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Coconut and chocolate cake without baking – Italian Cuisine

If you're craving sweet, but it's hot and you don't want to turn on the oven, make this cake. The proof that, even in summer, chocolate can be made!

Who said the hot appease the desire to sweet and of chocolate? For many, even in the summer heat, it is impossible to give up dessert. The important thing is to bring one to the table delicious recipe, but also fresh maybe prepared avoiding using the oven so as not to transform the house into a sauna.

There coconut and chocolate cake without cooking is definitely an excellent compromise for enjoying a summer dessert but making it without cooking and super quickly.


Coconut and chocolate summer cake, a no-bake dessert


To prepare this fresh and tasty dessert you will need: 100 g of coconut flour, 100 g of dry biscuits, 200 ml of milk (or dark) chocolate, 80 g of butter, 60 ml of water and granulated sugar.


The first thing to do to prepare the coconut and chocolate summer cake is to chop the dry biscuits, add the coconut flour and mix them. In a saucepan and over low heat, one must then be prepared syrup with granulated sugar and water: a minute will be enough for it to dissolve, stirring vigorously. Melt half of the butter of the recipe in a saucepan and add it to the syrup before pouring it on the mixture with biscuits e coconut flour. Take a hinged pan and, with the mixture obtained, make it base for the cake, trying to level it well and obtain a homogeneous surface and put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Meantime melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and, when it starts to melt, add the remaining butter into small pieces. Stir constantly, making sure that the chocolate does not heat up too much and does not create lumps. Let it cool and pour it in uniform way on the base with the biscuits and coconut flour, helping you with a cake spatula or spoon.

Sprinkle the cake with coconut flour and put it on in the fridge for at least half an hour then bring it to the table and enjoy it cold.

Browse the tutorial to read more tips on making coconut and chocolate cake

Frozen coconut mojito: three cocktails in one – Italian Cuisine

Frozen coconut mojito: three cocktails in one

Mint, lime, coconut and rum. You don't shake. You blend!

The summer cocktails is a cross between a Mojito, a frozen margarita it's a pina colada.
Is called Frozen coconut mojito and we are ready to prepare it with you.

Lime, mint and coconut

These three ingredients seem to have little in common.
The lime it is a very sour and slightly bitter citrus.
There mint a balsamic and very fragrant aromatic herb.
The coconut sweet and enveloping.
Put them together and you will discover the magic of this extraordinarily exotic, fresh and summery mix.

How to prepare Frozen coconut mojito


120 ml of water
100 g of sugar
120 ml of white rum
120 ml of coconut water
240 ml of coconut milk (cream)
juice of 2 limes
fresh mint leaves
6-7 ice cubes


The first step is preparing one sugar syrup.
Then cook the sugar and water and a few mint leaves in a saucepan, then leave to cool.
Pour in a mixer all the ingredients, including the syrup after removing the leaves and add a few ice cube and other fresh mint leaves.
Serve the Frozen coconut mojito immediately, when it is still frozen and creamy, decorating with mint and lime slices.
With these doses you will get approx two portions.

Canned coconut milk

When we talk about coconut milk we mean the cream, the one that is generally found packed in cans, very dense and creamy because it is rich in fat and unfiltered. This type of coconut milk has nothing to do with what is found next to other types of vegetable milk. It is much tastier, tastier and more fragrant and mounts like fresh cream so it has a very particular consistency in the smoothies and in smoothies.
In supermarkets you can find coconut cans in the ethnic products department.

Popsicle version

Why not turn this fresh cocktail into one gluttonous stick?
So let's prepare some gods icicles simply by blending the sugar syrup with milk and coconut water, lime juice and mint. You can also not add the alcoholic part to get one snacks for children.
Pour the mixture into a popsicle mold and leave in the freezer for three to four hours.
If, on the other hand, you want a walking cocktail, add the rum as well, but less than that provided in the recipe because alcohol does not freeze easily.

Alcoholic pesto: the cocktail tastes of coconut. Recipe – Italian Cuisine

Alcoholic pesto: the cocktail tastes of coconut. Recipe

For the summer of 2020 basil and coconut, "stolen" from the kitchen, enter the glass and conquer every palate. Trends and a drink to make at home, signed by the cocktail-influencer @mint_drink

Summer is the season of mixology. Aided by the warm climate and the days, summer drinks smell of fresh notes, such as those of basil; borrowed from the kitchen. A taste that goes well with another trend represented by the use of coconut that satisfies the requests of those who, from drinks, are also looking for some energy. "To amaze, this summer, even the most used spirits: rum and spirits with savory hints, such as gin and vodka, with a sea flavor triumph. And if someone likes "moved", the sodata with the most disparate aromas find space as interesting accents between the twist on classic . To identify them, the digital bartender Gabriele Stillitani (better known on Instagram as @mint_drink), which with its 50 thousand followers and the experience in its La Dispensa restaurant in Lugano, always has a complete overview of international mixology. In addition to identifying the five cocktail trends of summer 2020, he has also created a drink with an exotic and refreshing touch, a concrete example of what, this summer, we all want to drink.

The return of rum

The Caribbean distillate is the basis of many cocktails that are very fresh in the summer. An example, one of the most requested at the counter is the Daiquiri. With its predisposition to get along with exotic flavors and fruits, rum has secured its place of honor among the summer trends of mixology.

Distillates with "sea flavor"

One of the most innovative trends of the summer season is represented by alcoholic preparations distilled with sea water. There are numerous gin and vodka that, on the label, reveal this particular ingredient, capable of giving cocktails a savory note so well-liked by contemporary palates.

The coconut

The summer 2020 blends have coconut as an ally of spirits and also as a garnish. Almost essential in Tiki preparations, coconut is among the most popular ingredients of the current season, together with pineapple. It will not be a coincidence that Piña Colada remains among the most requested cocktails in the hot season.

Mediterranean flavors: basil

Basil represents a trend in the trend because, once again, the raw materials used in the kitchen are willingly placed in the glass. This plant, with its fragrant leaves and the tip of flavor that completes each preparation, imposes itself with its Mediterranean aroma and is the protagonist in numerous trendy drinks such as Gin Basil Smash.

The particular sodas

The firm and tonic waters are enriched with new combinations and flavors that give intriguing notes to the alcoholic blends served at the counter. The sugary effervescence is a characteristic of summer 2020 drinks, with spicy touches of jalapeño and ginger, exotic and fresh like yuzu and kumquat, with Mediterranean hints of rosemary and olives or smoked salt.

The recipe of Fr.alcoholic ester

30 ml tequila
15 ml mezcal
30 ml lime
20 ml home made coconut and basil pesto


For the pesto puree or pound together 5 basil leaves, a spoonful of coconut syrup and one spoonful of water.
Take a 3-piece Cobler shaker, starting to pour the lime juice and pesto inside. After having also poured the alcoholic part, mix the ingredients well together, mixing them with a barspoon. Shake and strain in a low tumbler filled with ice, garnish with dehydrated coconut.

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