Africa rice with chicken and spices – Italian Cuisine

Africa rice with chicken and spices


Preparation of Africa rice with chicken and spices

1) Start preparing the Africa rice with the vegetable broth. Bring 1 liter ofwater salted with the onion peeled, the carrot and the celery clean.

2) Meanwhile cut the chicken into chunks and lightly flour them. Then brown them in a pan 4 tablespoons ofoil.

3) Clean the sweet pepper, remove the white parts, wash it and cut it into pieces of 2/3 cm. Peel the onion and slice it. Check the courgette and cut it into pieces. Clean the carrot and grate it. When the chicken is browned, remove from the pan and set aside. Brown in the sauce onion and the sweet pepper prepared, blend with 3 ladles of broth and cook over low heat for about ten minutes. United i Cherry tomatoes cut into 4, la courgette and the carrot, then add the concentrate of tomato, the turmeric, the chili pepper chopped and lo ginger grated; adjust of salt, peppery, mix well, add the cinnamon and let it flavor.

5) When the vegetables are wilted, add the chicken and cook for 5 minutes.

6) Join the rice previously rinsed under thewater current and stir.

7) Finally, pay the broth until all the rice is covered by 4-5 cm. Cook for about 16 minutes until the rice has absorbed all the broth. Add some turmeric to give color andlaurel and serve.

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