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At Christmas he donates a suspended dish – Italian Cuisine

At Christmas he donates a suspended dish

The food delivery becomes solidary with Just Eat: for Christmas it will be possible to add a “suspended dish” to your order and donate a meal to those most in need

Ordering food at home is now an ordinary gesture, almost as much as having a coffee at the bar. So why not extend the tradition of suspended coffee also to the orders we make so often through the app? He thinks about it Just Eat on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Ordering at home with Just Eat from 2 to 15 December, in Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples, a Suspended Plate worth 3, 4 or 5 euros, choosing from rice, pasta, chicken, hamburgers, sandwiches and other specialties. The suspended plates will be doubled by Just Eat and delivered on the days of 17, 18 and 19 December to communities, shelters and dedicated centers selected by the local Caritas, on the occasion of the International Day of Human Solidarity (December 20).

The initiative of Restaurant Solidarity, born in 2016, seeks to raise awareness on the phenomenon of food waste, particularly in the catering sector. Large portions, less than expected customer flow, errors in purchasing: these are the specific themes that emerged from the study "Sustainable actions in catering"Promoted by Just Eat and LifeGate, with the aim of spreading practices to reduce these phenomena, such as sharing food with employees near expiration and donating to the needy.

«We are very happy to propose this year the suspended plate initiative. The ever-increasing acceptance by restaurants of our Solidarity Restaurant project, the increase in the cities involved and the support of consumers who see the initiative as an opportunity to do good, is for us a source of pride and a lever to do more and more. In 2018 at Christmas we delivered over 700 meals and we are counting on doing the same this year, adding a new city with Naples, "he says. Daniele Contini, Country Manager of Just Eat in Italy.

«Renewing a hanging plate represents for us a choice with which we confirm the group's commitment to sustainability and the preservation of a precious resource like food, with the mission of being a true enabler of a virtuous circle for restaurants and for people, helping to spread a culture anti-waste and to support the less fortunate .

To learn more and consult participating restaurants, visit the official website.

Tartiflette, the dish that makes you feel warm – Italian Cuisine

An ideal French recipe to warm up a lunch in the mountains or a day of cold and rain even in the city. Here's how to prepare it

Warm, substantial, rich, greedy: la tartiflette it is the ideal dish for winter lunches. It has French origins, in particular it is a preparation of theHaute-Savoie, but it is often proposed also in Valle d'Aosta and in the area of ​​the Mont Blanc. It is not a simple pie and its protagonist is the Reblochon, a typical French raw cow's milk cheese.

Serve with a good glass of red wine that softens the full taste of the dish, the tartiflette is easy to prepare, but requires two steps, the first in the pan and the second in the oven. Let's find out how to do it.

The tartiflette recipe


For 4 people you will need: 400 g of Reblochon, 600 g of potatoes, 100 g of diced pancetta or strips, 2 onions, 1 glass of dry white wine, butter, salt and pepper to taste. Keep some stock ready if necessary.


First wash the potatoes and boil them in their skins for about 15 minutes (or until they are soft but not too soft, they should not crush) in boiling salted water. Drain them, then peel them and let them cool. Cut them into cubes and set aside. Peel the onions and slice thinly. Put them in a pan to brown with a knob of butter, add the pancetta. Cook over low heat. If it seems that the butter has dried too much, add a little broth. Then add the wine and cook until the onion is soft. Then add the potatoes and sauté in a pan. Salt and pepper. Cut the Reblochon into thick enough slices, keeping the crust. Take a baking pan, butter it and pour the potato, onion and bacon mix. Then cover with Reblochon and bake for 10 minutes at 220 ° C.

The carbonade, the only dish of winter – Italian Cuisine

The carbonade, the only dish of winter

A tasty and substantial dish, perfect for the big tables of the cold season: the carbonade takes time to be cooked, but gives great satisfaction!

The dark and cold days of the season force us to spend some time at home, but they also offer us an excuse to put us in the kitchen.
If you are planning one dinner with friends or the Sunday lunch with the whole family, bring to the table carbonade.
Attention, not the carbonara, but the carbonade, or a single dish based on Beef stew, seasoned with spices and aromas e stewed in beer or red wine.
The recipe has Belgian origins, but there is also a variant to the Aosta Valley, which we will show you below, giving you the list of ingredients and the procedure. In our gallery, instead, some curiosity on this truly unique and tasty traditional dish.

The carbonade recipe


For a carbonade for 6 people, you have to get: 800 gr of beef, 500 ml of full-bodied red wine (or Belgian abbey beer, if you want to make the Flemish version), 50 grams of butter, white flour, onion, salt and pepper to taste, flavorings (if desired), cane sugar.

The carbonade: the procedure

Plan to spend a morning cooking the carbonade. While you are melting some butter in the casserole (better if you have one of crock), cut the beef into cubes, passing it back into the flour, before putting it to brown. Once the meat is cooked on all sides, remove it from the pan and, in the same pan, brown the finely chopped onion. Return the meat to cook in a covered casserole for about two hours, taking care to add the wine or beer gradually, to prevent it from sticking to the bottom. At the end of cooking, add salt and pepper, the aromas and a pinch of cane sugar, to increase the sweet and sour taste. Serve steaming in casserole, accompanied by polenta or mashed potato of potatoes.

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