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born Kinder Yogurt’IN the brand new snack with a heart of fresh Greek-style yogurt and fruit jam, in two variants (mango & maracuja and blueberry & crawberry). While in the world of Kinder Pinguì a new taste arrives, Kinder Pinguì Cherry.

Kinder Yogurt’IN

Close relative of the beloved Kinder Fetta with Milk, Kinder Yogurt'IN is the brand new fresh snack, whose main ingredient is Greek yogurt, produced in Italy through a pouring process, which allows you to remove excess whey, obtaining a concentrated yogurt, with a denser but at the same time creamy consistency, rich in live lactic ferments, which embellish the new Kinder proposal. A product that embraces the needs and tastes of a young and adult target, who has grown and is still in harmony with Kinder. The fresh heart of Greek yoghurt and fruit is enclosed in a creamy filling, wrapped in two soft slices of sponge cake, with wheat bran. Carefully selected ingredients, without additives, preservatives or dyes. In two versions: mango & maracuja and blueberry & cranberry.

Kinder Pinguì Cherry

For Kinder Pinguì lovers the last frontier of sweetness arrives. To the classic coating of crunchy dark chocolate, soft naturally leavened sponge cake and a delicious milk filling is added a red and pulsating heart of cherry jam. This new version goes alongside the traditional chocolate and the delicious coconut variant, offering a taste experience also suitable for a more adult audience, but who does not give up the pleasures and memories of when he was a child.

LCI editorial staff for tasting

In the editorial office they literally snapped up, everyone chose the new Kinder proposal more in line with their tastes and the feedback was positive. For dessert lovers, the peaks of sugars are certainly not lacking here, pure energy at your fingertips all year round. All the pleasant and authentic sensations of summer, in three fresh and lovable snacks.

At breakfast to start the day with the right energy, in the middle of the morning for a snack that brings you back to life or as a snack as an almost spent afternoon reward, you choose the most suitable time to make a new, delicious acquaintance, all strictly #DaAssAGGIO.

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