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Tuna salad: discover the basic recipe … and try the delicious variations on the theme with many recipes in the name of taste


Summer, desire for light and fresh dishes. Here is a great reason to add to your favorite recipes thetuna salad, easy to prepare, fast and very versatile. You can choose the classic recipe or bet on the delicious alternatives to prepare with the typical vegetables of summertime, like fresh peppers and zucchini, excellent even raw. Discover the tuna salad in all its variations.

Which tuna to choose?

In the pantry it is always useful to keep a few packets of canned tuna, it will be useful when you are in a hurry. Natural tuna, compared to tuna preserved in oil, has fewer calories. Those who live by the sea or have a fish market can bet on fresh tuna, low in calories and rich in beneficial properties, Omega Three fatty acids, important for the prevention of cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases. If you use canned tuna, remember to drain the product: the natural variant has a lower caloric content, although salt is present in the same quantities.

The basic recipe of tuna salad

How to prepare a tantalizing tuna salad? Slice or cube cut i ripe tomatoes, rich in lycopene and important for well-being thanks to theantioxidant action. Cut into thin slices, the onion will add an unmistakable aroma. Furthermore, consuming raw onion is good for the heart and circulation, it stimulates the immune system and has a disinfectant effect. If you like, you can add lettuce, tender valerian and a handful of fresh rocket, to chop on the salad. To season it is possible to use extra virgin olive oil and a modest amount of balsamic vinegar, or fresh lemon juice. Between the most delicious preparations of the summer period we find the salad alla nizzarda, which combines the taste of tuna with the intense aroma of black olives, green beans, eggs, peppers and spring onions.

Tuna recipes to try

One of the simplest and oldest recipes of tuna salad includes onion and beans, two typical ingredients of poor peasant cooking. This preparation, which you can get by mixing the ingredients together with extra virgin olive oil and apple or balsamic vinegar, is an important source of protein. Are you on a diet? Use natural tuna, to which you can combine fresh sprouts and many seeds, for example flax, poppy or sunflower seeds, rich in mineral salts and able to help you fight fatigue. Typical of Sicily it is the delicious citrus salad: in this case you can combine the oranges cut into thin slices of fennel and tuna, to which you can add the olives, black or green. Among the fruits of the earth available during the summer we find the sweet pepper and zucchini, sweetly aromatic and rich in purifying properties. But not only: those who want to transform the tuna salad into an exotic taste can add avocado, cut into pieces and excellent seasoned with fresh lemon juice. Versatile and rich in nutrients, tuna also becomes the right ingredient for a pasta salad, to be flavored with freshly picked fresh basil.

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