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Franciacorta is the official Michelin Guide partner for the USA – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

An enthusiasm also shared by Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide: «I am happy that our collaboration with Franciacorta can extend to the US market, toasting together the extraordinary successes of chefs and the restaurant sector in all our destinations, commented Poullennec. “Our shared values ​​and commitment to promoting the food and wine sector demonstrate that this collaboration represents the perfect combination to bring to the ever-growing US food scene.”

The collaboration between Franciacorta and Michelin has also received the positive opinion ofAmbassador of Italy to the United States, Mariangela Zappia: «I am pleased and proud of this new collaboration between Franciacorta, a symbol of Italian excellence in the wine sector, and the prestigious Michelin Guide in the United States. This collaboration will increase the American public’s appreciation not only for Italian wine, already much loved, but also for the Made in Italy philosophy that Franciacorta perfectly embodies, for our ability to uniquely combine tradition and innovation, giving priority to well-being and sustainability, offering extraordinary quality and, in the food and wine sector, unparalleled taste.”

Franciacorta and the States: esteem is renewed

Not only the precious collaboration with Michelin: Franciacorta is in fact a partner of Emmy Awards, a prestigious event for American television that celebrates the industry’s greatest hits and most talented artists. The growing success of television has attracted international actors from the world of cinema and theater in recent years, creating an increasingly loyal global audience. The 76th Emmys will be held in Los Angeles on September 15.

Lidia Bastianich at The Taste Awards 2024: double success – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

Lidia Bastianich has just finished celebrating 25 years of presence on TV, since it aired the first episode of Lydia’s Table, the very popular TV show on the American public channel PBS. After six public television series, two Emmys and four James Beard Awards, Lidia Bastianich achieves a new milestone, the grand final of The Taste Awards, now in its 15th edition, for broadcasts Lydia’s Kitcken And Lidia Celebrates America. «Being a professional in my business for more than fifty years is rewarding, but every recognition and award I receive along the way rekindles my passion and gratitude for a profession I love. So I am grateful and excited to be one of the finalists at The Taste Awards”, she says when reached by phone. THE Taste Awards they are considered in the United States as the Oscars of food and lifestyle in general, and for 15 years they have been awarded annually to creatives, producers, hosts and directors of food, fashion, health, travel and lifestyle programs broadcast on television , in films, online videos, streaming, radio, podcasts and even photography.

The table as a place of feelings

The name of the first broadcast, the one that made it famous throughout the United States, Lydia’s Table, has a very specific foundation. «The kitchen table is the most important place in the house. There we feed ourselves to live, but we also feed ourselves on feelings, love, wisdom, sharing, education… , he adds. And it is in fact around the table in her kitchen in Coney Island, New York, that Lidia taught her children and grandchildren to cook, like gnocchi, the memory dish that she always keeps with great affection. Lidia is also the testimonial of the project The Tales of the Roots, created in collaboration with the MAECIand recently presented at the Farnesina in the presence of the Ministers Tajani and Lollobrigida during the launch of the eighth edition of SCIM – Week of Italian Cuisine in the World 2023.

Food as a positive message

In a recent interview, during the celebrations of the 25th year of TV, Lidia Bastianich underlined the importance of food. «I think that cooking and eating together is a powerful antidote to today’s cultural as well as food disorders. Food is a positive message, its preparation unites us in an act of mutual care and sharing, whether it is with family or friends. Even enemies could be defeated by cooking and eating together. It means understanding each other, understanding and accepting each other’s cultures and wishing each other well-being.”

There are two programs with which Lidia reached the final of the Taste Awards: Lidia Celebrates America, where the chef visits and cooks alongside many different people – veterans, farmers, immigrants, immigrants – trying to tap into their lives and passions in the kitchen. AND Lydia’s Kitchen where, instead, he dispenses his advice and recipes from the kitchen of his home, on Long Island, in the state of New York.

Lidia is also a protagonist in Italy

Lidia is also a well-known face in Italy. The majority, perhaps, know his son Joe more, due to his various appearances on television as a judge on Masterchef Italia, as well as on Beijing Express. She was also a judge, with Bruno Barbieri and Alessandro Borghese, of Junior MasterChef Italy in 2014 and 2015. In Bastianich’s TV CV, also among her latest appearances Family Food Fight in 2021, of which she was a judge together with her son Joe and Antonino Cannavacciuolo. It was the first cooking show where it was not individual chefs who competed in the kitchen but entire families, aged between 16 and 80.

Made in the USA: the American desserts to know – Italian Cuisine

Made in the USA: the American desserts to know

Discover the origins of the sweetest American sweets, to know and learn with us at school!

American sweets? A real California dreamin ’! We will only tell you seven, but in reality there are many more pastry masterpieces in the USA, to try at least once in a lifetime. If you are planning a trip to the United States, it is time to gather all the necessary information, otherwise even from home we have chosen for you the easiest desserts to prepare even comfortably with our recipes, here it is!

One. Apple pie

Little Red Riding Hood took her to her grandmother, while Grandma Duck was preparing her for her grandchildren: a cake that is a real fairy tale. The difference with our classic apple pie is that in the American version there are two layers of pasta stuffed with apples and cinnamon, while in the Italian apple pie the latter are mixed with the dough.
In America it is served hot, with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on the side. What a treat!

Two. Brownie

At the end of 1800 Bertha Palmer, known as Cissie, in Louisville, Kentucky, invented chocolate brownies. A successful business woman, wife of a wealthy Chicago millionaire, Potter Palmer, it was she who first experimented this delicious cake cut into small squares, named for its dark color. In its original recipe there is no yeast, but flour, sugar, chocolate better if dark, butter, eggs and hazelnuts to choose. What to add?

Three. cheesecake

A typical American dessert made with spreadable cheese, it is now a great success here too. And in a sense, it comes back a little at home, as this cheese pie has ancient origins in ancient Greece. The cheesecake goes well with many ingredients, from lemon to chocolate to all berries, does anyone remember our recipes?

Four. The Donuts (donuts)

Less well known in Italy than cheesecake, donuts are the famous soft, fried and covered with colorful icing donuts.
Their success with us is almost exclusively due to the Simpsons, of which Bart is a regular consumer! And you?

Five. Cup Cake

The cupcakes are so called because they are large, or rather small, like a cup, in English, indeed, cup. They are sweets of US origin that are eaten natural or decorated with butter creams, or with delicious glazes.
In America, they are consumed mainly in the afternoon, as a snack in combination with tea, and therefore they are very popular in winter or during after-school children. There are endless varieties from chocolate to coffee, but their basic version is vanilla flavored, with lemon peel, which can possibly be covered with a cream of fresh cheese and sugar or decorated with various types of pralines, in short, there is it is for all tastes!

Six. pancakes

In the United States in the morning there is a must to which it is impossible to escape: pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. Small spongy and consistent discs that are just waiting for you except the preferred seasoning: from the traditional maple syrup, a natural sweetener with a taste reminiscent of honey, to fresh or canned fruit, to creams, jams and chocolate sauces.

Seven. Marshmallow

Finally, they, the protagonists of many American films and cartoons: those little cylinders of sugar, those soft cotton balls, soft to the touch, white base but also of many other colors.

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

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