legumes and someone also adds the cereals to turn it into a soup in all respects, a true single dish. There is no better comfort food for lovers of healthy food.

soup vegetable-minestrone

But how do you make the minestrone?

We want to give you some indications to prepare it correctly and obviously with fresh and not frozen vegetables. The minestrone in the envelope can be an excellent solution when you have little time but try to make one by cutting all the vegetables and you will notice the difference.

Perfect mayonnaise: the secret is water – Italian Cuisine

Yes, we also do it in Europe on chips – that are also good, supports someone … And we are proud of it. Mayonnaise is a delight and if it is home-made – by moderating the doses – it is also healthy. Of course, i ingredients they must be of high quality, fromthe oil – here the information useful for that biological).

The amazing news is that doing it at home is not difficult at all. On the contrary: it is simple and fast. There is a secret, and we decided to reveal it to you – hoping that you appreciate the generosity of this choice! Recommend once again on the choice of raw materials, which is the other secret: hens' eggs that live in good condition and fruits of plants not poisoned, to nourish us of goodness and health.

For a mayonnaise cup of mayonnaise

1696471 egg – strictly organic

Organic EVO (1/3) and organic sunflower oil (2/3)


Salt and pepper


Blender (with or without whisk)

The secret ingredient, you know from the title, is just water. Blend the egg with a few seconds half shell poor water and, keeping the blender a low speed, add the oils (alternating) flush to the right consistency. The indication of a third of extra virgin olive oil and two thirds of seed oil is indicative: measure them by tasting and adjusting to your taste, depending also on how strong olive oil is. Add salt and pepper. Depending on the blender, the process can take one and more minutes. Eye at the speed of the blender !!!

If it does not get toned up right away, do not be demoralized: add more oil, slowly, calmly.

At this point add the lemon juice (to taste, from half a lemon up) and then if you want one more robust consistency, add a little more oil, turn gently with the spatula to make it absorb and add more if necessary, until you reach the solid consistency that mayonnaise had before adding the lemon.

169650With the special blender spatula, you can eventually add the various ingredients to make them sauces based on mayonnaise: for a mayonnaise a little 'senapata, for example, add a little' mustard paste, or curry powder for a taste a little 'oriental or even estragon to accompany the fish. If you want to do it instead pink sauce, instead of lemon add a teaspoon of mustard powder, gin and a teaspoon of tomato extract.

Seen? With little effort you can amaze your dishes and your guests with a timeless condiment: your homemade mayonnaise will have no rivals!

Carola Traverso Saibante
January 2019