the magic of an explosion of flavors in every bite – Italian cuisine reinvented by Gordon Ramsay

the magic of an explosion of flavors in every bite

The small pizzas with greek yogurt in a pana light and yeast-free variant of the classic pizza, offer the possibility of making a quick and easy recipe, but without sacrificing taste. The combination of softness and crunchiness, combined with the rich aroma of Greek yogurt, make this recipe without yeast an irresistible and refined option.


Be sure to use a well-drained Greek yogurt to give the right consistency to the dough. When you roll out the dough, keep one uniform thickness to ensure even cooking. Experiment with fresh, seasonal ingredients, like ripe tomatoes and summer basil. When preparing, be sure to evenly distribute the seasonings for a tasty variety of flavors in every bite. For a finishing touch, after cooking, add a drizzle of high quality extra virgin olive oil. The pizzas are ideal for one informal dinner and a summer picnic with friends or a family party. Perfect in spring or summer, when fresh ingredients are in full season, the dish will become the ideal choice for a light and tasty meal.

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