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According to the expert yes. We asked a dietician for advice on how to deal with a detox diet, but also rich in taste

Lunches, dinners, dinner parties, toasts, aperitifs: all holidays they were the excuse to exceed and let go to binges, but with the beginning of the new year good intentions are popping up and everything is a program schemes and detox diets, which plan to hire so much water, centrifuges and soups, to help the body dispose of accumulated toxins. Is it a commonplace or are these foods really essential to cleanse the body after so many excesses? We asked the doctor Manuela Pastore, dietician at the Humanitas hospital in Milan.


Centrifuges for breakfast

"We must start well since the morning, Says the doctor,« and instead of the usual biscuits in the cup of milk and coffee, prepare one centrifuge made with fresh fruit, fennel and carrots, foods rich in fiber that help the intestines to clean up, as well as moisturize the whole body well. And then a lot of water because, as the Ministry of Health reiterates, it is indispensable for all the physiological processes and for the biochemical reactions of our body ".

Two liters of water during the day

If you normally are used to drinking 1 liter and a half of water a day, in the period of detox diet you arrive up to two liters or more, starting early in the morning. "Water will also help you lose weight", the doctor states, "because it gives a hand to the body to metabolize the accumulated fat: if you do not introduce enough water into the body, the kidneys function badly and the liver, which has the task of burning excess fats turning them into energy, replaces the work of the latter, leaving out its specific functions. In this way the unburnt fat accumulates, preventing weight loss .

A soup for dinner, full of vitamins

In winter there are plenty of vegetables to choose from to prepare soups or soups. "Among the vegetables", says the doctor, "do not miss those green leaves like cabbage, spinach is broccoli, rich in enzymes that help to dispose of toxins and purify. And then artichokes and fennel, which have diuretic and detoxic action, as well as draining . For a detox diet, you can prepare one mix of these vegetables, putting them in a pot with water and then, once cooked, frying them and seasoning them with a little extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese. Black cabbage and pumpkin, leeks and spinach, cauliflower and fennel are just some combinations for an effective detox diet and at the same time gratifying in flavors. «Do not forget then, concludes the doctor, «to consume some of them these vegetables also rawas a mid-morning snack: in this way you will get to assimilate all the properties of every single vegetable, to feel a sense of satiety that will prevent you from eating junk food and purifying your whole body. Without efforts and great renunciations .

In the tutorial some tips to prepare delicious soups and centrifuges

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