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that's why they are friends of the heart – Italian Cuisine

Salmon and avocado: the coolest couple. But how do they get along so well together?

If you think of salmon, do you immediately think of avocado and vice versa? These two ingredients are often together and look really good. And it's not just a matter of color combination.

Avocado toast, sushi, salads, pasta, tartine or tartare. Salmon and avocado come together in many recipes, with different shapes and textures: salmon can be raw, cooked or smoked, while the avocado can be used a pieces or reduced to cream, like guacamole.

The possibilities are endless, but why do they work so well together? Let's discover theirs secret and how match them at best in recipes, to ensure that they never get tired of being together.

Salmon and avocado: what do they have in common?

This couple does not play on contrasting textures and flavors: both salmon and avocado are both fat. We already notice it at the first bite and the feeling, for the note, "oily " which follows.

Fats yes, but good fats. Let's see why.

Avocado and salmon tartare
Avocado and salmon tartare.

Salmon and avocado: friends of the heart

Both the salmon and the avocado are good for our health, in particular for our health heart and of circulation in general.
The avocado helps reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood, increasing those of the contrary good cholesterol (HDL). This happens because it has a high content of monounsaturated fats, phytosterols is Omega 3.
Another great source of Omega 3 is salmon, the fatty fish that is the source of protein, also rich in vitamins, phosphorus is mineral salts.

How to combine salmon and avocado

Being both characterized by this fat load, it is good balance them adding other ingredients, which will go to counteract the feeling of fat we talked about before. How to do? There are some rules to keep in mind.

You definitely can't miss a acid taste, which will help to degrease and feel the mouth cleaner. It can be obtained for example through i citrus fruits fresh, such as oranges, limes and lemons, fruits such as pomegranate or the green apple, or finally with a sour cream or one yogurt.
Another idea? Use thedill, an aromatic herb with a fresh and decisive taste that goes perfectly with salmon.

Let's not forget that it is also necessary to balance the sweetness with an element sapid. Just think of the indispensable soy sauce in which they soak the Japanese uramaki made with salmon and avocado. Also the bitter taste can come into play: try using the rocket salad.

Avocado Toast with Salmon
Avocado Toast with Salmon.

Another fundamental aspect is that of consistency: both salmon and avocado are both rather soft and creamy. It is therefore necessary to insert other ingredients crunchy, as the dried fruit (hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds and so on) or i toast of bread.

With these small rules and basic tips, you can make room for your creativity by composing pairings with the ingredients you prefer. Below, instead, four recipes with salmon and avocado to try!

That's why the untidy house makes us fat – Italian Cuisine

That's why the untidy house makes us fat

That to be healthy and beautiful you need to look after the kitchen – choosing foods that should never be lacking to stay fit, according to the WHO – is certainly now known to all. Much less known is the fact that it is important to look after the kitchen also as a physical space. And not just to the kitchen: to the whole house.

According to science, in fact, it's not just stress, fatigue, worries or boredom that makes us get hundreds of superfluous calories a day (and at night: here, yes and no foods for nighttime snacks). Also the disorderin fact, first of all in the kitchen, it does not help the regularity of food and would rather push us to consume food in a chaotic way, just like the state of our home.

For this reason it is worth refreshing the results of a couple of academic studies – certainly not the only ones in recent years – led by Cornell University in 2016. The first research, conducted by photographing 200 women in their kitchens, found that where there were in plain sight cereal boxes, biscuits, sodas or sugary, the inhabitants weighed on average 9 kilograms more than the houses where the order reigned and all the food it was stored not in sight. The only element that helped the inhabitants not to transgress with highly caloric foods was the presence of a fruit bowl, with apples and other fresh fruit – that according to another, very prestigious university, that of Harvard, it does indeed lose weight.

The same research has also shown how disorder does not have such a strong influence on weight and eating habits men. For women, however, there is a strong psychological connection between the chaos in the kitchen and the inner chaos: the feeling of not having things under control led her to find compensation mechanisms, through the unregulated consumption of food. The speech then, tell the American researchers, also applies to the office: a study has in fact shown how to have a box of chocolates in sight at work increases daily food consumption by 125 calories.

A second study had tested a group of students in different kitchens: on one side, messy and chaotic environments, with food at sight, newspapers, telephone ringing, remains of meals; on the other a clean and organized environment perfectly. The girls had to wait an hour in the room, in total freedom. They had cookies, crackers, carrots before them. Well, those who stayed in the less orderly environment were the ones most likely to look for refreshment in the most caloric food and had consumed a greater quantity of biscuits. The consumption of crackers and carrots, however, did not have significant fluctuations depending on whether you were in the messy room or the neat one. Once again, the researchers could demonstrate that they live inside messy environments makes it more vulnerable to transgressing.

Eva Perasso
2 December 2016
updated January 2019
from Carola Traverso Saibante

Photo credits Flickr / Jamie Anderson

That's why an egg broke every record on Instagram – Italian Cuisine

That's why an egg broke every record on Instagram

The Instagram profile of the egg that has ousted Kylie Jenner with almost 39 million likes and how we would cook it if we had it here

Instagram @world_record_egg.

On January 4th, Instagram arrived on Instagram Egg Gang (as he has proclaimed himself). That is a page dedicated to the simple image of an egg created with the sole objective of beating every record on the social network. In particular, what he brought Kylie Jenner on top of the influencer rankings with more engagement in the world thanks to a post dedicated to his daughter Stormi.

Instagram @kyliejenner.

The photo announcing the baby's birth had obtained over 18 million likes. It was February 2018 and the record held by was officially beaten Beyoncé for about a year. On February 1, 2017, in fact, he received over 7 million likes with an iconic post dedicated to his sweet anticipation.

Instagram @beyonce.

"We define a new record together decreeing the post with more like on Instagram by beating the record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We made it!.
This is the simple text that we read today in the viral post that is currently arrived at the almost dizzying figure 39 million like. A brilliant provocation that has focused everything on word of mouth and that was launched by still unknown authors.

Why an egg?

The choice of the subject who should have beaten every record proved to be spot on, yet the motivation for this choice has not yet been made official. The image certainly returns to a simple element, faceless and in common use. Something that is present every day in homes all over the world and that we take for granted. But if we notice that the records that up to now had made news on Instagram were closely related to birth theme, the egg could take on a symbolic character. It is an egg from which could something be born?

In the kitchen

The first call of the image, however, is inevitably food. The egg is in fact identical to the one we open to prepare omelettes, omelettes or let it cool after boiling it.
We imagined being able to cook the precious egg of the record with recipes able to enhance it without distorting it. In the gallery below. a collection of simple and fun ideas to beat every record (of gluttony) with the eggs you have at home!

Browse the gallery

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