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Chocolate: the talent show for maître chocolatier arrives – Italian Cuisine

On November 20, the talent show Maître Chocolatier – Talents in challenge debuts, the first of its (greedy) kind. While waiting to see it, enjoy the expert's advice

Chocolate lovers tune in – it's your time. From 20 November, for 5 weeks, every Saturday at 7.15 pm on TV8, the Sky free channel arrives Maître Chocolatier – Talents in challenge.

This is the first Italian talent show for aspiring maîtres mhocolatiers and will see ten professionals, top experts in the art of chocolate, compete to join the team of maîtres mhocolatiers by Lindt Italia: 10 competitors, 5 bets for only 1 winner.

An exceptional jury

The program will be conducted by the star chef and judge of MasterChef Italy Giorgio Locatelli, which will follow the aspiring chocolate masters step by step, involving viewers also in their stories. Alongside Locatelli, the maître chocolatier Lindt Nico Tomaselli, the pastry chef Melissa Forti and a surprise special guest in each episode, coming from the world of entertainment.

The challenge

Here's how the format works: there will be two challenges in each episode, two occasions to show your talent to the judges and make the spectators dream at home, showing the thousand facets and shades of chocolate, revealing the secrets of a raw material and a such noble art as the processing of chocolate.

The first test, or Creation test, will serve to show their artistic sensitivity and the ability to realize their inspiration. The second, theExpertise testInstead, it will serve to demonstrate that you have the technical skills to reproduce the essential and characteristic trait of Lindt's most iconic products, such as Lindor or Orsetto, recreating it faithful to the original or presenting a personal variation.

In each episode, a competitor will be eliminated, and among increasingly sophisticated recipes and delicacies it will be understood who will become part of the Lindt Italia Maîtres Chocolatiers team and will wear the iconic chef's hat.

Maître Chocolatier - Talents in challenge.

5 things to know (absolutely) about chocolate

Have you got an irresistible craving for chocolate? Here are 5 things to know about Nico Tomaselli's chocolate, useful for tasting and preserving it at its best.

To store chocolate correctly, I recommend keeping it in a pantry at the correct temperature (between 19 and 21 degrees ° C), away from heat sources and bad smells.

30 minutes before tasting it is best not to drink coffee or eat spicy foods, because they alter the flavor.

Chocolate can be tasted with all 5 senses: smell, sight, touch and hearing are as important as taste.

To best savor the chocolate, let it melt in your mouth for a few seconds.

When we taste chocolate with liqueurs or other drinks, such as tea, we recommend trying unexpected combinations, because the beauty of the "food of the gods" is to discover new taste experiences.

Chef Bottura and #MINIMEETsTALENT: talent is served – Italian Cuisine

Let's discover the Mini Meets Talent project at Casa Maria Luigia, where Massimo Bottura and his team led by Jess Rosval served pure talent on the table

In the bucolic setting of Casa Maria Luigia, Massimo Bottura welcomes MINI guests who have come to discover #MINIMEETsTALENT, the project aimed at supporting, enhancing and rewarding young talents. The British automotive brand continues its commitment with enthusiasm in many different areas: music, cinema, motorsport and much more. A philosophy that he fully shares with the starred chef, already a partner since last November to support Food for Soul, the non-profit organization founded by the Modenese genius and his wife Lara Gilmore. Once again, MINI and Bottura find themselves sharing the same principles of sustainability, inclusion and enhancement of culture.

MINI guest at Casa Maria Luigia (photo MINI Press Office).

The formula for success

«Picasso used to say: what is the secret of success? 10% talent and 90% hard work. Through the obsession with work without getting lost in everyday life, talent becomes ever greater. Hard work is what makes the difference, ”he says Massimo Bottura, with the feet (in the inevitable Gucci sneakers) firmly planted on the ground.

He also knows it well Jessica Rosval, Canadian born in 1985, who for seven years has shared the kitchen with the chef, who has become the kitchen manager in the splendid guest house just outside Modena. She too supports the talent + hard work formula, but that's not enough and she says in her almost perfect Italian: "Talent is complicated because no one is born with a talent for anything, it's something you learn by putting yourself in the right situation, seeing inspiration. around you and choosing the right teachers like Massimo. And then it's important to have a team that rocks. Together we can do everything, that's how it is created .

The team of cooks at work at Casa Maria Luigia (photo MINI Press Office).

And on this formula he more than agrees Stefano Ronzoni, MINI director since 2017: «The history of MINI is one of encounters with talented people. For this we have to do is follow our DNA and continue looking for talents. The project #MINIMEETsTALENT it allows us to meet young talents and continue to search for those affinities that are fundamental for us . This is why the partnership with Massimo Bottura is successful, based on common values, as well as with OffiCine for cinema, Meet Music for music and Promodrive for motorsport.

And that's right Stefano Gabellini of the historical partner Promodrive to tell about the new initiative MINI Challenge Academy, a training session reserved for Under 25 drivers participating in the MINI Challenge championship in the Mini Challenge Lite category. An exceptional tutor, the former Formula 1 driver Gianni Morbidelli, follows the drivers participating in the Academy throughout the 2020 season, every race weekend, with introductory lessons and specific training aimed at learning how to face the start, improving driving dynamics and optimizing tire management during to tie.

