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At the park or by the sea: in Rome picnic in box. that's how – Italian Cuisine

At the park or by the sea: in Rome picnic in box. that's how

From sandwiches to quiches, from bagels to husbands, imagination has no limits and delivery arrives directly to the park chosen for your picnic

Never before has the desire to be outdoors open its way. At the same time, due to the lockdown, many bars, patisseries and restaurants have refined their organization skills for delivery and take away. On the other hand, in times of crisis it is necessary to invent new commercial proposals and, if not already there, to launch a fashion. This is the case with picnics, with boxes that are already beautiful ready to take to the park or directly on the beach. Just arrange the delivery (home or takeaway) in time for departure and you're done. We have selected the five proposals that are depopulating in Rome.

Experience Bistrot Villa Pamphili

Who better than the Vivi Bistrot that is already in the park. For them, the picnic is an art and the precursors in terms of baskets can be defined without fear. On the other hand, the location of one of the offices of the Vivi Bistrot in the heart of Villa Pamphili is a wedding invitation. The game is simple: just order your picnic at least an hour before and everything will be ready to eat barefoot in the park in front. In the Deluxe version you can also book the classic wicker basket with the towel and your front row seat. Consistent with the green atmosphere in which it is located, the Vivi Bistrot is keen to offer rigorously compostable packaging and its proposals range from sandwiches to quiches, from organic salads to hamburgers.


A picnic in Piazza Navona? It has never been easier. Just book your picnic box (but also brunch or any of the appetizing dishes of chef Ornella De Felice) and go to Coromandel, which is just a stone's throw away, to collect it in person. Alternatively, wherever you are, there is Cosaporto that takes you there. Among Coromandel's proposals, sandwiches, bagels, quiches, pancakes and plumcakes, in short, everything that comes to mind is good that can be eaten in a brunch or an outdoor picnic.

Café Merenda

While under the sign Cafè Merenda you can read "Desserts and cuisine" makes it clear how many delicacies can be found in this delightful corner of Marconi. A place where you feel good, but which, if necessary, will reach you anywhere in Rome with its boxes. With the lockdown, the pastry chef / cook Chiara Caruso has specialized in the preparation of boxes for all tastes, from breakfast to brunch, sweet and savory. The leavened products are exceptionally well made, but the savory whims that Chiara prepares for the boxes dedicated to brunch do not disappoint either. Small anticipation, the family picnic box is out, which also includes a children's menu, with gifts for the little ones: a little attention that is appreciated.

Le Levain

The famous Roman boulangerie-pâtisserie led by Giuseppe Solfrizzi has recently launched its online shop, through which you can order all the delights, both sweet and savory, that the pastry chef prepares. Apulian by birth and French by training, Solfrizzi ranges easily from French pastries to focaccias, from baguettes to loaves. He also recently launched the Pic Nic Box, a combination of products for two that contains baguettes, two tasty quiches, a leavened dessert, three delicious macarons and two sweet verrines to combine with a selection of fruit juices. It can be ordered by calling or writing to the shop and on request it is delivered directly to the entrance of the chosen park.

Antico Forno Roscioli

The famous bakery of the Roscioli brothers has also started to deliver throughout Rome, with the collaboration of Cosaporto, with whom it has developed a series of boxes. They are not explicitly designed for picnics, but in any case for a tasty lunch, perhaps with savory croissants, maritozzi, sandwiches, or bagels (or all these things together, it depends on how many you are). There are also sweet proposals and the legendary pizza box of the Roscioli brothers, who can possibly be added to the order for a really tasty picnic.

Coronavirus, that's why the price of lemons has doubled – Italian Cuisine

Coronavirus, that's why the price of lemons has doubled

According to Coldiretti, the increase in global demand for lemon as a natural disinfectant is what makes prices bounce

This year, lemons have cost almost twice as much as last year. The fluctuation in the prices of these citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C and detoxifying properties, is one of the most striking examples of the upheavals of the world agri-food market which Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has provoked. The demand for lemons has exploded, but production cannot satisfy it.

Production, demand and prices

It happens all over the world and also in Italy. In Sicily, as Coldiretti points out, requests have increased by 30%; in Campania, despite the increased demand for Amalfi IGP lemons, production decreased by 50%, while the price has almost doubled and fluctuates between 1.20 and 1.50 euros per kilo compared to around 0.60 in the same period last year; in Calabria, in the upper Ionian Sea, prices increased between 10 and 15%.

