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The revolution of boiled potatoes!

Let's re-evaluate the boiled potatoes. They don't deserve to be snubbed! Match them in the right way they will surprise you

When you think of a side dish of potatoes almost always it is baked potatoes.
But who wants to light the oven when it's hot? Here are our proposals with the boiled potatoes to be enjoyed even cold.

Steamed or boiled

THE two cooking methods they are different, just as the final result is different.
If you want to boil the potatoes, remember to dip them in cold water and never in boiling water. To speed up cooking times you can cut them into pieces, but the ideal would be to cook them whole with the peel. They are ready when pricking them with a fork they turn out soft even in the heart.
If, instead, you want to steam them, peel them, cut them and place them inside one steam. They will stay more compact and tasty and keep all nutritional properties intact.

Cooking times

We cannot say precisely how long the potatoes are cooked because it all depends on tuber size. However, we can state approximately that a medium-sized potato must cook for 30 minutes calculated from the moment it is immersed in cold water inside the pot. You can alternatively use a pressure cooker to make first or choose new potatoes that are smaller.

Boiled potatoes with oil and salt

Crushed and seasoned with oil and salt. Children eat boiled potatoes that way and in fact it is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy them. They are a fast and easy side dish to match with any dish and if enriched with a light seasoning and with other vegetables, or with meat and fish, they also worthily replace a pasta dish because they are rich in carbohydrates.

Fake fish

A very tasty recipe that you can prepare with boiled potatoes is the Fake fish, a second that children like so much. Just mash the potatoes and mix them with del tuna in oil well drained adding also capers, parsley, salt and pepper and, if desired, mayonnaise.
The funny thing about this dish is that in the end it is served by giving it its own shape of a fish decorated with carrots and olives.

If you love boiled potatoes and you want some other idea to turn them into delicious dishes perfect for the summer, here are our proposals in the tutorial.

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