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The best pain au chocolat in Paris is Italian

An Italian pastry chef in the Notre Pâtisserie district. And in Paris goodness is served!

What happens when a doctor of Law in Bergamo ends up opening a pastry shop in Paris just below the Eiffel Tower? He could only prepare just, correct, more than legal sweets, like the best pain au chocolat in the city. Word of the Parisians.

Who is Francesca Coppola Bottazzi

Francesca Coppola Bottazzi was born in Naples, grew up in Bergamo, but would never have thought of spending her life in Paris. Begin by following in the family footsteps, with a degree in Law and a debut in the notarial career. Then, in 2011 he understands that this is not his path, he takes courage and decides to listen to what had always been his great passion: pastry.

The birth of his majesty Notre Pâtisserie

Thus began a course at Pâtisserie in Paris, convinced that there would be only a few months. Instead, it is precisely in this period that he finds the reasons to open his own business, as he had always dreamed of. But Francesca didn't dream of any place: she wanted a pastry shop that was a jewelery shop, modern, inviting, clean, with sweets of excellent quality at affordable prices and with that familiar touch of a slightly Italian welcome. Today it is exactly like this and everyone calls it: "The Italian of the district of Notre Pâtisserie".

A mix of Italy and France

Unlike other Parisian pâtisseries, to make Notre unique is also the presence of Italian sweets: on the counter, in fact, displayed as if they were really precious jewels there are millefoglie, babà and tiramisu according to the home recipe next to croissants, tarte and Paris Brest, as well as in the salt part pizzas is Croque Monsieur. And of course there is never a big baguette. Much attention is given to the basics, which are fundamental in confectionery, as can be seen from the resulting textures. And also in his work team, his great strength, the origins are the most varied: there is a girl from Taiwan, another Portuguese, one French, for a team that tends to be feminine, even if in reality for her the important thing is that they are young.

The perfect pain au chocolat

To really touch the apex is his pain au chocolat, one of the best ever in Paris according to the Parisians themselves, for at least five reasons:
1. the puff pastry light and crumbly, to melt in the mouth
2. the correct one amount of chocolate, present but not intrusive
3. a chocolate bitter at the right point
4. that touch of salty which distinguishes the perfect pain au chocolat
5. Fills you with crumbs because a real croissant always gets you a little dirty
In fact, even Carolina of Monaco particularly appreciated it, even if according to Francesca, nothing is worth like the approval and satisfaction of her family: "Without which she would never have made it".

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