The reason? According to Coldiretti, the increase in global demand for lemon as a disinfectant natural. In Turkey, where citrus is used to produce alcohol-based disinfectants, lemon exports are subjected to a preventive check, just as it happens for the masks, for the lung fans and for the rest of the sanitary material: the prices have soaring. Spain, the first lemon producer in the European Union, is unable to meet the demand, which has increased: production is limited for climatic reasons and prices have rocketed. Italy is the second largest European producer after Spain: in 2019 about 3.8 million quintals were obtained, down 14%. But production is not enough to satisfy national consumption, with 1.2 million quintals of imports and 0.48 million quintals of exports in 2019.

It happens because, in recent decades, Italy has lost more than half of the cultivated area, mainly because, as Coldiretti explains, "of the low compensation paid to farmers below production costs". but yet Italian lemons are the best quality ones and they are found all year round: the "primofiore" between the end of September and the end of November, the "winter" between December and April, the "bianchetti" between April and May and the "verdelli" between June and the beginning of September. And there are also six lemons with PGI community recognition: Amalfi Coast, Rocca Imperiale, Syracuse, Sorrento, Femminello del Gargano, Interdonato di Messina.

We poured this champagne into a carafe, that's why – Italian Cuisine

How to serve Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec champagne paying homage to Madame Clicquot and that passion for dessert that never goes out of style

What to combine the dove that we have prepared with traditional dough and candied pear?
One champagne full of aromas of candied tropical fruits with hints of toast and brioche like Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec. One of the Maison's most historic and most historic Cuvées that pays homage to the taste for the 19th century dessert. 50 different crus that make it perfect to be paired with pear tarts, apricot charlotte, Suzette crêpes and … our dove. Below we explain how to do it. In the next paragraph, why serve it with champagne in a carafe!

How to make a dove with candied pear at home

The ingredients: 350 g Manitoba flour, 130 g butter, 2 eggs, 15 g fresh brewer's yeast, 90 g fresh milk, 120 g sugar, a lemon zest, an orange zest, 1 vanilla bean, 120 g of candied pear, 5 g salt

For the glaze: 30 g of egg whites, 50 g of brown sugar, 80 g of almonds plus a handful, 20 g of corn flour

Procedure: Dissolve the yeast in 30 g of warm milk and add it to 50 g of Manitoba flour. Knead and leaven the dough covered with a sheet of foil in a hot oven at 100 ° and then turned off, for an hour, until it is doubled in volume. Put another 250 g of flour in the bowl of the mixer with the leaf hook mounted, add the zest of lemon and orange, the seeds of the vanilla bean, the sugar, an egg, half the butter cut into small pieces and start to knead. Change the leaf with the hook and also add the remaining milk. Knead and then leave the dough wrapped in plastic to rise for two hours. After this time, put the dough back into the mixer, add the remaining flour, salt, butter and egg. Knead and then add the candied pear. Remove the pasta from the planetary mixer, place it on a floured surface and then divide it into two parts. Divide one of the two loaves further into two and arrange everything in a mold for doves: the larger will be the body, the two smaller, the wings. Leave to rise again for two hours, until the dough has reached the edge of the mold. Now prepare the icing. Mix the sugar with the egg whites in the mixer. Combine the 80 g of previously chopped almonds and the cornmeal, spread the glaze over the leavened dove, using a spatula. Complete by decorating with whole almonds and bake at 160 ° in a static oven for 50-55 minutes. Once out of the oven, allow the dove to dry over a grate until it has cooled down.

The combination with Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec in the carafe

Now that we have found the perfect champagne for our dove with candied pears, you just have to serve it well cooled with a fresh Veuve Clicquot Demi-Sec, better if brought to the ideal temperature of 8 ° C. The carafe that we kept in the refrigerator for a few hours was also cold, while the dove was still in the oven. But why the carafe? The vintage spirit of this champagne is in its sweet essence given by Meunier, balanced by the structure of Pinot Noir and the freshness of Chardonnay. A sweetness loved at the time of Madame Clicquot in which it was used to pour champagne in a carafe, previously chilled, a few minutes before serving it to allow the wine to reveal the roundness of its aroma and the splendor of its golden reflections.

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