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On November 20, the talent show Maître Chocolatier – Talents in challenge debuts, the first of its (greedy) kind. While waiting to see it, enjoy the expert's advice

Chocolate lovers tune in – it's your time. From 20 November, for 5 weeks, every Saturday at 7.15 pm on TV8, the Sky free channel arrives Maître Chocolatier – Talents in challenge.

This is the first Italian talent show for aspiring maîtres mhocolatiers and will see ten professionals, top experts in the art of chocolate, compete to join the team of maîtres mhocolatiers by Lindt Italia: 10 competitors, 5 bets for only 1 winner.

An exceptional jury

The program will be conducted by the star chef and judge of MasterChef Italy Giorgio Locatelli, which will follow the aspiring chocolate masters step by step, involving viewers also in their stories. Alongside Locatelli, the maître chocolatier Lindt Nico Tomaselli, the pastry chef Melissa Forti and a surprise special guest in each episode, coming from the world of entertainment.

The challenge

Here's how the format works: there will be two challenges in each episode, two occasions to show your talent to the judges and make the spectators dream at home, showing the thousand facets and shades of chocolate, revealing the secrets of a raw material and a such noble art as the processing of chocolate.

The first test, or Creation test, will serve to show their artistic sensitivity and the ability to realize their inspiration. The second, theExpertise testInstead, it will serve to demonstrate that you have the technical skills to reproduce the essential and characteristic trait of Lindt's most iconic products, such as Lindor or Orsetto, recreating it faithful to the original or presenting a personal variation.

In each episode, a competitor will be eliminated, and among increasingly sophisticated recipes and delicacies it will be understood who will become part of the Lindt Italia Maîtres Chocolatiers team and will wear the iconic chef's hat.

Maître Chocolatier - Talents in challenge.

5 things to know (absolutely) about chocolate

Have you got an irresistible craving for chocolate? Here are 5 things to know about Nico Tomaselli's chocolate, useful for tasting and preserving it at its best.

To store chocolate correctly, I recommend keeping it in a pantry at the correct temperature (between 19 and 21 degrees ° C), away from heat sources and bad smells.

30 minutes before tasting it is best not to drink coffee or eat spicy foods, because they alter the flavor.

Chocolate can be tasted with all 5 senses: smell, sight, touch and hearing are as important as taste.

To best savor the chocolate, let it melt in your mouth for a few seconds.

When we taste chocolate with liqueurs or other drinks, such as tea, we recommend trying unexpected combinations, because the beauty of the "food of the gods" is to discover new taste experiences.

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