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Salad with Venere rice: discover the best combinations and tricks to cook it thanks to the summer ingredients, a dip between flavor and color


Present on the market for some years, Venere rice is increasingly loved and used in many recipes. This dark grain is born in Piedmont thanks to the union of two varieties, a local one, white, and an oriental one. It seems that black rice in theancient China was considered a noble food, reserved for the emperor. Today we can all appreciate his numerous properties and color, able to transform even the simplest dish thanks to the intriguing chromatic effect.

Benefits of Venere rice

The Venere rice owes its characteristic ebony shades to the pigments of the pericarp which covers it. Rich in anthocyanins, which can be found in blue and purple fruit, it plays an important role antioxidant action, able to counteract premature aging and contribute to cell regeneration by keeping the walls of veins and arteries in shape. How to cook Venere rice? Hardly overcooked: crunchy, it is also ideal for a picnic, a lunch break away from home or finger food preparations to be served as an aperitif in many small glasses. To enjoy it at its best you can taste Venere pilaf rice, after boiling it, or use it for a delicious pie. Compared to commonly used rice, it has a higher quantity of vitamins, minerals and fibers, which is why integrating it into the diet will transform Venere rice into an ally of your well-being.

The best combinations for the Venere rice salad

How to prepare a delicious salad using Venere rice? Perfect match with shrimp or prawns, to be cooked on the griddle and seasoned with fresh coriander, parsley and aromas. To give a touch of color you can add many cubes of red pepper or the courgette, also excellent raw, rich in purifying properties. Cut the zucchini into julienne strips and try to season Venere rice with fresh parsley: a real treat. Among the ingredients to be tested in the Venere rice salad, fresh or smoked salmon and eggs, precious forprotein intake. If you love spices go ahead and sprinkle with turmeric, saffron or ginger, which goes well with Venere rice and teases with taste.

5 ideas for the Venere rice salad

1 Venere rice salad with crispy prawns and courgettes
2 The exotic flavor of mango along with Venere rice and red onion
3 Venus rice with grilled vegetables and herbs
4 Venus salmon salad with pepper and fresh coriander
5 Venus rice salad and eggs

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