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How to make rice pastiera. Recipe – Italian Cuisine

How to make rice pastiera. Recipe

Here is a very interesting reinterpretation of the classic Neapolitan pastiera and we want to share it with you.
It is a version that has one inside cream made with rice instead of with wheat.
Really delicious!

Recipe for the rice pastiera


For the pastry
200 g of 00 flour
1 egg
120 g of butter
100 g of sugar
a teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder
grated lemon peel

For the cream
150 g of Carnaroli rice
500 g of whole milk
50 g of butter
250 g of fresh cow ricotta
250 g of sugar
3 eggs
half a teaspoon of millefiori water or orange blossom
peel of a lemon
a teaspoon of vanilla essence
cinnamon QB


Prepare the rice by boiling the milk in a saucepan with the butter, 100 grams of sugar, the millefiori water and the lemon peel.
Add the rice and stir by lowering the heat.
Leave to cook for 30 minutes or until everything thickens and let cool.
Remove the lemon peel and add the well-sifted and processed ricotta with eggs and sugar to the rice mixture and season with cinnamon and vanilla.
For the pastry, mix the flour with the sugar, baking soda and grated lemon zest and then add the butter and the beaten egg. Form a homogeneous dough, cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for an hour.
Once cold, divide it into two parts and spread one to make the base of the pastiera. Use a 22 cm diameter cake mold greased and floured and roll out the dough with a thickness of 3 mm.
Prick the bottom with a fork and fill with the cream.
Roll out the remaining dough always 3 mm thick and cut it into many strips to create the classic pastiera grill.
The strips of pasta must be quite wide and arranged transversely on each other.
Bake at 180 degrees for about 50 minutes.
Let the cake cool completely before serving and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 4-5 days.

The gluten free version

This recipe also lends itself to being revisited in key terms gluten free already having rice instead of wheat in the filling.
To turn the pastry into an equally crunchy and gluten-free shell, we recommend mixing 100 g of corn flour and 100 g of rice flour or spelled.

The secret of the perfect pastiera

It's just one and very simple: the perfect pastiera is the one you have rested for 24 hours.
In fact, the best result will be obtained when all the ingredients have had time amalgamate between them.

In the gallery some tips to prepare a pastiera with bows!

Japan rediscovers the ancient recipe of the fermented rice drink – Italian Cuisine

Not just sake: in Japan, amazake, an ancient fermented drink and "superdrink" made from fermented rice, is rediscovered and marketed

Japan in recent years has rediscovered the ancient recipe for a fermented drink called amazake, a sort of rice porridge with extraordinary nutritional properties. Its recent commercialization and its relative success stem from the growing desire of the Rising Sun to keep alive and enhance the ancient traditions and at the same time contains some of the most popular food trends at the moment in the country, i.e. superfoods, fermented foods and natural energy drinks.

Amazake, the ancient Japanese porridge

Although this drink is non-alcoholic, the name literally means "sweet alcohol", since the process by which it is made is very similar to that of sake.
Amazake is obtained thanks to fermentation of a mixture consisting of water, steamed rice and finally the koji, a filamentous mushroom that in Asia has been used for millennia to ferment both drinks and foods, such as sake or miso. This sort of sweet and non-alcoholic sake it has a milky white color and a texture, similar to that of porridge, remosa and more or less dense depending on the fermentation process. However, amazake is also known to be a superdrink, nutritious, healthy and energetic, and it is not by chance that it is also known with the name of "IV drinkable" (drip); in particular in Japan it is believed to relieve fatigue, help digest, increase concentration, help lose weight and it also seems to have positive effects on skin and hair, as well as being a natural remedy for hangovers.

The superdrink suitable for all seasons

Although the recent rediscovery and commercialization, amazake has ancient origins. According to historical sources, this drink was widespread in the Japanese imperial court during the Heian period (VIII and XII centuries), but according to some its origins date back to the Kofun period (300-538 AD). Although this recipe has been forgotten for a long time, in recent years a sensational one has been revived revival. Currently there are over 400 types of this fermented rice drink on the market and sales are reaching very high peaks from 2016 onwards. If before it was possible to find it especially in specialized shops and during special parties and ceremonies, it is now available at supermarkets, grocery stores, liquor stores and shops that sell fermented products. Amazake can be purchased or prepared at home, and be drunk both cold in summer and hot in winter, with a sprinkling of cinnamon. The Japanese also love to use it as natural sweetener instead of sugar, for recipes such as puddings, pancakes and smoothies, or even as an addition to savory dishes.

Photo: Japanese fermented rice drink amazake.jpg
Photo: amazake_ japanese fermented rice drink_kinpou shuzou flickr.jpg
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The 10 best red rice recipes to try – Italian Cuisine

The 10 best red rice recipes to try

Of dark red color and tapered grain, the red rice is a brown rice of oriental origin, with a delicate aroma. In Italy the Ermes is easily found, born from a special combination of the Venus rice and a grain of Indica variety. Rich in antioxidants, red rice is good for the heart and retains a high fiber content, which stimulates the lazy intestine.
Easily available, gluten-free, the red rice it can be boiled, cooked in a pressure cooker or pilaf or even sautéed. In this section of Sale & Pepper recipes, it is the protagonist of delicious and simple pasta dishes. All perfect for impressing guests.

For a fresh dish, with inviting and unusual combinations, try cooking the red rice with prawns, celery and nectarines.

Very easy to prepare, the red Ermes rice with Cerignola olives and colored ribs it is served with a tasty sauce made with chard leaves and hard ricotta chopped together.

If you want to impress your guests, the right choice, a little playful, is the red rice cake with vegetables: it has the appearance of a round cake and is to be sliced, but in reality it is an appetizing first course. Contains eggplant, pepper, carrots, spring onions and chopped green beans.

It looks like a cake, with high edges, even the red rice with sauce in yellow: the rice is placed in the dishes forming a central hollow inside which you have to pour a sauce based on cooking water of the rice, saffron and vegetable cream.

Another presentation for effect, refined and intimate, is that of red rice with mint and zucchini, trifolale with extra virgin olive oil, onion, pine nuts and raisins: you can serve it in cups with a refined aesthetic. Red rice with avocado and shrimp salad is very easy to prepare and really tasty.

The Red and white rice taboulé it is a revisitation of the Arab cuisine of the Near East: it is a delicious first course where red rice is mixed with patna rice and is completed by small cherry tomatoes, mint leaves and fennel.

Browse the recipes that we offer you, choose the one that suits you and go to the stove: it will be a guaranteed success.

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