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The bread made with sea water arrives – Italian Cuisine

The bread made with sea water arrives

It is low in salt and contains three times magnesium, four times more iodine, plus potassium, iron and calcium. Now it is also distributed in supermarkets

It is prepared without the addition of salt, yet it is really tasty, because this bread is done with sea ​​water. The marine bread, already proposed by some Neapolitan bakeries, now also arrives in the supermarkets of the chain Sole 365. To produce it we use themicrobiologically pure sea water of Steralmar, a company from Bisceglie, the only one in Italy to supply seawater for food use, thanks to a patented purification process.

And the result is a special bread hyposodic, which offers many health benefits over the common one. As explained by the Cnr – Institute of Food Sciences, which has studied the properties comparing them with those of an ordinary bread, «it has a significantly lower salt content, equal to1.1 percent on 100 grams of product compared to the control bread which is 1.6 percent (the national average is around 2-2.5 percent) ".

Less salt is better

The taste and biological properties of common salt, sodium chloride, are mainly related to sodium, an essential element for the body, but for which, unlike other nutrients, problems of deficiency are hardly present. One gram of salt corresponds to 0.4 grams of sodium. The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends a daily salt consumption of less than 5 grams, equal to 2 grams of sodium. Because an excessive consumption of salt determines not only an increase in arterial pressure, with an increased risk of developing serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, but also a greater risk of contracting pathologies such as tumors of the digestive system, osteoporosis and chronic kidney disease. The Italians, however, are still far from the recommended values, according to data from the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health: the average daily consumption of an adult is about 11 grams for men and 9 for women.

Important minerals

Sea bread is also particularly rich in essential elements for health, mineral salts and antioxidants: it contains triple magnesium, quadruple iodine, plus potassium, iron and calcium. Sea water contains 92 elements of the Mendeleev table, that is almost all those existing in nature. Refined salt, on the other hand, is deprived of many important minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. The sea water also seems to facilitate leavening: this is another aspect that the CNR is investigating.

Alessandro Borghese arrives in the Monferrato – Italian Cuisine

Alessandro Borghese arrives in the Monferrato

We discover the locals in the famous Piedmont hills that, in the next episode, will compete on the best tasting menu

Where can you taste the best of Monferrato? Find out in the next episode of Alessandro Borghese-4 Restaurants, on Tuesday January 22nd at 21.15 on Sky Uno, when the chef arrives in the famous Piedmont area to savor the dishes of the four local protagonists of the challenge and decree the one with the best tasting menu. Meanwhile, waiting for the episode, we begin to know the restaurants and restaurants in the race.

4 Restaurants: those who challenge themselves


From Romagna, Sanzio, owner of this restaurant, arrived in Piedmont to pursue his passion for the world of wines and spirits. The local cuisine uses local products and combines traditional dishes with more modern and innovative proposals. The tasting menu includes 2 starters, 2 first courses and 1 second choice, and finally a dessert, as well as a small distillate and a glass of wine served between one course and another. The restaurant is housed in an ancient convent dating back to the 1700s, from whose watchtower you can enjoy a splendid view of the Monferrato hills.


Lorenzo, owner and sommelier of the restaurant, offers 4 types of tasting menus: Vegetarian, Territory, Fish and the special "Menu Faletta 1881". The restaurant is housed in a former renovated farmhouse where stone and wood dominate in large furnished spaces with photographs of the rural Monferrato countryside. The kitchen is open and overlooks both rooms. A large garden with dehor, finally, overlooks the hilly landscape. The farm is also a B & B with swimming pool.


Owner and cook of the restaurant, Laura has composed her tasting menu with 2 types of starter, 1 first and 1 second choice and 1 dessert. The restaurant is located in the hills of Monferrato and looks like a modern villa where, from the windows of the main hall, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape. The structure also has a swimming pool.


After years of apprenticeship in the world of haute cuisine in which he also worked for Cracco and Cannavacciuolo, Nicolò decided, together with his friend always Maurizio, to open a restaurant of his own, in the center of Casale Monferrato, where to give life to his creations. The tasting menu is surprise and includes 5 courses (2 starters, 1 first course, 1 second course and 1 dessert). The environment, which previously hosted a cinema and a gym, is minimal, informal, young, but at the same time refined and elegant with attention to detail.

The Indian Monsooned coffee arrives in Italy – Italian Cuisine

The Indian Monsooned coffee arrives in Italy

A coffee that tastes of the sea, with a long history, started with journeys from India to the United Kingdom in the eighteenth century and disappeared for centuries. Nespresso makes it live again with its Master Origin India and chef Marcello Trentini cooks it for us

In the kitchen one often wonders what flavor they tasted like food and recipes of the past, when there were no fridges, and salt and spices were rare commodities. There was a time when even coffee had a different taste, when the bags of precious grains traveled long journeys by land and by sea, on board the sailing ships and challenging the pitfalls of the pirates.

At the dawn of the coffee culture in Europe, from India the merchant ships departed to the ports of the United Kingdom, crossed the Indian Ocean and circumnavigated Africa using up to six months to reach the European coast with their load of green coffee. When the climate was humid the grains were wet, when dry they dried, taking particular aromatic notes. Until the opening of the Suez Canal in the 18th century, Indian coffee had another flavor.

The monsonated coffee today

Today this process is replicated on the Indian coasts and is called "monsoonization". It is practiced from June to September, when the monsoon winds are stronger, and it is a long and risky process. The "naked" green bean, without protective parchment, comes from the plantations to the Indian coasts facing the open sea. Thanks to moisture and strong ventilation, the beans swell and their size doubles; from the second week the color gradually changes, until it takes on straw yellow hues. The humidity rises from 10.5% -11% to 14% within 3 months, the beans must be ventilated continuously to avoid the formation of mold. These repeated climatic alterations alter the physical structure of the grain, giving rise to an aromatic and dense cup.

The new Master Origin India

Nespresso now brings this special "monsooned coffee" to Italy with the Master Origin India capsule, with further innovation. Traditionally this process is applied only to Arabica, but the producers of the Nespresso network apply it to Robusta, to add a new, unusual aroma to coffee. What do you know? Maybe someone remembers the limited edition Monsooned Malabar of Arabica only a few years ago. Similar, but today it is even more full-bodied, with a powerful character with notes reminiscent of black pepper, cinnamon, tobacco, cocoa and licorice.

The recipe of the chef Marcello Trentini

The chef Marcello Trentini of the Magorabin restaurant in Turin, 1 Michelin star, chose him to prepare a lacquered chicken with mushrooms. The chicken breast is first cooked at low temperature, to make it soft and juicy, then napped with a teryaki coffee sauce made with soy sauce and muscovado cane sugar. To pair it, an Espresso Martini prepared with 5cl of vodka, 1 Nespresso India and agave syrup.

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