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the side dish you don’t expect – Italian Cuisine

the side dish you don't expect

Anti-waste plate par excellence, pan-fried celery is a original outline which finds its origins in the popular culture of the past.
In the kitchen nothing goes to waste and everything can be transformed into one tasty dish and with an authentic flavour. All it takes is a pinch of imagination and a lot of good will.
In this recipe, celery plays a marginal role: what is really important are its leaves, usually destined for the garbage.
Nothing different from a simple one sautéed chicory: a sauté of garlic and oil, a pinch of chili pepper that the most daring palates and the leaves to wither and take on the taste of the smells that accompany it.
THE cherry tomatoes they can be added by those who prefer to give the dish a fresher note, a legacy of the summer that has just passed.

A dish that was born from the need to feed larger families, where every part of a food played a fundamental role in family sustenance.
Try them with a pinch of paprika sweet for an even more special flavour.

Cut the celery leaves and blanch them. Prepare a sauté of garlic, oil, chilli pepper and diced cherry tomatoes and cook the leaves until they wither.
Season to taste and serve while still hot.

Risotto with lemon and grilled courgettes, the vegetarian recipe to enjoy the flavors of a summer dish – Italian Cuisine

Risotto with lemon and grilled courgettes, the vegetarian recipe to enjoy the flavors of a summer dish

The origins exact of Lemon risotto and grilled courgettes they are difficult to track, but this vegetarian recipe represents a modern interpretation of Italian cuisine. Risotto, a traditional dish from the Bel Paese, goes perfectly with the fresh and slightly acidic taste of lemon and the delicacy of grilled courgettes. This combination has gained popularity in recent years and is now a beloved dish around the world. Plus, it’s a nutritious vegetarian choice. Rice provides complex carbohydrateswhile courgettes are one source of vitamins and of potassium. The lemon adds a touch of acidity, delivers C vitamin And antioxidants.

This dish is full of fibers and can contribute to better digestion. Furthermore, its light profile makes it a healthy and healthy choice, ideal for those who follow a balanced eating style. The lemon and grilled courgette risotto is particularly suitable for spring and summer, when the vegetables are in season and the lemon offers the maximum of its aroma and flavour. Therefore, it is the ideal food to enliven a light lunch or an outdoor summer dinner. Run to the kitchen, open the pantry and cook this delicious lemon and grilled courgette risotto with us! It will be a success!

Fillet Wellington: the story of a noble dish – Italian Cuisine


An ancient and precious dish based on a delicate fillet cooked rare wrapped in a chest of shortcrust pastry and then served with fine ingredients such as foies gras, truffles, champignon mushrooms.


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The Duke's fillet
Arthur Wellesley, the heroic winner of the battle of Waterloo awarded with the prestigious title of Duke of Wellington, he did not have an easy character, as evidenced by many cooks in his service, fired because they were unable to satisfy his particular tastes. Until someone had an inspiration that met with unexpected success: he presented him with a captivating fillet wrapped in a golden cloak of puff pastry. The elements to satisfy the surly general were all there: fine meat, delicate champignon puree, a touch of Foie gras and of truffle. A truly sumptuous dish, which presented itself with the long and tapered shape typical of the whole fillet and a golden brown color: characteristics that made it similar to one boot. A casual reference to the boots worn by the general? Although there are no documents confirming it, the fact is that the dish has gone down in history as a Wellington-style fillet.

A dish for important occasions
Courses and appeals in the kitchen like all famous and somewhat elaborate recipes, this one too has had over the years periods of splendor and others of oblivion. For many reasons, not least the high cost of ingredients and the method long and complex. But recently the dish has returned to our tables, as the protagonist of important menus.

A new version of the recipe by Gordon Ramsey
Also thanks to the famous English chef Gordon Ramsay who brought it back into vogue with some little ones retouching, without however affecting its taste and refinement. No foie gras and truffles, as the original formula provided, slightly spicy mustard and a curious variant: some chestnuts additions to mushroom cream. Plus some chef's trick, like sprinkling with a little bit of coarse salt the dough to make it more crunchy. Attention to temperature and ai cooking times – the fillet inside must remain "al blood"- and a rest of at least ten minutes before arriving at the table: in this way the fibers of the meat are compacted and the aromas are concentrated in a sublime bouquet.

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