There will also be the presentation day Deitz, the winner of the 2020 edition of Mini Meets Music Contest, bound to MEET MUSIC, the Italian event that since 2017 has given producers, artists and professionals of the electronic music scene the opportunity to meet and work together. The prize? A training course in the prestigious MAT Academy, the production and publication on all digital stores of an unreleased track: not bad!

Talent served

And here the hard teamwork combined with talent is manifested in the beautiful brunch menu of Casa Maria Luigia, which Jessica Rosval she tells us full of enthusiasm and a pinch of emotion, under the watchful eyes of her mentor. Called Tòla Dòlza from the Modenese dialect to say "take it easy", iThe menu is entirely made using one of the oldest forms of cooking, the oven and wood, to create surprising flavors.

It begins with a small journey through flavor between Modena and Canada with appetizers: from fresh white Modena Ricotta passed in a wood-fired oven and sweetened simply with a little honey of our own production with pork belly with maple syrup, passing through the Noto almond sauce roasted in the oven, blended and smoked with cedar wood.

Tortellini in Parmigiano Reggiano cream 36 months (photo Stefania Virone Vittor).

The Cod Mare Nostrum follows, told with poetry: «From the tradition of creamed cod, we imagine cod as a traveling fish, like us, and points to the team of cooks, «we too are travelers, we come from many different countries. This salty fish is found here, but dreams of being in southern Italy and is found with Vesuvius tomatoes, capers and olives .

Do not miss the iconic Botturian dish: Tortellini in Cream of Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months, twice as good being products of Tortellante, Bottura's inclusive project that brings together the elderly represented by the grandmothers rezdòre who they teach the art of fresh handmade pasta to young people with disabilities.

Chef Jessica Rosval in action (photo MINI Press Office).

With the main course we take a trip to Argentina: the veal is baked, smoked, seasoned with green chimichurri sauce and garnished with rose petals, a beautiful contrast between the aggressiveness of strong cooking, the spices and the delicacy of the flowers. , which melts in your mouth.

To close, two fantastic desserts with evocative and fun names: From Modena to Mirandola and S’More. The first is an unexpected combination of cotechino, the typical sbrisolona and Marsala zabaione, so yellow and whipped that it looks like a cloud kissed by the sun. The cooking of the cotechino takes up the Modenese tradition: "My grandmother put it under the ashes, we went back there, we went back to put the cotechino back under the ashes to melt everything while maintaining the gelatinousness of the rind, but without fat", he explains Bottura.

Like a Proustian-inspired game, S'More comes from the childhood of Jessica Rosval spent in Canada, when as children we expected summer to go camping and gather around the fire to melt the marshmallows. Accompanied by two chocolate biscuits, the seared sugary cream is served on a sort of slightly sour cherry jam.

The preview of the winning short film (photo Stefania Virone Vittor).

The "sweet" short movie

This last sweet moment is savored in the shade of the tall trees of the garden of Casa Maria Luigia to accompany the preview of the short film directed by the young Davide Morando entitled The photonic atomics, starring Giovanni Storti (the legendary mustachioed comedian of the trio Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo), Francesco Buttironi and Martina De Santis. Presented on September 16 during a special evening at the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema in Milan, it is visible on the official minisite MINI FILMLAB . Here we return to celebrate MINI's flair for talent, this time through the MINI MOVES CINEMA project and in particular with the initiative MINI FilmLab, dedicated to young filmmakers, developed with OffiCine (the Advanced Training Laboratory in the cinema of Anteo and IED) and which boasts the prestigious Artistic Supervision of director Silvio Soldini. With FilmLab, MINI has been proudly running a workshop for three years which, over a three-month training course, allows a group of young aspiring filmmakers to learn all the stages of making a film. The short films developed in recent years have proved to be an unexpected success, becoming acclaimed protagonists of the festivals dedicated to short movies.

The preview of the short film at Casa Maria Luigia (photo MINI Press Office).

Casa Maria Luigia is open from Tuesday afternoon until Sunday noon. The property is closed on Sunday and Monday night. Here for reservations.

Condé Nast Social Talent Agency launches a fundraiser to support CESVI – Italian Cuisine

Condé Nast Social Talent Agency launches a fundraiser to support CESVI

The Social Media Talent Management agency of Condé Nast also takes the field by opening a fundraiser in favor of Cesvi to support the intensive care of the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo

In this emergency medical situation, too Condé Nast Social Talent Agency (CNSTA) – agency dedicated to Social Media Talent Management and which currently includes 30 talent – wants to make its contribution through the organization of a fundraiser in favor of Cesvi (cesvi.org): one of the frontline healthcare organizations in the fight against coronavirus. Founded in Bergamo in 1985, the organization works for 35 years all over the world to face the most serious humanitarian emergencies and to carry out concrete projects to fight poverty and sustainable development.

A fundraiser, also promoted by CNSTA talents in favor of intensive care at the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, one of the hardest hit right now, to support the purchase of respirators, lung ventilators, surgical masks, reinforced waterproof gowns or nitrile gloves, but also in favor of elderly population of Milan and Bergamo, supporting Cesvi in the delivery of meals, groceries, masks or medicines to those over 65 at home.

Direct donations from the campaign #CNSTAinsiemeper can be made on the site https://www.cesvi.org/cnstainsiemeper-cesvi/

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