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the perfect recipe even for the laziest – Italian Cuisine

No rolling pins and molds are needed, two spoons are enough to dose and shape these excellent biscuits to accompany milk and tea

If you think to start kneading i cookies it makes you immediately lose the desire to make them, this is the recipe for you. No molds or rolling pins are needed, only one tool: the spoon, or rather, two spoons. Spoon biscuits are made thanks to one simple and quick recipe and the result will be fragrant and gluttonous cookies to be soaked in milk a Breakfast or in snack tea, without too much effort. The scent will invade the home and the result will be appreciated by young and old. Let's find out the recipe for spoon biscuits.

The recipe for spoon biscuits


To prepare about 24 spoonful cookies you will need: 270 g of 00 flour, 160 g of potato starch, 2 eggs, 170 g of white sugar, 1 sachet of vanillin, 130 g of butter, 1 glass of milk, chocolate chips qb.


Get the whips or a mixer. Collect sugar and eggs in a bowl or glass. Start mixing.

When the color of the eggs is lighter, add vanillin, then slowly melted butter and milk.

Then sift the flour and mix it a little at a time to the mixture, do the same with the potato starch. Add the chocolate chips in the quantity you prefer.

Place a sheet of parchment paper on a baking tray and with the help of two spoons, make some balls of dough a little crushed and place them on the pan.

Bake in preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes, checking occasionally.

Fried artichokes: the tricks to make them perfect – Italian Cuisine

Fried artichokes: the tricks to make them perfect

Find out with what little precautions to make fried artichokes even more special: from the right batter to the consistency to be obtained, passing through the pan and the oil to be used

THE artichokes they are delicious in all sauces, simply sautéed or in a risotto. The non plus ultra, however, is to make them fried and it does not matter if the judge, in batter or simply floured. Once you have established the recipe you prefer, follow ours tricks for howling fried artichokes.

The right batter

The recipes of the batter can be varied: with or without eggs, with wheat or rice flour, with beer or water or sparkling water. The best is that formed by proteins and starches (therefore eggs and flour, for example): this combination is the one that returns the most golden and inviting crust when fried. In any case, the foresight when you prepare it is to make sure that the compound is beautiful and dense that sticks good for artichoke slices.
Even the unpleasant passage of Sift the flour, in the end, will be rewarded, preventing lumps from forming in the batter.
Regardless of the ingredients, however, one of the tricks to obtain excellent fried artichokes is that of shake off the excess batter (or flour, if they are only floured), which could detach from the vegetables and burn in oil, giving an unpleasant aftertaste to all the other artichokes.

Fried artichokes: professional tricks

Still on the subject of batter, if you prepare it with eggs, there is a way to make it soft and very light. The trick is to beat the yolks with a pinch of salt and beat the egg whites until stiff. Incorporate the flour into the yolks and then, stirring gently from the bottom upwards, also add the egg whites.

The importance of tools

To get perfect fried artichokes one of the secrets is to use the right utensils. There most suitable pan to frying is that in iron, also loved by chefs, because it conducts heat evenly.

Oil for frying: there is plenty of choice

The oil lane in the supermarket is usually extremely rich and well-stocked, which then to choose for optimal results? We advise you to opt for the dear old man extra virgin olive oil or peanut oil, the oils most resistant to high temperatures.
Among the tricks for unrivaled fried artichokes, there would be to fry with a thermometer. The ideal temperature for frying is, in fact, between 160 and 180 degrees.
You don't need to remember that artichokes should be dipped inoil only when it is hot to prevent them getting soaked, isn't it?

The snack Manifesto: 8 rules for a perfect snack – Italian Cuisine


If you too are parents who have always wondered what the perfect snack for your children is, then you can get a good bit of inspiration from The Manifesto of the Snack, developed by Unione Italiana Food and Istituto Bambino Gesù for the health of children and adolescents. A guide to immediately learn the correct eating habits and discover the pleasures of food.

The poster
179714The Infant Jesus Institute for the Health of the Child and the adolescent point of reference in Italy for issues concerning nutrition education for the youngest, he pointed out eight good practices to keep in mind together with an unpublished article weekly planning of 56 snacks, divided for four age groups (4-6 years, 7-11 years, 12-14 years, 15-17 years) with the aim of providing parents with ideas to better organize it. "The basis of a correct diet in all ages and in particular in the pediatric age, he claims the Dr. Giuseppe Morino, Head of the Food Education OU Pediatric Hospital Bambino Gesù, there is the variety that for snacks can be represented by sweet proposals alternating with savory ones, different every day, at least within a week. Two varied and nutritionally adequate daily snacks represent a necessary contribution to harmonious growth, without favoring the overweight or related metabolic diseases ”.

The rules of the perfect snack
Here are the eight words used by the "Manifesto" to describe the snack for children and teenagers:
daily: the snack is a habit, it should be done every day mid-morning and mid-afternoon
Appropriate: different according to the age of the children and energy needs
moderate: it is a snack that must not weigh down, therefore it is forbidden to overdo it
filling: in order not to get to the next meals too hungry it is good not to skip it
Varies: never repeat the same snack every day
Sweet: yes to consumption (moderate) as a snack of a slice of homemade cake or a snack Salata: it is good to accustom children and young people to different flavors, then to a slice of bread with oil and tomato
Serena: it is a moment to live with the right calm, at home, at school or in the park, with parents, grandparents or friends.

Pairings: alternate sweet and savory
179711Among the combinations and suggestions suggested by the Bambino Gesù Institute is fruit (fresh and dry) it must never fail. It is certainly important to alternate and vary foods, both sweet and savory, such as yogurt, bread, homemade cakes (or packaged), ice cream, smoothies, vegetables. Among the 56 suggested proposals there are also some snacks suitable for a vegetarian food style such as "white pizza with chickpea and tomato hummus ”. Or the introduction of vegetables into snacks with foods of animal origin, for example in the classic sliced ​​sandwich, where the rocket is added. In practice, there is no snack that is too little or too nutritious but different according to the age of the children and the energy requirement: we talk about 150 Kcal for children 4- 6 years, 200 Kcal for children 7-11 years, 260 Kcal for children 12 – 15 years and 285 Kcal for children 15 – 17 years.

Children and young people must learn to love food and this moment of consumption must also be stimulating. In this regard, dr. Morino does not demonize packaged snacks, but to be consumed very moderately and always combined with fresh products such as fruit and vegetables. "Nhe last years the confectionery industry – as emphasized Mario Piccialuti, General Director of Unione Italiana Food – he worked a lot for the improvement of the products and in particular of the snacks ”.
All the suggestions to put into practice the good rules of the perfect snack can be found online at www.merendineitaliane.it.

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November 2019


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