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5 aphrodisiac foods that would suit Otis

Otis Milburn's advice to listen to in the episodes of "Sex Education" and these 5 foods could revolutionize your world … between the sheets!

At the Moordale Institute, Otis Milburn is a sex guru. Not because he is a Latin-lover, but because his mother, a hairless sexologist, has spoken to him so many times about the topic that it is as if he knew it by heart. Thanks to the complicity of Maeve, the girl with whom he is in love and who gives him appointments as if he were a pusher of feelings, Otis is often consulted to shed light on the most extravagant problems: from certain fantasies that can be considered more or less fetishistic to doubts about the size of the labia majora; from how to avoid taking chlamydia to the safest way to orgasm. This is what happens in Sex Education, the popular Netflix TV series now in its second season and ready to conquer the public who, thanks to Otis, tried to get a more precise idea of ​​sex by abandoning any form of modesty and focusing instead on more information complete, tout court.

Sex and food

What many guys in Moordale perhaps ignore is, however, that sex also passes through the taste buds. In fact, there are many foods that can awaken pleasure and pass it on to your partner: strong, exotic flavors, responsible for the release of endorphins that allows the person to relax and experience a delight to be discovered. Beyond the "classic" ones, such as chocolate and oysters, there are others more unsuspected, on which few would bet. We don't know if Otis knows them all but, in doubt, here are some suggestions he could give to his companions if they were looking for a way to take the partner, how to say, by the throat. You can, however, feel comfortable: we will be discreet and take credit for the advice


Certainly they are not immediately associated with aphrodisiac, even if they have an ancient tradition: in France, in the nineteenth century, they were served to boyfriends the day before the wedding with the hope that they would intensify sexual desire. Asparagus contains, in fact, particularly stimulating nutrients such as vitamins E and B: try it to believe it.

Chili pepper

Keeping an eye on the quantities, the chili can be considered a full-fledged aphrodisiac. In fact, it contains an oily compound called capsaicin which stimulates the nerve endings on the tongue, helping to create a tingling sensation and an increase in the release of epinephrine and endorphin. The result would leave no room for doubt.


It has often been considered a sinful fruit since ancient times, also thanks to the unequivocal shape. Already in 5000 BC, in fact, the Aztecs associated it with male genitalia. Exported to Europe around the eighteenth century, it became inevitable on the table of Louis XV, who apparently found the secret of libido in avocado. The fruit is rich in folic acid, vitamins B6, A and C, and above all in beta-sitosterol and glutathione, useful for the prevention of cardiovascular problems.


Known for its energizing power and particularly stimulating for circulation, it is an aphrodisiac in some ways unsuspected. Its nutrients, with a certain type of dosage, are even able to improve erectile dysfunction: ginsenosides, the substances to which ginseng owes most of its properties, in fact, favor the flow of blood into the cavernous tissues of the penis, promoting an erection.

Parmesan Cheese

Italian cheese, one of the most famous in the world, owes its reputation as an aphrodisiac to its high nutritional value. The improvement of sexual activity is linked to free amino acids such as tyrosine, closely linked to libido, and responsible for an increase in desire.

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