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From today if you want bread and nutella you won't have to wait to go home to prepare it: McCrunchy Bread with Nutella has arrived

On the occasion of World Nutella Day (5 February), day dedicated to the most famous spreadable cream, McDonald's launches McCrunchy Bread with Nutella, a crunchy Nutella sandwich.

Italy is the first country in the world to launch this novelty, which arrived for free in 4 Mc Donald's restaurants in Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari on the world day dedicated to Nutella.

We tasted it: it's about toasted bread, similar to a crunchy focaccia, stuffed with 18 grams of pure Nutella. The cost is € 1.40. The flavor is precisely that of the classic Nutella sandwich: a delicious snack!

«McCrunchy Bread with Nutella® demonstrates how close we are to our consumers – to whom we propose a much loved product with this project – but also how innovative we are: on the one hand a product so simple that it is impossible not to know it, on the other hand the revolution to find him out of the house! ”he declared Mario Federico, CEO of McDonald’s Italia. "Working with a company like Ferrero has been exciting for us: it represents the opportunity to offer our consumers, whom we have always listened to carefully, a new iconic product, perfect for having breakfast and a snack in our 600 restaurants."

McCrunchy Bread with Nutella
McCrunchy Bread with Nutella

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