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What wine to combine with fish soup?

As a poor dish, which the sailors prepared with less valuable fish or with those that had broken into the nets, the fish soup it has become a refined delicacy. Virtually every region that faces the sea has its own recipe, which often varies from province to province and even from municipality to municipality. Among the best known, there are the cacciucco livornese, served on toasted bread, the Ancona brodetto, which includes 13 types of fish for 13 diners in memory of the last dinner, those of the Abruzzo coast, the Sicilian fish soup, enriched with black olives and capers, and the quatàra of Porto Cesareo, which takes its name from the copper cauldron in which is cooked. Usually fish soups they have a tomato sauce, but the variations in white are not missing.
The choice of wine to pair with fish soup can change depending on the preparation, but the regional combination is always a winning option. Thus, the Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi is perfect with the Ancona brodetto and the Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo are suitable for the soups of Chieti and Vasto. Not only white and pink wines are to be chosen, but also some light reds, to be brought to the table fresh.

Here are our 10 choices:

Verdicchio dei Castelli of Jesi Classic Reserve Vigna the Song of Figure 2016 – Andrea Felici
Verdicchio is the wine that classically accompanies the Marche soups. This cru, produced by Andrea Felici in the Apiro area, is among the best in the denomination. Try it at least once.
43 euros

Offida Pecorino Merlettaie 2018 – Ciù Ciù
Pecorino, a native vine, widespread between the Marche and Abruzzo, gives whites of character and the right body to accompany the fish soups of Central Italy. That of Ciù Ciù is certified organic.
11 euros

Grechetto Fiorfiore 2017 – Roccafiore Winery
This warm and soft white comes from Umbria, characterized by intense aromas of tropical fruit, citrus fruits and herbs. The aging in wood gives it a creamy and enveloping taste, refreshed by a savory note on the finish.
17 euros

Vermentino di Gallura Superiore Monteoro 2018 – Sella & Mosca
A Vermentino that smells of sun and sea, with a fruity flavor and intriguing nuances of Mediterranean herbs. What can you imagine better to accompany a fish soup in white?
16 euros

Greco di Tufo Quattroventi 2017 – Petilia
With the maceration of the grapes on the skins, Petilia produced this year a wine full of determination and character. It smells of orange blossoms, hawthorn and has a fresh and savory taste, with an almond finish.
18 euros

Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo Gianni Masciarelli 2018 – Masciarelli
It is a really pleasant Cerasuolo with fresh notes of cherry and currant and a smooth taste, which blends well with the slightly spicy taste of certain fish soups.
7.50 euros

Susumaniello Rosato The Rails 2018 – The Pastini
A pink wine with a captivating and delicate taste, born in Valle d’Itria, the Apulian area that gives the most delicate whites and rosés. Produced with the rare native grape variety Susumaniello, it smells of rose and strawberry.
8.50 euros

Idea Rosa di Primitivo 2018 – Varvaglione
Juicy, elegant, intriguing and just presented on the market. The novelty of the Varvaglione house is a rose wine with a strong Apulian character, which will win you over for its freshness and ease of drinking.
12 euros

Lake Caldaro Classico Superiore Leuchtenberg 2018 – Caldaro Winery
Can a mountain red accompany a seafood dish? When it comes to a slave of Lake Caldaro, there is no doubt. Fragrant and spicy, it should be served at 12-14 ° C.
11 euros

Pinot Nero Sciaranera 2016 – Duca di Salaparuta
Pinot Noir, here in a simple and everyday version, can be a fascinating companion to fish soups with a stronger flavor. Also in this case, play with the temperatures and serve it cool, at 14 ° C.
13.50 euros

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