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THE'coconut water can be considered a real trend that has depopulated – and still depopulated – in the United States: the natural nectar obtained from the fruits of Cocos nucifera, palm widespread throughout the tropical coastal area, is also a panacea for health, so much to elevate it as a superfood.

A concentrate of naturalness, in tropical countries it is consumed directly from the younger coconuts

100% natural drink, in tropical countries it is consumed directly by the younger coconuts: just open the upper part until you reach the internal cavity, have a straw handy and enjoy it "at Km 0".
In Italy, in the absence of palm and walnut, the best coconut water can be found online or in organic supermarkets, and does not contain any type of colorings or preservatives.

Among its virtues, few sugars, fats and calories, but a lot of vitamin C and group B: here are all its benefits!

Among its virtues, a very low content of sugars, fats and calories is counterbalanced by a high presence of vitamin C and B vitamins, in addition to calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium; cholesterol is completely absent.

Coconut water is therefore a very valid alternative for cool is rehydrate or as a natural supplement, thanks to its numerous health benefits.


It is a natural energetic, suitable for those suffering from tiredness, fatigue and lack of appetite

The intake of coconut water can improve the health conditions of convalescents who suffer from tiredness, fatigue and lack of appetite: in the amount of 40-50ml a day, helps to improve energy levels, stimulating the production of hormones by thyroid and metabolism.

It supports the immune system thanks to the antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties

Coconut water contains lauric acid, a substance with antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. Drinking regularly helps both to strengthen the immune system and to protect oneself from the attacks of germs and bacteria.


It is an excellent sports supplement, as it contains mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium and calcium

Consumed during a physical activity involving sweating, coconut water – containing mineral salts such as magnesium, potassium and calcium – proves perfect for reintegrating those lost during sport, as well as for preventing muscle cramps.

It is an ally for better digestion due to the presence of bioactive enzymes that assimilate foods

Our body uses numerous bioactive enzymes to assimilate foods: the same bioactive enzymes are also contained in coconut water, which then becomes a useful natural remedy for those who suffer from digestive problems and abdominal pain caused by poor digestion.


Improve circulation and regularize heart rate thanks to its fiber and vitamin C content

It is now known to everyone that good circulation also depends on nutrition: in this sense, coconut water is a great help to improve blood circulation and to regulate heart rate thanks to its fiber and vitamin C content.

It helps to have a healthier skin, because keeps the body hydrated

Coconut water keeps the body hydrated and – at the same time – allows to regulate the excessive production of sebum, making the skin softer and brighter. It can be applied directly on the skin as if it were a natural tonic, proving to be extremely useful for treating acne and imperfections.


Purifies the urinary tract by the its particular diuretic nature

Drinking coconut water can be useful for those who suffer from kidney problems, thanks to its particular diuretic nature. By being able to purify the bladder and toxins elimination channels, it is able to prevent urinary tract infections and to alleviate problems related to kidney stones.

Stimulates the metabolism, compared with a very low caloric intake and a minimum fat content

Coconut water, taken continuously, can positively affect the metabolism: in fact, it presents a very low caloric intake and a minimum fat content, equal to about 1%. Its remarkable diuretic effect therefore stimulates the metabolism, making it more active, and is also useful for counteracting abdominal swelling.

Marianna Tognini
August 2018

updated to January 2019


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