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10 recipes with ricotta to try immediately – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

La Cucina Italiana

You know exactly how to use the ricotta in the kitchen? Light, natural, with a fresh taste and high nutritional value, the ricotta (and the recipes with ricotta) has won the sympathy of Italian consumers. And not just theirs, given that, in about a decade, its production in the USA has grown by almost 100%. A real boom, which can also be explained by the fact that it is among the most versatile and appreciated foods in the kitchen: perfect for preparing crostini and canapéis the basic ingredient of many creams and preparations pastry shop (let’s just think of Sicilian cannoli or Neapolitan pastiera), without forgetting the savory piesthe fillings for ravioli And tortellinii sauces for pasta and dozens of other gastronomic preparations.

Different types for different uses

Among the industrially manufactured cow ricottas available on the market today, different types can be distinguished in relation to the ingredients used. The common base is always whey, but some ricottas are produced with whey only, others also contain cow’s milk and still others are added with milk cream. As for the other ingredients, all industrial products use appropriate acidity regulators. The most common is citric acid, but sometimes lactic acid is also used, the one that is produced naturally in fermented milk. Finally, in some ricottas, salt is added and, in some cases, even live lactic ferments. It is evident that such a varied composition determines equally various characteristics of taste, aroma and consistency, giving each product specific prerogatives, which make it more or less suitable depending on the use to be made of it and the particular tastes of consumers.

How to check its quality

Whatever use the fresh ricotta is intended for, some quality requirements must still be respected. Given the tendency to deteriorate rapidly, the first thing to check is freshness. In the case of industrial products, the expiry date is a useful reference: it must be as far away as possible. In any case, it is advisable to always directly check the freshness before use. The organoleptic characteristics that first denote an alteration are the smell, color and consistency:

  • when it is fresh it has a perfume delicate, milky and vaguely aromatic depending on the variety; when it alters the smell becomes pungent, acidic to the point of becoming decidedly unpleasant
  • the natural color snow White it becomes darker with age, fading towards yellowish
  • when soured it presents a more consistent texture and flourable compared to the fresh product
  • to the taste, the flavor of a fresh ricotta is sweetish, milky, slightly acidic; once altered, the acidic note becomes predominant to the point of making the product inedible
  • the separation liquid that is observed in the packaging of industrial products after opening is a natural consequence of the manufacturing process, however it must not be excessive.

Pea and Pecorino flan – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Pea and Pecorino flan

The flans are a simple preparation which lends itself to infinite interpretations and colors.

I love those of peas and pecorino for their strong taste and cheerful and inviting colour.

Prepare them even the day before serving them and they will be always delicious!

*always check that all ingredients considered at risk for celiacs have the words “gluten-free” on the packaging*

Weather forecast for April 25th and what to cook – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

Weather forecast for April 25th and what to cook

After the Easter long weekend, it’s time for other days of celebration for Italians. But what do they say? weather forecast for April 25th? Because sun or rain changes the plans of us cooks a lot! Well, we have to tell you that the traditional April 25 picnic might be unstable.

What’s the weather like on April 25th?

To find out what they say weather forecast for April 25th, we relied on the meteo.it press agency, which reports very clearly what the trend will be. “Between Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 April the disturbance arriving from Scandinavia should also affect the Centre-South. Its transit will be accompanied by a new influx of cold airwith temperatures that will remain average or even below: the climate should be particularly cool for the season, particularly in the northern and central regions.

According to the current weather trend, Thursday On April 25th the disturbance will bring residual rainfall to the middle Adriatic and the south before finally moving away from Italy in the second part of the day. The weather trend for the following days and the long weekend of April 25th is still very uncertain: according to the latest updates, a rather cold climate for the season, with temperatures average or even below.”

What to cook on April 25th?

Since the weather in Italy is uncertain or even rainy, the menu for April 25th really has no limits. In practice, if you can indulge in the classic picnic in the meadows or on the beach green light for gourmet sandwiches, pasta salads, parmigianas, grills and barbecues without too many problems. In reverse, the rest of Italy may have to give up going out in the open airbut if you have a sheltered balcony or terrace you might still be able to cook two ribs on the grill!

Our suggestion when the weather is uncertain it is best to choose to prepare recipes which, in the event of an unexpected awakening with the sun, can be quickly transported. Today you could cook lasagna, parmesan, savory pies, tarts, tiramisu, which if lucky can be put in Tupperware.

Otherwise, for those who choose to be cautious anyway, we recommend a hearty first course, followed by Sunday roast meatballs accompanied by fried vegetables, and an excellent dessert such as trifle.

Here are many recipes for your April 25th

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