Sweet with oil, 3 tips to follow to replace it with butter – Italian Cuisine

Sweet with oil, 3 tips to follow to replace it with butter

The oil becomes a precious ally also in the preparation of your desserts, thanks to the suggestions of the School Chefs

Did you know that all desserts which you usually prepare with butter can give equally tasty and satisfying results even with theoil? Just know how, since they change technical processing, as well as balancing some ingredients in the recipes. Here are three little ones advice of our chefs at La Scuola de La Cucina Italiana to replace butter with oil in desserts.

The weight of the oil

First of all it is important to remember not to replace the weight of the butter with the weight of the oil, since they have two consistencies completely different. Therefore, adjust each time differently according to recipes and personal tastes, but never take into consideration the weight indicated for the butter. The ideal proportion between butter is oil is of 80%: 100 grams of butter they can therefore be replaced with 80 grams of oil.

The oil temperature

When oil is added to sweets, it is always better to incorporate it cold in order to create aemulsion more important. In some cases it is instead advisable to emulsify the oil directly with another liquid, usually water, using a food processor. Add the obtained emulsion to the dry mixture only at the end.

The type of oil

You can use any type of oil to your liking, remembering that as far as theextra virgin olive is the absolute best, it often tends not to be as neutral as that of seeds. For this reason we suggest you try other types, such as those derived from dried fruit: even if it is a bit expensive, among the best ever is the oil of almond.

In any case, the oil will give your recipes softness and softness different from butter, but equally pleasant, you'll see!

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Texts by Giulia Ubaldi

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