authentic taste of the Marche in a single dish – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

authentic taste of the Marche in a single dish

The grass peasknown scientifically as “Lathyrus sativus”, are legumes belonging to the Fabaceae family, characterized by a high protein content and a balanced nutritional profile. Their history dates back to ancient times, when they were a fundamental food in the diets of Mediterranean populations. In the Marche, these legumes have deep roots in traditional cuisine, having been cultivated and appreciated for centuries. The stewed octopusthe protein protagonist of this dish, is a highly appreciated choice in the region for its tender consistency and the flavor of the sea that it gives to the preparation.

Slow and controlled stewing allows you to preserve its succulence and blend the flavors harmoniously. There regional recipe of grass peas and stewed octopus involves the use of tomato, which adds a vibrant character and a touch of acidity to the dish, as well as inserting freshness and taste. The White winea distinctive element in the cuisine of the Marche, is used wisely in the preparation, harmoniously balancing all the elements present in this Marche dish. The ideal time to bring it to the table varies depending on personal preferences and the season. However, the autumn and winter period, when the days are cool and comfort is sought at the table, is particularly suitable. The nutritional richness and enveloping consistency of the dish combine perfectly with the feeling of warmth and welcome that characterizes these periods of the year. Travel directly from your home kitchen and bring to the table grass peas and stewed octopus. It will be a success!

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