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Italy wins the ice cream world cup at the Sigep fair in Rimini and the best ice cream makers in Italy are awarded. Here are their names, from Piedmont to Catanzaro

The Sigep of Rimini is an industry fair so its name will say little to readers, but very much to professionals of ice cream shops, bakeries, pastry shops and bars. It brings together companies of equipment and products for professionals each year and becomes the chosen stage to discover the new trends in the sector, meet the big names and reward the best. In a few days there are competitions of all kinds, from the one for the most creative Latte Art to the recognition for the world bakery championships. Ample space is dedicated to ice cream, and so to prizes and competitions that proclaim the best ice cream makers and the best ice cream parlors.

Competition or guide?

Excluding popular vote and word of mouth, there are two types of awards in the restaurant sector: those assigned by the juries of critics and experts to locals or professionals, and those that instead require a team competition made of selections, tests and heart-pounding final. In the first case the recognition is then given to the work "on the field", in the second case the evaluation takes place on the basis of a competition to which one enrolls and in which one competes live, passing skill tests worthy of an Olympic triathlon and tests aimed at testing competitors' skills and abilities in extreme situations. There are those who have never done one of competitions, and are awarded by industry guides, who is a professional in competitions and boasts awards and prizes, who is known to both. Why compete? To win a competition like a world cup, you train for months, often at the expense of work, but in case of victory or podium, the return on advertising and job opportunities is worth the candle. Cases like that of Luigi Biasetto is an example: on the crest of the wave since the 1997 world pastry championship.

Italy wins the ice cream world cup

Ice sculptures, sugar decorations, savory single portions and decorated ice cream tubs were some of the tests that 11 teams from 11 nations had to overcome to win the 2020 Gelato World Cup. France, Spain and Germany, but also Poland, Argentina and to the East with Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico. And Italy, of course: ice cream likes it and even if we Italians boast of having invented it, we are not the only ones today to do it and eat it. But obviously we are the best. In front of a jury of experts and critics, each national team made up of an ice cream maker, a pastry chef, a cook and an ice sculptor competed on 8 nerve-wracking tests in 3 days (decorated ice cream tray, glass portion, mystery box, cake artistic ice cream, haute cuisine entrée, ice and crunchy sculpture, ice cream snacks and large final buffet, or the presentation of all the designs). For each team a general theme to direct creativity: from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" for Argentina to "The secrets of the forest" for our compatriots, themes chosen to best represent the national identity and to be able to show off their talents techniques from an aesthetic and gustatory point of view. The result, a riot of virtuosity and scenographic presentations, so extreme that they want to demonstrate that they are the best in the world. To overcome Japan and Argentina, the team composed of Marco Martinelli, gourmet ice cream guru, Eugenio Morrone, from Calabria and soul of the Roman ice cream shop Cannolo Siciliano, Massimo Carnio of the Villa dei Cedri pastry shop in Valdobbiadene and expert chocolatier and Ciro Chiummo, ice sculptor.

The best ice cream maker of the year: in Catanzaro
The competition to win the best ice cream maker of the year award is assigned every year to Sigep by the Aig (Italian Gelato Makers Association). It is chosen among the winners of other industry awards such as the one for the best ice cream cake, sorbet or the creation of a new taste, by a jury of experts. To win the 2020 edition the master ice cream maker Fabio Mellace, from Pastry / Ice cream shop in Catanzaro, Marrons Glaces, contest veterans and award-winners in several similar situations.

All the best ice cream parlors in Italy: the guide

Something different for the prizes and judgments expressed by the sector guides, who look at the daily work and the service done to customers. Presented the Gambero Rosso 2020 Italian Ice Cream Guide; the most reliable in Italy for ice cream lovers. One, two, three cones for the best ice cream parlors, scattered throughout the country with a higher concentration between Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

Canelin – Acqui Terme [Al]
Marco Serra Gelatiere – Carignano [To]
Alberto Marchetti – Turin
Mara dei Boschi – Turin
Great! Good is not enough – Turin
Soban – Valencia [Al]

Cremeria Spinola – Chiavari [Ge]
Perfume – Genoa

La Pasqualina – Almenno San Bartolomeo [Bg]
The Sweet Dream – Busto Arsizio (Va)
American Bar Oasis – Fara Gerra D’Adda (Bg)
Arctic – Milan
Ciacco – Milan
The Gnome Gelato – Milan
Paganelli – Milan
Pavé – Ice cream & granita – Milan
Chantilly – Moglia (Mn)
The Tree of Ice Cream – Monza
VeroLatte – Vigevano (Pv)

Natural ice cream shop Scaldaferro – Dolo (Ve) ù
Greedy of Nature – Gazzo [Pd]
Chocolat – Mestre [Ve]
Ice cream shop Marisa – San Giorgio delle Pertiche (Pd)
Dassie – Real Artisan Gelato – Treviso
Zeno Ice Cream and Chocolate – Verona

Scian L’Insolito Gelato – Cordenons [Pn]
Fiordilatte – Udine

Cremeria Santo Stefano – Bologna
Cremeria Scirocco – Bologna
Stefino – Bologna
Bloom – Modena
Ciacco – Parma
Cremeria Capolinea – Reggio Emilia
Sanelli – Salsomaggiore Terme [Pr]
The Gelato Theater – Sant'Agostino [Fe]

Carapina – Florence
Gelato della Passera – Florence
Chiccheria – Grosseto
De ’Coltelli – Pisa
Swings – San Gimignano [Si]

Paolo Brunelli – Senigallia [An]

Gretel Factory – Formia [Lt]
Greed Greedy for Ice Cream – Frascati (Rm)
La Gourmandise – Rome
Otaleg! – Rome
Penguin Artisan Gelato – Rome
Torcè – Rome

Bar Gelateria Duomo – L'Aquila

Di Matteo – Torchiara [Sa]
Cremeria Gabriele – Vico Equense (Na)

G & Co – Tricase – (Le)

Emilio – Maratea [Pz]

Cappadonia Gelati – Palermo

I Fenu Gelateria e Pasticceria- Cagliari
Sweet Treats – Macomer (Nu)

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