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McDonald's candles with the smell of hamburgers arrive – Italian Cuisine

Gwyneth Paltrow moved: Mc Donald's hamburger-scented candles arrive (but they are already sold out)

The craze for scented candles touches unimaginable new levels thanks to McDonald's candles: you are very colorful hamburger-scented candles. Who has never dreamed of getting drunk on the reassuring aroma of fast food even in the privacy of their own home, perhaps to create the right atmosphere before diving into a relaxing tub of boiling water?

Up Golden Arches Unlimited, McDonald's official online shop, you can find different gadgets and accessories, such as calendars, branded T-shirts and socks with a French fries pattern, but the most original gift idea is this set designed for the most hardcore lovers of the famous restaurant chain. The package contains 6 candles whose aroma should remind one of the most loved sandwiches, the McRoyal Deluxe, also known in the world as Quarter Pounder.

The scent of McDonald's candles

Each candle has a different color and gives off the scent of one of the ingredients of the Mc Royal Deluxe: the yellow candle smells of sesame, The red one of Ketchup, the white of onion, the brown one of beef, the green of gherkins pickle and the orange one of melted cheese.

You may decide to turn on one at a time to "taste" each ingredient in its purity, but the best way to enjoy this calorie-free hamburger is turn them all on together. The maximum duration of the candles, with soy wax, is about 25 hours.

Unfortunately, to do this you will have to wait for the shop to be restocked: McDonald's candles are already there sold out.

McDonald's candles

bread and nutella from McDonald's – Italian Cuisine

From today if you want bread and nutella you won't have to wait to go home to prepare it: McCrunchy Bread with Nutella has arrived

On the occasion of World Nutella Day (5 February), day dedicated to the most famous spreadable cream, McDonald's launches McCrunchy Bread with Nutella, a crunchy Nutella sandwich.

Italy is the first country in the world to launch this novelty, which arrived for free in 4 Mc Donald's restaurants in Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari on the world day dedicated to Nutella.

We tasted it: it's about toasted bread, similar to a crunchy focaccia, stuffed with 18 grams of pure Nutella. The cost is € 1.40. The flavor is precisely that of the classic Nutella sandwich: a delicious snack!

«McCrunchy Bread with Nutella® demonstrates how close we are to our consumers – to whom we propose a much loved product with this project – but also how innovative we are: on the one hand a product so simple that it is impossible not to know it, on the other hand the revolution to find him out of the house! ”he declared Mario Federico, CEO of McDonald’s Italia. "Working with a company like Ferrero has been exciting for us: it represents the opportunity to offer our consumers, whom we have always listened to carefully, a new iconic product, perfect for having breakfast and a snack in our 600 restaurants."

McCrunchy Bread with Nutella
McCrunchy Bread with Nutella

They return the best McDonald's burgers ever – Italian Cuisine

They return the best McDonald's burgers ever

The perfect balance between everything that compose them is the secret of success McDonald's sandwiches. It is what most differentiates them from others "Hamburger"(Called the American) in circulation," often exaggerated ". Word of Joe Bastianich that for the second consecutive year has signed the line "My Selection"Of the well-known fast food chain, which he defined as the best ever.

For him, the son of Italian immigrants in New York and American by birth it was natural to combine the two culinary cultures in this project. From Queens where he grew up with the smell of Mc Donald's under his home Rome, where is the November 26th, in the first restaurant in the chain in Italy, opened in 1986, presented us with the new selection that bears his name.

From its origins Bastianich has taken the goodness, the genuineness and the simplicity of the Italian ingredients and made them marry with the typical taste ofamerican burger who knows well.

"I chose recipes in which we meet typically American tastes with the great quality of the Italian raw materials"He said Bastianich, a tribute to the "two most beautiful countries in the world".

The result can be tasted starting from January 1st with three sandwiches of the My Selection line which will be available in all 570 restaurants of McDonald's in Italy. It is the second stage of a success story. The first edition of My Selection indeed, it exceeded expectations with more than 10 million products sold. "Making the best of last year was a real challenge, but I'm sure we've hit the target once again," he said Bastianich.

And all this always through the promotion of the Made in Italy, the enhancement of the PDO products (of protected origin) e IGP (of protected geographical indication) and collaboration with local consortia. For My Selection McDonald's in fact, he bought over 100 tons of Smoked Scamorza produced with pure Italian milk, almost 80 tons of Fontina DOP and as many of Speck of the South Tyrolean Train, 27 tons of Tropea Red Onion PGI and almost 8 tons of Balsamic vinegar of Modena PGI.

The first sandwich is not new, but the best seller of last year, is called My Selection BBQ and consists of 180 grams of beef, seasoned with red Tropea onions, balsamic vinegar of Modena, crispy bacon and delicate mustard.

The second is My Selection Smocky, 180 grams of beef seasoned with crispy bacon, smoked scamorza cheese with 100% Italian milk, mustard sauce.

The third is the My Selection Chicken, based on chicken meat, bacon, fontina, porcini mushroom sauce.

Together with them the tasty ones will be launched nuggets, croquettes stuffed with Asiago cheese and Trentino speck.


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