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Volcanic and solar, like his land. Francesco Sposito, born in 1983, has very clear ideas immediately. Sixteen, helps dad Armando when in 1999 he took over the Taverna Estia, in Brusciano (NA). After a "taste" of university, he hears the call of the toque and he works "a lot, a lot" with his father at the restaurant.

Sacrifices and passion increase the desire for to grow up and the need to know, and the very young Francesco goes in search of guidance ed experience in Europe with great chefs: Igles Corelli, who will meet in 2002, will inspire him, as a true master. Back home, around 2005 he took over the Taverna's kitchen, reduces the number of seats to 30 and, with the full support of the family, begins his personal culinary journey, soon rewarded by the first Michelin star in 2008.

177688Francesco is only 25 but his kitchens are a real laboratory culinary: he spends a lot of time there, he studies, he dares without exaggerating, he develops his ideas creating dishes that surprise without ever forgetting his land. «At the center there are always the elements of my Campania he explains «sometimes declined in a classic key or transformed into a modern key.

His dishes they are always more brilliant is inspired and in 2015 comes the second recognition from the Michelin Guide. «To always maintain excellence you never have to stop or give stars for granted. It is essential to work with the utmost professionalism, also allowing for impromptu exploits he laughs. Like this recipe, spontaneous homage to great friend Franco Pepe and to his Margherita Sbagliata: il Risopizza it's a innovative dish which, while anchoring itself in the tradition through the typical ingredients of pizza, surprises with its strong individuality. Sposito style.

One success leads to another
Passion for tradition, ingenuity and skill earned Francesco Sposito the first Michelin star in 2007 and 2009 the entry into the talented JRE family. The following year it is Emerging Chef from Italy for the Gambero Rosso Guide and in 2012 he is Young Chef of the Year for the Espresso. In his early thirties, he conquers the Tre Cappelli of the Italian Restaurants Guide of L’Espresso and the second Michelin star. A wheel, the arrive Tre Forchette del Gambero Rosso.

177691Comfort and warmth
The restaurant that Francesco Sposito manages is named after Estia, Greek goddess of the hearth together with his brother Mario, passionate sommelier and restaurant manager (Taverna Estia, via Guido De Ruggiero 108, 80031 Brusciano, NA, tel. 081 5199633). Very welcoming atmosphere and a well-kept garden, in a corner of which Francesco Sposito wanted to create a vegetable garden. "I believe in Km Zero and in the products of the earthHe explains.

by Francesca Tagliabue,
photo by Michele Tabozzi

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July 2019

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