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The most delicious ideas to transform a canned product into a pasta and salmon with a unique and unmistakable taste

No tuna today. We ate it yesterday (and also the day before to think about it) in a very good pasta and today we don't want to do an encore. How to replace that simple desire for the sea, for freshness and for a summer first and easy? With canned salmon, of course. A product that is too often overlooked and instead perfect for dressing penne, spaghetti, tagliatelle, farfalle, fusilli and much more.

Because canned salmon

We chose it to prepare pasta salads, hot dishes and light and tasty first courses because it does not require cooking, it can be easily dosed and always available. Just like canned tuna, it is available in oil and natural versions and has a very long expiration date.

The light choice

If you want to prepare a fresh and low-calorie first course, we advise you to focus on natural salmon. Eliminate the liquid well and let it drain lightly before seasoning the pasta. You can also add it to the other ingredients of the seasoning in the pan, but be careful. Being already cooked, it tends to dry out a lot if you spend a lot of time in pots and pans. Better to add it to the last one.

Long live the cream

The classic recipe of pasta with salmon and cream is very good even if prepared with this canned product. You can dress tagliatelle, penne and farfalle with cream and salmon and everything will be even better if completed with a handful of chopped parsley or a generous amount of pepper.

Cold is good

Canned salmon is perfect for seasoning pasta salads and light and summer cold pasta. It goes well with ingredients like cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, corn and olives, but it can also be added to shrimp and squid to prepare a pasta salad that smells of the sea. In this case, the extra touch is a splash of final lime accompanied by a round of oil and a few rocket leaves.

In the gallery above, instead, our classic recipes based on pasta and smoked salmon.

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