White chocolate mousse with raspberry heart – Italian Cuisine

White chocolate mousse with raspberry heart

White chocolate mousse with raspberry heart, preparation

1) Whip to snow stop the egg white with 125 g of sugar, add the egg yolks (80 g), the sifted cocoa and mix from bottom to top.

2) Then arrange the mixture on one baking tray with parchment paper and spread it out at the height of About 1 cm. Cook at 160 ° for about 15 minutes.

3) Melt the white chocolate in a double boiler, add the remaining egg yolks and mix gently.

4) Take the jelly, previously soaked in cold water, and dissolve it with a spoonful of milk. Then, very carefully, add it to the mixture. In the end, mix the semi-whipped cream until the mousse is obtained.

5) Heat the raspberry puree with 20 g of sugar and melt the gelatine, previously soaked, over low heat. Let it cool, then put the mixture in a ring and freeze it.

6) Cup the bisque with a ring of 24 cm in diameter, pour half of the mousse, insert the frozen gelatin disc and cover with the remaining mousse. Freeze and then remove the ring easily.

7) Cut the raspberries in half and form one spiral. Decorated with edible flowers.


Posted on 11/16/2021


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