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Fillet Wellington: the story of a noble dish – Italian Cuisine


An ancient and precious dish based on a delicate fillet cooked rare wrapped in a chest of shortcrust pastry and then served with fine ingredients such as foies gras, truffles, champignon mushrooms.


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The Duke's fillet
Arthur Wellesley, the heroic winner of the battle of Waterloo awarded with the prestigious title of Duke of Wellington, he did not have an easy character, as evidenced by many cooks in his service, fired because they were unable to satisfy his particular tastes. Until someone had an inspiration that met with unexpected success: he presented him with a captivating fillet wrapped in a golden cloak of puff pastry. The elements to satisfy the surly general were all there: fine meat, delicate champignon puree, a touch of Foie gras and of truffle. A truly sumptuous dish, which presented itself with the long and tapered shape typical of the whole fillet and a golden brown color: characteristics that made it similar to one boot. A casual reference to the boots worn by the general? Although there are no documents confirming it, the fact is that the dish has gone down in history as a Wellington-style fillet.

A dish for important occasions
Courses and appeals in the kitchen like all famous and somewhat elaborate recipes, this one too has had over the years periods of splendor and others of oblivion. For many reasons, not least the high cost of ingredients and the method long and complex. But recently the dish has returned to our tables, as the protagonist of important menus.

A new version of the recipe by Gordon Ramsey
Also thanks to the famous English chef Gordon Ramsay who brought it back into vogue with some little ones retouching, without however affecting its taste and refinement. No foie gras and truffles, as the original formula provided, slightly spicy mustard and a curious variant: some chestnuts additions to mushroom cream. Plus some chef's trick, like sprinkling with a little bit of coarse salt the dough to make it more crunchy. Attention to temperature and ai cooking times – the fillet inside must remain "al blood"- and a rest of at least ten minutes before arriving at the table: in this way the fibers of the meat are compacted and the aromas are concentrated in a sublime bouquet.

January 2022

Miriam Ferrari

Posted on 20/01/2022


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Iva Zanicchi: her childhood dish – Italian Cuisine

A passion, that for food, which Iva feels she has in her DNA almost as much as music: «I can't say I'm a great cook. My grandmother was, maybe I took a little from her. I do a few dishes, but the ones I do are very good. Am I presumptuous? Also (laughs, ed) . A love manifested already at a very tender age: «After having eaten I always started to cry. My mom was desperate, she wanted to call the doctor. Then a great-aunt said: This little girl is hungry. He made me pancotto. Do you know what is it?". I answer her vaguely, hoping that this too is a typical dish of Ligonchio (answer: no, it is made a bit everywhere): "I ate it, I fell asleep and I haven't cried anymore. From there we understood everything .

Iva Zanicchi
The first prize won by Iva Zanicchi at the 1967 Sanremo Festival with Don't think about me

Would you return to the Festival? She is the woman who has won the most, three. "This year I really try, you are the first to whom I tell". The return of Zanicchi after the Måneskin victory, everything seems right: «Those guys are an Italian miracle, I'm very happy for them. Would you invite them to dinner? “Sure, I'd make him fries with a nice Milanese. With the handle, the real one. They are young, better than the hamburgers they eat in America . Or, why not, at this point even a nice pattona. From Los Angeles to Vaglie is an instant.

Pattona of the Emilian Apennines

«Mix the flour with a whisk, combining sparkling water (approx. 130-140 g) and a pinch of salt until you get a rather fluid batter. Prepare a mixture of lard, a sprig of rosemary and a little garlic, melt it in a pan (ø 22-24 cm), then strain it into a bowl. Pour a ladle of batter into the greased and hot pan and cook a thin crepe on both sides: it is the "solada" or "insole". Mash the hot potatoes, mix them with the egg, salt, nutmeg and the filtered beaten mixture; mix the cheeses: you will have to obtain a rather compact puree. Spread it on the crepe forming a 4‐5 cm layer, no lower. Serve the pattona, decorated as you like, like an omelette on a serving plate or cutting board, in large wedges or squares, for an aperitif. You eat with your hands ".

