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Venere rice: 10 easy recipes

It has the exotic appearance and the aromatic taste but the Venus rice it is a totally Italian product! It is a particular variety of rice born in Vercelli in 1997 from the cross between a typical variety of the Po Valley and black rice of Asian origin. His baptismal name "Venus" was not chosen at random, it recalls Greek mythology, the goddess of love of fertility and beauty since in China rare aphrodisiac properties were attributed to black rice and cultivation was limited and destined for emperor and to noble families only

The Venus is a brown rice, healthy, rich in fiber and characterized by a large presence of starch but by the lack of fatty acids and proteins. It is an excellent source of B and B1 vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and calcium. Moreover, it also has antioxidant and anticancer power, due to the presence of polyphenolic molecules and anthocyanins which give it its particular ebony color

The rounded shape of the grain of Venus rice makes it versatile in the kitchen and suitable for different types of cooking: boiled, boiled and stir-fried, in pressure cooker or cooked with the pilaf method. After cooking about 25-30 minutes in boiling salted water, the Venus rice it has the characteristic of always remaining quite crunchy, aromatic and tasty, for this perfect as an alternative to the most common White rice and the realization of multiple and different recipes, first dishes tasty, seconds delicious, appetizers or Side Dishes which, thanks to its color, are very beautiful and lively to present!

The Venus rice, despite its particularity, it is not difficult to combine with common ingredients, indeed, le Salt & Pepper recipes collected for you in this top ten prove it! It is delicious alone, used as a substitute for bread, to accompany meat, fish and side dishes, simply enriched with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. He does not like to be seasoned with creams and too complex sauces, which could get lost on the bottom of the plate because his freezing capacity is almost absent; better to choose simple sauces instead and made at the time. It goes very well with fish, with the vegetables and with the fruit in particular with peaches, melon, grapefruit, apples and some tropical fruits, giving rise to incredibly refined dishes, original and above all good to eat!

In the market there is also the Venere rice flour, with which you can have fun preparing rustic desserts and baked goods with a particular slightly aromatic flavor

Now that you know all about Venus rice, did you feel like eating it? Then you are on the right link! Take a look at these ten recipes Venus rice cold and not, unleash your imagination by having fun making them with Salt and pepper; discover new flavors with these ten different ways to serve this Italian black rice very fragrant, surprise your family and your friends with an unusual dish of extraordinary goodness!

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