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There baked pasta it is a typical preparation of our national culinary tradition, a very tasty Mediterranean dish. In its infinite variations it is really easy to prepare and always loved by young and old, a different and original way to offer a first course at the table. Not only lasagna but also short pasta put in pan and seasoned like lasagna.

Baked pasta is perfect for Sunday lunches, parties or special occasions, because it can be prepared in advance and put in the last minute without wasting too much time.
If you want to bring it to your table and look for the right recipe, in the top ten of Salt and pepper you will find the idea for you.

There baked pasta with zucchini it is a vegetarian variant of the more traditional baked pasta, without tomato, white, but equally rich in flavor. You can choose to prepare it with the short pasta format you prefer: just cook the pasta and season it with sautéed zucchini and pine nuts. The béchamel is replaced with a light zucchini and robiola cream, perfumed with basil leaves and enriched with grated pecorino, which binds and gives flavor and creaminess.

The recipe of pasta and baked potatoes it is an explosion of taste: potatoes and spicy sausage come together to delight the whole family.
The shells with provola cheese and cherry tomatoes with herbs they are still to be consumed steaming, with the cheese spinning and the aromas that perfume the air.

There Baked Pasta with eggplant it is a vegetarian recipe with Mediterranean flavors that you can prepare all year round, in summer, when the aubergines are in season, or in winter when you feel like those flavors that remind you of the beautiful season. In our recipe we suggest zites but you can replace them with the short pasta format you prefer. On the surface an irresistible "crust" forms.
There Baked Pasta With Vegetables it is the best way to let children eat them too: spinach, pumpkin and mozzarella are combined in a delicious first course.

Do you want a refined and delicious variant? Try the recipe of baked pasta with artichokes and spider crab, crustacean with a fleshy and delicious pulp.
Simplicity and goodness are combined in the classic white baked pasta with delicious bechamel au gratin.

Browse the recipes that we offer you, choose the one that can delight your guests the most and be well prepared! Success is assured.

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