Pattona of the Emilian Apennines

Ingredients for 4-6 people

500 g boiled potatoes
75 g flour 00
70 g grated parmesan
60 g lard
20 g grated pecorino
1 egg
sparkling water
garlic – rosemary – salt – nutmeg

Text by Filippo Ferrari

Photo by Giacomo Bretzel.

What is the holiday dish of your zodiac sign? – Italian Cuisine

What is the holiday dish of your zodiac sign?

In this festive atmosphere, it is fun to consult the gastronomic horoscope to find out which is the ideal dish for your zodiac sign – or who you love. And then there are 12 recipes!

From Christmas to New Year, ready to put our legs under the table knowing when we will start but not when we will be able to get up permanently for the Parties? Whether you have good intentions of containment or that you postpone them all to early January, it doesn't matter: Italian cuisine offers many traditional dishes for the Christmas holidays and they are (almost) all irresistible. Everyone has their favorite dish: the one that comes best to mum, the traditional dish of our hometown, the dish that reminds us of wonderful moments. In this post I will propose you a traditional holiday dish ideal for any zodiac sign, you are ready?


You are one who does not joke, Aries, not even at Christmas. This is why the dish I have thought for you is Stuffed capon, traditional that you really can't and edible only if then the bingo or the Christmas movie awaits you and nothing more challenging!


There is no better comfort zone than a plate of beef broth (with the pieces of meat chosen by the trusted butcher) in which tortellini swim blessed! Torone, you look great with your legs under the table and are in no hurry to wait for the broth to cool.


Since you have the minimum amount of time with your legs under the table so as not to offend anyone, you need to keep yourself light and for this reason one of your favorite dishes remains the very traditional bracing salad, disguised as vegetables but with the host of capers, olives and anchovies.


It may be the air of tenderness that hovers in these days of celebration, Cancer, but you volunteer to brush the remaining sweets at any time of the day. From the last slice of panettone to the crumbs of Ricciarelli, from the mascarpone cream remained at the bottom of the bowl to struffoli who have tried to escape from the plate you will not really grace any.


You are the undisputed king of all vices, obviously including those at the table. This is why your favorite part of the holidays is making kilometer orders in the rotisserie of all those foods that you would never prepare yourself. Give her scallops au gratin to the pate, from prawn cocktail toRussian salad. The deli counter in the center almost attracts you more than the jewelery counter.


If there is a party you really have no doubts: you want the gastronomic panettone. One of cured meats, one of fish and one even vegetarian, to please everyone. Tidy, composed, not even crumbling or dirty: in short, it is really perfect and you wonder why you have been waiting for the holidays to enjoy one.


To warm your little heart during the holidays, one of your favorite dishes is the lentil and chestnut soup, thick and hot just the way you like it. Given the calories it serves as an appetizer, first and second course but if proposed on a controlled feast day it also accepts to have a Roast in Crust.


You are the zodiac sign most linked to superstition then a cotechino with lentils who bring money, as they say, nobody really takes it away from you! Indeed, while you are there in your parties there are not even the grapes and the pomegranate, all natural lucky charms!


When it comes to parties, you raise your head and volunteer to organize too, thanks to Jupiter who rules your zodiac sign. So your favorite holiday dish is great triumph of fried food, the one that overflows from the two-family serving dish and that to be digested requires at least an afternoon on the sofa drinking carbonated water.


With all the Saturn flowing in your Capricorn veins you have a natural predilection for the leftover dinner, the one in which the dishes on the table have no logical thread that unites them. Among these your favorite leftovers are the cannelloni warm up that, you argue, are even better than the day before.

fish tank

Since you are not really a lover of traditions I would say that you will not take great pains to cook during the holidays and if you are offered a salmon pasta you would not make a turn. Indeed, just to go against the tide you could give yourself to summer dishes like i prawns with lemon or thesea ​​Salad.


Even at the table you want to pamper yourself, Pisces, and in this period of holidays even more. You will not miss comfort food of the highest level like it honey glazed shank, the mashed potatoes engulfed in a generous grating of Parmesan cheese and all the dishes that remind you of the birthplace of when you were little. Romantic!

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